Isnt That A Tornado Siren?

Tuesday afternoon we had some rough weather roll thru. Of course the tornado siren had to go off as Son #1 was getting into my car after school.

After Son #1 gets into the car, he asked, “can we stop at Sonic Drive Inn for french fries and a dr. pepper?”

I answered, “do you not hear the tornado siren? a tornado is coming our way. Hell no we arent stopping.”

Son #1 replied, “we watched the weather in computers before the last bell rang, the tornado is still 15 minutes away.”

OMG, I swear, they switched babies on me at the birth of my first born…… 

Scooter rode the bad storm out from the safety of his shelter. But, afterwards he was a bit spooked, he did a lot of running around and snorting after the storms passed.

Needless to say, now he is sore with his arthritis flared up.

I am one year older today. I really want to party with Jose Quervo, he always remembers my birthday unlike my family(hubby,son#1). But, I cannot…..we have another out of town summer league baseball game.

Shit, its not even summer yet!



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21 responses to “Isnt That A Tornado Siren?

  1. Happy Birthday my wonderful friend. I hope that this day is filled with joy, good wishes and presents galore.

    Failing that, a good stiff drink. 😉

  2. brian-thnx….no drinking until after the boys and I are home from the game 😦 by then, Im sure Ill be exhausted and ready for bed. I hate B-days.

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday!!

  4. Doesn’t it seem, that once you’re older than say 25, birthdays just suck? No one remembers, no gifts, no cards, no party-till-you-drop bingeing. sigh…..

    Ya know, all that sounds good, but I guess I’ve finally settled into being old, ’cause except for the cards & gifts part, it’s ok with me.

    Perhaps the family has something up their sleeve for the weekend??? Let’s hope!

    Have a splendid day with sunshine & warmth, my friend! Many smiles to you! D 🙂

  5. Me and Jose wish you a very happy birthday.

  6. Happy birthday! May you find pleasant surprises everywhere you look today.

  7. astaryth-thnx!

    FF-birthdays were much better as a kid. They dont know how to plan, weekend plans are unheard of around here(unless it involves some kind of work).

    jenny-thnx! I can hear Jose calling my name, stupid ball game anyhow-grrr

    donna-thnx, I hope so.

  8. Happy Birthday! Hopefully you can find another opportunity to party.

  9. Rach

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear BG
    Happy birthday to you

    (Trust me, this is MUCH better than hearing me sing:)

  10. heather-thnx, me too!

    rach-lol, I cant hold a tune either 🙂

  11. Midlife Mom

    Happy Birthday! Mine was a few fays ago and friends took me out to lunch today after quilt class. Had pot roast, mashed potatoes, carrots and a hot yeast roll! They had to roll me out of the restaurant I ate so much! That is so awful having the sirens going off, I would be scared to death as I have never been through a tornado. I bet my guys would go bat-so with a storm like that. They get all nerved up over a thunder storm here and race around until I can get them into the barn!

  12. lol, the tornado is 15 mins away
    still got time for burger & fries!

    When did we stop seeing life like that

  13. wow a whole fifteen minutes

  14. happy birthday!
    I wish we could drink some hornitos together! I could use a girls night out.

    my son used to love french fries, now he wont eat much of anything. something is wrong. tornado sirens are scary!

  15. Happy Birthday!

    Boy, that Jose is quite the player, he spends time with me also, guess he isn’t one for commitment!

  16. Well Happy Birthday!!!!! and hey – at least something was singing for you, even if it was a tornado siren.

  17. Happy Birthday, Barngoddess! May all your wishes come true!!!!

  18. Happy belated Birthday!

    Congrats on your move to wordpress. I’ve been thinking about making the move but I’m chicken. I’m such a puter dummy, I’m afraid I’ll get in over my head and mess the whole thing up.

    And Geez, KIDS, what is this generation thinking. 15 minutes before the storm hits is time to get ff’s. I’m with you, I’da been running for shelter.

  19. Hey…Jose is a very old friend of mine ! Mention my name for a world class hangover !
    Hope you had a great birthday !

  20. oh I missed singing the birthday song yesterday.
    I didn’t get to the blogs because I had a bit of a bug… it was the two-step if you know what I mean.

    Hope you had cake and yummmys and hugs.

    Even the twisters were shakin things up for your day. huh?

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