Rain Soaked

This photo was taken of Scooter before the rains came to Oklahoma. It has been warm, humid, and raining since Monday. Everything is soaked and muddy. I am going stir crazy being stuck indoors.

This week has been a busy one. I have accomplished a lot. But, I still feel like I am overwhelmed with all the things that still need done.

My posting might become a bit sporadic since summer is upon us. Now that Wee One is big enough to go and do things, Im going to be busier than ever…not to mention Son #1 and his summer league games. He has one tonite at 8pm in a town over an hour away. That is too late! I wont mind when schools out but during the school week, I think that is crazy.

Today I have to go thru all of Wee One’s baby things that are packed away and wash up some of the baby clothes. Ive already went thru the baby toys, washed up the walker, babyswing, and high chair. Our dear sweet 16yo babysitter B. is having a baby boy in a couple of weeks. Yes, you heard me right, this star athlete and excellent student has gotten herself knocked up by a cowboy from up North.

I first suspected something wasnt right with her around X-mas. Guess I was right. She told me back in late February she was pregnant. Her family doesnt have much money, they are not on welfare or anything like that, they work but money is always tight in their household. Buying new things for the baby is going to make it tough on B. and her family.

I silenced my lectures and questions about her predicament. I am sure B. has heard it all from her family and most likely on a daily basis from her nagging mother. B. is a smart girl. She is doing fine as far as I can tell.

Wee One has been an absolute terror this week, he has not cut me any slack. He has gotten into all kinds of stuff and has tried throwing a couple of screaming fits. Gah! What a brat. Maybe he’ll behave better when we can get outside and we arent cooped up in the house.

My central AC unit is fully charged and switched on. I am happy about that. Maybe not as happy as Marvin tho.

Kitty showing Marv who’s boss…..yep, the females rule around here, or at least we try too…..even thought we are out-numbered.



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16 responses to “Rain Soaked

  1. Lots of rain here too. I hope it helps the drought situation. It’s certainly made for wonderful dandelion population explosion.

  2. This is why I have been posting during the wee hours of the morning lol get it done before the little ones get up and the running around starts. Now when I find the time to relax haha and sit haha then I read blogs

  3. They are begging for rain over here
    Seems if it don’t rain soon
    local farmers could lose the barley crop

    The earth is looking parched, and the crop has hardly grown a few inches tall (well behind)

  4. I’m glad your sitter has someone like you.

    Speaking of wee ones, midkids 3 y/o got up in middle of the night, put stopper inn bathroom sink to wash hands, and left the water running. Midkid ended up with soaked main floor AND drenched basement.
    I’m going into hiding when her water bill is due!
    It’s nice here today…60* and sunny !

  5. I seriously want a cat like your Marvin,he’s too cute for words!
    I think you are really sweet and kind to be nothing but silent and supportive of B and her baby.
    When I got knocked up at 19 I really appreciated the people who got excited for a new life,rather than those who looked down on me or gave me lectures. She’ll remember that always:)

  6. You’re having the same weather I am. I finally got desperate today and went out in the rain and took pictures.

    I’ll guarantee you Wee One will be better when he can play outside.

  7. Rach

    The best thing you can give B. is all the help you can, instructions/words of wisdom as needed and just let her know you don’t judge her. If she knows she has folks in her corner, she’ll still face obstacles but she’ll draw on ya’ll’s strength to help her through.

  8. The rains are falling down upon Tennessee now– as much as I hate it, we really need it.

    SO sorry to hear about your babysitter. I mean, not about the baby, but about the timing (her being 16 and all). That’s really nice of you to be helping her out with some of Wee One’s things. I know she’ll really appreicate them.

    PS: LOVE the cats, they’re too cute!

  9. Gosh, send us some rain! We sure could use it!

    Great that you’ll be giving all TT’s things to B. She’ll need them and appreciate them. You are a kind soul.

    Sorry TT is being bratty this week. Sheesh. You don’t wanna hear my solution for temper tantrums. Ahem…..

    Marv & Miss K are doing great together. Seems they’ve got the hierarchy all figured out. That’s good.

    Hope the sun comes out for you soon. Take it easy and we’ll be back around for the next post.

    D 🙂

  10. Rebecca

    I turned my sprinkler system on last night, my yard looks DRY.

    Sorry son #2 is SO FULL of ENERGY. I wish I had some of it.

    I think what you are doing for babysitter is GREAT! If you put stuff together box wise…what about making her a cute little coupon book of sorts. Give her 2 or 3 (you babysit) coupons, maybe even a “lets go get mcdonalds or lucnh somehwere” on a day she is feeling really stressed? Just a sweet thought. I can;t imagine having a abay at 16 and if her folks are strapped for cash she will need an afternoon off sometime soon after the baby arrives.

  11. jenny-my lawn looks like its never been mowed….geesh

    anne-good idea, I sometimes do that too

    Q9-Ill do a rain dance for you this morning, send our rain your ways

    magz-ohno, that sounds like something my 3yo would do too! yikes

    lael-marv is a pretty easy cat to have around except for the fur balls I have to vacuum daily. B. is a good girl, she is level headed, smart, stuff like this happens.

    donna-the sun needs to come out today!

    rach-the last thing B. needs is another adult telling her what a mistake she made

    christy-B.’s baby will be loved and cared for, B will see to that and babies/kids do well in her family.

    rebecca-me babysit? no way, I pay B to sit, ….Ill just pay her extra!

  12. The rain is driving me crazy too! My dog rolls in the mud and then tracks it in. I’m embarrassed to admit that my kids have done it too!

  13. No rain here… but it looks hazy because of a fire somewhere…. All the horses have runny eyes 😦 Makes for a great sunset though.

    BTW, I don’t actually have Photoshop! I have Photoshop ELEMENTS 4 (I think ver5 is actually out). It’s a pared down ‘consumer’ version of Photoshop. You get most of the cool stuff, even some things that Photoshop doesn’t have geared toward the ‘amateur’! What you don’t get are some of the advanced features and the ability to work in CMYK if you want (which is what you use to print like magazines). You work only in RGB which is what your printer at home and those kiosks at the mall/Wal-mart/your local drugstore all use anyway. I would like to eventually upgrade to Photoshop because there are some things (like Actions) I would like to have, but the difference of $600 for the Photshop versus $100 (or less) for Elements was sort of a deciding factor ;p

    Try Elements… It’s a nice program and if you watch the ads you can usually get it for less than $60 when someone is running a sale. Oh, and if you want to ‘try before you buy’ you can download it from the adobe website and use it for free for 30 days. Sorry I put this in comments, but I don’t have your e-mail address and this is the only way I had of replying!

  14. I think you should be totally supportive of the young new mother. Its true that its a huge mistake to be a mother that young. With all the available contraceptives, how does this happen? I don’t know, but it happened to me at the age of 42.. a condom breakthrough, yikes!

    I have been seeing all the intense weather your region is getting and worried about my pals in flyover country.

    Hope your weekend is sunny. (I have linked to my word press site. I am about to give up on blogger. this is soooo much better.)

  15. Sounds like you are being very supportive of your young friend who is expecting. Maybe you could save your baby clothes and hand them down to her. 😉 I really adore the baby clothes here: http://www.sandboxcouture.com

  16. it’s been raining here too although they tried to tell us it was dry for April. Anymore rain and I’m going to float away. I’d like to steal both kitties. I love cats with personality.

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