Belly Up

Marvin laid on his back in the middle of the house underneath the ceiling fan most of the weekend.

He looked dead but he wasnt, we could hear him snoring.

This week the AC man is supposed to be here to charge our central AC unit. All I can say, is he better by gawd be here……..

I had a really good weekend.

Yesterday evening best friend L. came out and visited. We sat in my new lawn chairs, and drank a couple of beers, watched son #1 and her daughter play ball, Wee One rode around on his trike and drove his gator (wore himself out!).

I spent my birthday gift money on a couple of new lawn chairs that are so very comfortable. I did have my eye on a bracelet but figured I’d get more enjoyment out of some comfortable lawn chairs.

Best friend L. and I fussed over Scooter. I gave him a 3 day penicillin injection hoping to knock out the swelling in his sheath completely. If this one doesnt do the trick, it looks like another vet visit will be necessary. 

Our trail ride Saturday morning was relaxing….until we saw a snake. Luckily it went on it’s merry way. It was just a bull snake but it was a big ‘un!

L. and I are planning a trip to Walnut Creek to ride the trails. I am really looking forward to it. We have not been in a couple of years. The bridle paths are made specially for horses and its close to the River.

Mondays arent any fun around here. I need to get started on my house cleaning, my house got pretty dirty/messy over the weekend. Son #1 has a home base ball game this evening…if it doesnt get rained out, again.

I really want to lounge around reading this really good book Im reading at the moment but that isnt an option, dang.



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20 responses to “Belly Up

  1. fair! What’s the name of the book?

    Your kitty is so cute! Love his fluffy fur!

    I have the day off from j.o.b. #1 so I’m cleaning … trying to attend to chores. I’ll go in to my night j.o.b and hope it is slow so I can read! 🙂

    I’m making a batch of $1 pancakes to freeze so I can eat something besides a sandwich when I’m doubling ( T,W,TH, this week ) . Plus I cooked a pot of black beans in the crock pot over night. I miss real food… mostly though I simply do not have the time nor the energy to bother with it.

    I was going to go play with the horses but it’s raining. How does the rain god know which day I’m off?

  2. What, no picture of the new lawn chairs? I’m in the market for something to keep at Cliff’s shop that’s comfy.

  3. I’m going to be spending more time painting and working in the yard and I need to do some reading, too……… and less time blogging.
    (Will I have withdrawals???)

    It was gorgeous here, also.

    Lawnchairs, girlfriends, warm evenings, and sippin’ your favorite beverage. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  4. Really, Marvin has the life. I would pay money to lay belly up under a fan all day.

    What kind of chairs?

    Sheath infection. ouch.

  5. Marvin looks very comfy!

    Poor Scooter…. We had a horse one of the places I worked and he got an enlarged sheath (we never did figure out why… it was clean, no bug bite marks or scratches– nothing we could put a finger on… Anyway, it never did go back to complete normal. It was never -swollen-, but always a little larger than it should be. The vet couldn’t ever figure it out either ….

  6. Rach

    Love the kitty pic! Son has a big orange tabby who weighs about 22 pounds – Buddy. Buddy is short haired but he sleeps like a person – on his back, snoring too! Or if there’s a box of ANY kind lying around, Buddy will try to fit into it – no matter the size.

  7. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Whatcha reading?

  8. Aniin BG. Didn’t you have problems with the heat over the winter with that unit too? We have so much smoke down here because of the fires up in Georgia that A/C is a must.

    Poor Marvin, he needs a shave and an icepack. Hope your cleaning day goes good. 🙂

  9. Hey BG !
    Thanks for Diego info… I haven’t been able to keep up with the grands since they got over the “Wiggles” obsession and discovered other programs !
    Glad you enjoyed your b-day …I went downstate for my son’s un-surprise b-day party…gawd..the freakin construction monsters are out in full force .
    Did you see the Supreme Court actually ruled in favor of the police today ? I really thought they would rule in favor of this ” poor kid, forever injured” and bind the hands of LE even further. SCOTUS must be staying awake this session ! About time !
    Have a great day..I’m off to clean and get prepared for bad storms tonite….( so glad it ain’t snow ! )

  10. That’s a hilarious pic.

  11. My fat cat, Pywacket, lays like that too. That’s hilarious.

  12. HA!! Marvin is a cutie!!! Smart, too! Under the fan!

    Glad you had a great weekend! Enjoy those lounge chairs! To the fullest! LOL

    Sorry to hear Scooter needed more antibiotic. Hope that clears up quick for him. Bet he really enjoyed the pampering and ride. He’ll reall enjoy the trip to Walnut Creek. Sounds like a wonderful place.

    Hope the ball game goes without a hitch tonight.

    House chores are a fact of life, my friend. Especially with 2 cats and 3 men! LOL

    Happy Day to you! D 🙂

  13. Midlife Mom

    The picture of your cat under the fan is just hilarious! He’s one smart cookie!! Sorry to hear about Scooter needing the antibiotics. My old App has an enlarged sheath. Not bad but just never seems to go down completely even with cleaning and all. The vet says it’s okay so I guess I won’t worry about it. Glad you’re going to get some good trail riding in. Nothing like it, makes me not have a care in the world, no problems, no worries. Got to get shoes back on my two big guys though, they were really ouchy when we were riding on Saturday.

  14. That’s a cute belly!

  15. Hi BarnGoddes, belly-up lol!
    snoring or looking up at the stars?

    Pawnne Mythology – The Pawnee paid very close attention to the movement of the universe, but they also felt that for the universe to continue functioning, the Pawnee people had to perform regular ceremonies.

    The most important ceremony of the Pawnee culture, the Spring Awakening ceremony, which was meant to awaken the earth and ready it for planting, can be tied directly to the tracking of celestial bodies. “The position of the stars was an important guide to the time when this ceremony should be held. The earth lodge served as an astronomical observatory and as the priests sat inside at the west, they could observe the stars in certain positions through the smokehole and through the long east-oriented entranceway. They also kept careful watch of the horizon right after sunset and just before dawn to note the order and position of the stars.”

    The ceremony must be held at exactly the right time of year, when the priest first tracked “two small twinkling stars known as the Swimming Ducks in the northeastern horizon near the Milky Way”. The ceremony was a recreation of the events that led to the creation of the world, the forced mating of Morning Star with Evening star.

  16. Are you sure Marvin didn’t sneak a sip of your beer and passed out like a furry drunk man with kitty titties?

  17. katie-its like the weather KNOWS when your off from work and then it rains-grrr I remember those days! Im reading John Hart’s “The King Of Lies”

    donna-Ill put a pic up tomorrow

    pamela-sadly you may have withdrawls….my blogging is becoming quite sporadic too since Wee One is old enough to let loose outside now, Ill not be posting evreyday unless the weather is crappy

    michele-just nice looking weaved chairs on VERY sturdy legs. Guaranteed not to wobble or dump ya no matter how many beers youve consumed

    astaryth-his sheath doesnt seem to bother him most of the time, Im afraid its stuck that way!

    rach-why do they LOVE boxes?

    jenny-it was a great weekend!

    bri-for now the weather is tolerable but not for long.

    magz-I saw that Supreme Court ruling, WOOHOO! SCOTUS seems to be opening their eyes a little bit wider lately, of course we are looking at a pres elections soon

    callie-it looks uncomfy!

    FF-cleaning up after 2 cats is NOTHING compared to the 3 males that live here, I call them the 3 piglets

    MM-maybe his pecker is stuck that way 😦

    lael-ha, fat and pink!

    Q9-thnx! I enjoyed the Pawnee story, is that what Im seeeing then?

    EWBL-yes! right after he ripped off a loud, stinky, rude fart………isnt that just like a man!?!?!

  18. Rebecca

    Marvin looks sooooooooo comfy. That is what I am about to be going for….I just took a xanax, covered my self in one of the arm/leg creams—anti itch from the dermatologist. I have a popsicle calling my name and kitties at my footboard..aand my air on 65. I damn well better sleep.

    The doc was cute today.

    I saw the Walnut Creek and immediately thought Walnut Grove. I LOVED Little House on the Prairie. I just wanted them to have indoor plumbing and Air conditioning.

  19. Hope you, and Marvin, enjoy the air conditioning!

  20. I’ve been trail riding since I was 10 and have NEVER seen a snake! Guess we don’t have much for exciting critters up here in Maine…

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