Chinese Freeze Tag

Anne , who by the way, has the most beautiful dog I have ever laid eyes on, has tagged me. So here goes:

I copied this from Anne’s blog who copied it from another, and so on…..

“This my dear friends is a game called Chinese Freeze Tag – straight from the blog of Jill by way of Stephanie. What are the rules, you wonder? Well then, allow me to explain. What you are about to read are ten – hopefully – interesting facts and/or habits of mine. After you are done reading you will find a list of ten people in no specific order. These are the names of the innocent bystanders whom I have tagged and thus drawn into this game. They will then be forced to write their own blog listing ten interesting facts about themselves, and also select another ten people to tag – No Tag Backs! Very simple, hopefully interesting. Now, sit back, relax, and be amazed.”

1)  I dislike drinking out of plastic glasses…..the taste, ick! I prefer glass glasses if I cant have one just gimme the bottle or can.

2)  I have a strawberry birthmark on the inside of my left heel. People often tell me my sandal is causing a sore……….not hardly! Wee One likes to press on it and make it disappear momentarily.

3) I love raw veggies but most of them when cooked, I cannot get into my mouth because they gross me out, mushy ewwwwww

4) I eat my steaks cooked medium rare, darn near still mooing. It grosses my husband out but they are tastey that way. BTW, if I had to be a vegetarian, I would starve to death. Yes, I really would.

5) I wake up in the middle of the night at least once. I check on both of my boys and my horse every time.

6) I know how to spell and use proper grammar but I dont make myself, can you tell?

7) I tried being bulimic once when I was a senior in high school, it made me thin but it also made me feel like shit. I wont do that again!

8 ) I like vintage porn (I think Ive said that before, no?)

9) I know I appear calm and cool headed all the time on my blog (yeah right!) but Ill confess, I do have a temper. I do a good job keeping it in check…..most of the time.

10) I want breast reduction surgery.

Why is this called “Chinese Freeze Tag”????? anyone know? because I havent a clue.

Now I tag……..who wants tagged? I dont know who to tag, I dont have 10 people!



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14 responses to “Chinese Freeze Tag

  1. I think you are running out of things to confess. 🙂

    Diane wants number #10 as well.

    Have a great day and relax.

  2. Cliff has never liked to drink from a plastic glass. I’m not so concerned about breast reduction, but I wouldn’t mind having them lifted. I’ve forgotten what “perky” feels like.

  3. brian-Ha! you would NOT believe the stuff Ive never confessed here….heheh

    donna-I could use a lift too! from your pictures, you look like you are in great shape.

  4. I’m with you on the glass thing…. plastic BLECH! LOL and I do the wake up in the middle of the night thing also. Since my horses are across the road (and I check them at midnight before bed) I usually just listen out the door….. BUT, sometimes I wake up and I can’t go back to sleep until I’ve walked across (usually in jammies!) and done a head count!

  5. i tried to make myself vomit once and hated it so that was never an option for me though last year when I was so bloated and couldn’t let it go I made myself but that was just to make me feel better not loose weight lol.
    That’s the only way to eat a steak, if it doesn’t say moo then its too done. lol

  6. Rebecca

    I enjoyed reading these. I think you have a naughty side that you don’t share with us, with the exception of vintage. One of the guys I used to date would rave about Nina Hartly as an actress. I have never seen anything by her except an instructional video at a shop. I don’t need any instruction in that department.

    The reduction, hmmm. I’m C and would prefer to be a D.

    You are a good mom to check on the boys and the horsey.
    I was a vegatarian for a year or two when I was in my hippie stage 15 yrs ago.

  7. Ooooh I hate plastic cups too!
    I always feel grossed out by them
    not sure why.
    I’m with ya on the steak,sometimes
    I even go for blue rare.I love the outside
    barely cooked and the inside all jelly
    and cool…yummmmm.

  8. Rach

    Not having “my ladies” reduced although it would be nice to see my toes again. Haven’t seen them in years!

    My steak HAS to be well done or it’s kill the cook (ha! just kidding on the kill part.)

    And I don’t like to drink out of metal cans. YUCK.

  9. I’ll do it.. I wasn’t sure what I’d post later anyway.. Consider me tagged.

  10. astaryth-lol, a head count! Im glad Im not the only one out roaming in my jammies

    anne-I swear my husband likes his steak cooked for 30 minutes! its like shoe leather when he eats it-yuck

    rebecca-nothing fun about a D cup, they are in the way. your right, I hold back much, cant put too much out there in cyberland….

    rach-no drinking out of a can? what about beer?

    burg-yay! Im glad someone is gonna do it!

  11. I don’t want my meat still bleeding or it reminds me it died so I could eat it…I’;m with your husband, well done.

    I enjoyed your secrets. I want to know the ones you’re not telling…

  12. I strolled in here. Got my fill. But I already feel hungry again. Hmmmm. It’s not Chinese Freeze Tag……it’s Chinese Food Tag!

  13. I’m almost a vegetarian. This week I haven’t had any meat at all — well except the boulion in the vege soup.

    Isn’t it odd how people’s tastes get trained.
    I couldn’t eat meat or bread when I was Pregnant.
    first 3 months survived on boiled potato.

    Think that was what caused the problem with meat

  14. jenny-ha, no way! those are the real good ones…

    EWBL-I LOVE chinese food..moogoogiapan (sp?)

    pamela-boiled potatos? no way! no meat? no way!!!

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