General Lee Nut House

It is shaping up into a beautiful weather day here in Oklahoma. I got around early and finished my chores, I am heading outside to get some sunshine and ride Scooter.

I’m going to ride down by the old railroad tracks. This is one of my favorite places to ride.

Son #1 left early this morning with his church Youth Group for Frontier City for a whole day of fun.

Hubby and Wee One are chasing each other thru the house with fly swatters………….on their hands and knees.

I am so OUTTA here!

Before I saddle up, I have to share this with you. Are you a Dukes Of Hazzard fan? Nah, me either. But, the star of the show, is for sale.

General Lee at Ebay bidding is at $510,000 and the reserve is NOT met.

I think I’ll call my banker and see how my funds are, Ive always wanted a super-fast puke orange car that needed to be entered thru the windows.



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12 responses to “General Lee Nut House

  1. Think i’ll pass on the bidding on the
    I am sitting here sore we went on a 2 hour trail ride today with our friends from PA, since it has been 10 years since i had been on a horse..ow.

  2. omg on the general lee lol my brother would love it but he doesn’t have that kind of cash

  3. I hope you enjoyed a nice ride. It’s a beautiful day here today, too.

  4. Hey there!!!! Sorry i haven’t been around lately…crazy busy, and not much to say 😦 I hope you had a nice ride.

    Why are they chasing each other on their hands and knees? That’s a game i haven’t heard of before 🙂

  5. Holy cow that’s one exspensive car!!

    Still, if I were to inform hubs, we’d be refi-ing the house, selling the children, donating organs, you name it to get the actual General Lee.

  6. OH! By the way, there were several of those cars…

  7. I heard about that car being for sale.

    I paid my taxes. no money left for the General. Oh well.

  8. kel-after my MVA I was not able to ride for 9 mos, it didnt take long to lose those riding muscles! I bet your sore.

    anne-good thing hes doesnt have the $, I think its a rip off

    momto3cubs-I had a great ride thnx

    bc26-good to hear from you!!! I have no idea why they were crawling around…..beyond me

    burg-this one is autographed under the hood. I hear kidneys are going for a high price these days

    pamela-taxes SUCK. Im broke because of them, dammit

  9. lol.. I wanted to ride.. but the j.o.b. had reserved my day! I more month 🙂

  10. Beautiful pic– as usual! Glad ya’ll are having nice weather. It’s finally getting nice around here, too :0) As for the General Lee, I love it and all, but 510,000– not that much *L*

  11. Midlife Mom

    They can keep the General Lee. I used to watch that show but didn’t like it well enough to cough up that kind of cash! Whoever buys it has more money then brains.

  12. katie-damn job! too bad money doesnt grow on trees..

    christy-thats a lot of moolah for an ugly car huh?

    MM-lol, I thought the same thing, whoever’d pay that much for this car has lost their good sense

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