Ball Hog


Thank you for the Birthday well wishes yesterday!

Son #1’s game was canceled last minute so that sort of threw my evening plans off course but all in all, it was a nice evening.  

This morning, the sunrise was beautiful.

I went outdoors early since I couldn’t sleep. Scooter was still sore last night with his arthritis from his storm antics. I guess the next time he wants to gallop, buck, and snort around, I’ll have to cut his fun short after a few races across the pasture.

I mixed him a dose of Bute paste (horse pain reliever) into his breakfast feed. As I walked across the yard, Scooter nickered for his grain, then curled his upper lip in protest of the medicine mixed into his feed.

He tipped his bucket over and tried to pick around the medicine. Then he left half of it to go graze. Now the birds are probably out there eating the Bute laced feed………

Scooter is the hardest horse to give oral medicine to. grrrrr

Miss Kitty , who has been called just plain Kitty these days, is a ball hog.

Once she gets her paws on it, she doesn’t let go. She will lay her whole body on top of it, like shes hiding it from Marvin.

Ha, that’s a joke, Marvin could care less. He isn’t into playing or exercise all that much. The only running he does is to the food bowl.


Here he is waiting for Wee One to open his bedroom door so he can dash inside.

Definitely not the safest place for Marvin locked inside Wee One’s room at the mercy of Wee One…..but I guess he enjoys something about it.

Maybe it is the KidsBop CD blaring from Wee One’s Fischer Price Stereo and the luxurious accommodations of the Sponge Bob Tent.



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16 responses to “Ball Hog

  1. Aniin BG, things are going well, on my meds and starting to feel better. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Rebecca

    I am so SORRY I missed your birthday yesterday!!
    I had so much going on I didn’t go to any blogs.

    I wish you luck on the meds. Destiny my oldest kitty hates to take them. He will act like he is coughing up a fur ball to try and get the meds out of his mouth.
    You asked me about shaving Whisper. I bring her to the vet once a year. Her fur mats ( I try to comb). She gets these gawd awful places under her chin and on her hiney. Once she shaved, she’s cool.
    Enjoy your weekend. I am going to try.

  3. Drats—Belated birthdays wishes, I hope it was a very special day for you. Now that I know your special day, I will add you to my calendar so as to not miss sending special wishes your way next year.

    I still have to say you have the eye of a photographer. Thank you for always sharing the beauty you capture with us.

    Did I ever tell you I am a cat lover, in case I haven’t now you know.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. The sunrise picture is stunning. Almost inspires me to get u early and enjoy one of my own. I said ALMOST.;)

  5. That is a beautiful sunrise!!

    Happy late birthday! 🙂

  6. brian-take care!

    rebecca-yesterday was a crazy day

    vickie-have a great weekend!

    hope-you can borrow my Wee One, guaranteed to get you up before the sun


  7. Marvin looks so soft do you brush him daily

  8. Quasar9

    Beautiful Picture,
    looks like a nice place.

    So the birds round your place don’t suffer from arthitis then?

  9. Two kitties!? They’re gorgeous!
    My Corny sounds like your Kitty.
    His big thing now is carrying stuff around in his mouth like a dog.
    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  10. Happy belated birthday! 🙂

  11. Hey BG….allow me to chime in on Happy Belated Birthday ! My son is an end of April kid 🙂
    Pics are fantastic, as always .
    Hope your day was great !

  12. You say it’s your birthday? Well, Happy Birthday to you! Belatedly.

    Our dog, Reagan, is at the mercy and whim of all 6 of my mini-Infidels. He secretly enjoys it, though, because of the wider variety of butt scents for him to sniff.

  13. kids and pets…
    I’m wondering if he’s mad cuz you named him Marvin

  14. Midlife Mom

    Great picture. Have you tried a molasses sandwich laced with the bute? One of my ponies won’t take any medicine so I take two pieces of bread with lots of molasses and mix the med in the molasses and he eats it right down. I can hear the birds now saying to each other, “you know I have never felt so good in my life, wonder what caused that?” Great kitty shots, they both are so pretty. How about a play date with Noodles and Munchkin?

  15. Hey! Happy Belated!!!! I hope your day was Fabulous!

    I take it that you cannot mix Scooter’s bute into a paste with apple sauce or anything… I hope he feels better soon!

    I trimmed two of my horses hooves on my Tuesday day off. Ali was being difficult so I gave her a pass as I had to go to my other j.o.b. early.

  16. anne-marvin keeps himself very clean but I try to give him a swipe w/ the brush once a day

    Q9-the birds might!

    lael-corny sounds like a fun cat


    magz-tauruses are great

    EWBL-you cannot imagine the image that was conjured up in my head….lol

    pamela-I didnt name him, he came w/ Marvin….Id change it but he knows its his name!

    MM-Ive tried everything, as soon as Scooter gets a hint of meds, he is spitting whatever is in his mouth out-grrrr

    katie-Im waiting for the new farrier to come out and try a new techinique on the Old Guy….I wished he’d hurry!

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