A 13th Warrior Kind Of Evening

This is a photo of one of my new lawn chairs. They are sturdy and sound chairs. Guaranteed not to throw you or get wobbly when you’ve had a few beers…..

I gotta say, Ive already enjoyed them more than I would that bracelet Ive had my eye on for some time.

 I was carrying trash down the driveway to the dumpster and nearly stepped on this rabbit ( I assume it was him/her). Earlier in the day there was a pair of them out back.

 ummmmmmmm….going at it like rabbits.

Wee One was getting an eyeful until I chased him away from the window.

He thought they were fighting.

This was a huge storm that passed over my home yesterday afternoon. 

My electric was out for about 20 minutes.

It boomed loud, sending Marvin into fits. He is afraid of storms….of course, Kitty took advantage of his vulnerable situation and chased him relentlessly as he ran for a hiding spot from the storms.

Finally I let Marvin inside my huge and recently cleaned/organized closet for him to seek cover in.

Son #1’s ball game was canceled again. So he went to his track meet up North after school. The track team’s bus did not get into town until 10:30 pm, by the time we drove home and Son #1 had a shower it was going on 11:30 pm. He and all the other boys had seed ticks on them from the track field. He was so mad. Luckily none dug in, he was able to get them off. He checked in the shower before he fell into bed and didnt have any.

The schools are supposed to treat their fields and grounds for ticks. The coach is supposed to let them know about this. I hope so!

Ewww ticks!! they are worse than slugs.

I was up until after midnight washing his track clothes because of this-grrrrrrrrr

At dusk last night, a weird fog/steam moved in low to the ground and it moved really fast…lasted only a couple of hours.

My camera’s batteries are near dead otherwise I’d have had a better photo. 

Have you ever watched the movie, The 13th Warrior with Antonio Banderas?

The fog/steam we had last night reminded me of the fog in the movie. In the movie the mists/fog covered the lands when the villages were attacked by “those who shall not be named.

Hubby, Wee One, and I were out in the pasture working when the fog swept in, slowly enveloping us.

Spooky, eerie but fascinating at the same time.

Easily impressed arent I?



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21 responses to “A 13th Warrior Kind Of Evening

  1. Rebecca

    The new chair(s) look comfy. I’m glad you are pleased with them!!!

    I feel a bit sad that even rabbits are getting it on…while I’m here scratching. I’m not letting anyone touch me…Nope. I took 15 minutes to put cream on all over my arm and legs this morning. I have yet to take the Cipro …it upset my tummy even after eating dinner last night.

    Glad your electricity is back on. Enjoy your warm summer nights out with a cold beer. It is supposed to hit 90 here today.

  2. The 13th Warrior was a good movie, I’d forgotten it until you mentioned it. I would have been impressed by the eerie fog too. Your low battery made for a cool photo.

    Heh, fighting bunnies…

  3. Sometimes it seems the fog moves around these mountains like a specter. It is so strange, I mean it really seems alive, which is kind of cool really.

    Your horses are always gorgeous. I really miss mine at times. We hope to get one again but right now we need to finish our house.

    That is funny about Wee One and the rabbits fighting!

  4. I got three ticks on me yesterday in the woods. Two were already dug in, but not deeply. The bad thing is, I had used repellent!

  5. I love natural phenomenon –
    (not ticks, tho)

    That looks like a jack rabbit it is so big!!

  6. storm clouds take on freaky looks don’t they

  7. Storms frighten and thrill me at the same time.
    That looked like it could have been a real bad one given the chance. They sure do make those rabbits big in OK

  8. These photos are always so welcoming. The tic issue reminded me of childhood. All of the kids parents on the street checked them for tics. Have a great week!

  9. The rabbit thing reminded me of these two dogs in our neighborhood…

    I happened to look out the window one evening and found two dogs stuck together.. Evidently, they were, uh, busy and got spooked and each tried to go a different direction. After I quit laughing I considered calling animal control, but what do I say? Imagine that phone conversation!!

    I let it go. They eventually got separated.

  10. Midlife Mom

    Sometimes I am thankful for snow, it kills the ticks! We do get some deer ticks but not very often so I can’t complain. I like you new chairs, nice design. What a hoot about the rabbits! Looks like you’re going to be having some baby rabbits in the near future! I haven’t seen that movie but will be watching for it on HBO as I like Antonio, even in Shrek as Puss In Boots. He seems like he would have a really good sense of humor. Getting ready to go for a ride, it’s only in the 40’s so will have to pile the clothes on! Brrrrrrrrr…

  11. Love the new lawn chair!

  12. The chairs are great, the view is fantastic.
    The fighting rabbits, priceless! Hee Hee

  13. rebecca-dang, sorry about the itchiness! I know your miserable, my Wee One is when his allergies flare 😦

    jenny-I liked that movie, hubby hated it…but Hope Floats is his favorite movie, so that figures

    KM-fog in the mountains is gorgeous

    donna-gah, I hate those things, they are indestructable

    pamela-I thought it was a small rabbit…

    anne-yes, they do, they are not like anything else, and easy to take pictures of

    celeste-I like a good boomer as long as there isnt a chance of a twister. That was a smaller sized rabbit, so I guess they get pretty big ’round here

    MM-ticks are bad business

    burg-omg, animal control would probably be laughing over that

    MM-ewww brrr dress warm. I like Antonio too 😉

    kelli-I only bought a pair, I should have bought 2 more…..maybe if its in the budget this month,hmm

  14. Redneckgirl

    Cool chairs……really neat looking!

    Never seen that movie but the fog sounds creepy…….great pics as always!

    Miss ya! Love and Hugs!

  15. nice lawn chairs. have you worked up a routine yet? :giggles:

    bunnies humping in the yard. and wee one learning early that mating often involves fighting!

    have not seen 13th warrior. have a good day.

  16. Rach

    the other day son and i went to walmart – about 2 weeks ago when i had cash..anywho, we bought one of those little sno cone machines for 24.99. we have gotten about 1 million dollars worth of enjoyment out of that little machine! and it makes the shaved ice so great for tom collins’…..

  17. I love your chairs AND their stability requirements,lol
    Wish I had bunnies,we have skunks,ick.
    That storm was amazing! That’s a good shot
    you took.
    I love fog like that too..it creeps me out yet delights me all at the same time.
    I’m loving all your pictures!

  18. Ticks really tick me off. Since Houston is like a steamy tropical jungle, we get really bad fleas too. The temperate climate ensures that they never die.

    Hey, we got a huge storm that hit Houston Monday night too. Maybe part of the same storm system?

  19. Hate fog…love pictures of it ! Same with storms.
    Now those lawn chairs would look great under one of my oaks !
    Who ya like in the Derby ? I’m kind of partial to Zanjero.

  20. Rebecca

    I hope things are ok for you. It’s not like to NOT to post during the week.

  21. RNG-missed you! glad you stopped by 🙂

    mel-ha, you are so right….about the mating thing.

    rach-hmm, crushed ice, sounds better than blender ice

    lael-ewww skunks? no thnx. Wee One calls them stinky squirrels

    EWBL-eww ticks are awful, I hate them. Fleas are worse if they get inside your house. Im paranoid about fleas….my poor cats get over treated I think. I did our dog Elvis the same way tho.

    magz-Im ashamed to say, this is the 1st year I havent followed the derby closely. Ive been too dang busy! it sucks

    rebecca-Im very busy, it sucks! and Wee One isnt cutting me any slack this week, hes a brat.

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