Busted, Twice!

Early this morning, I was busy sorting laundry and then starting the wash in the laundry room. I noticed the silence thru out the house, immediately I became suspicious.

Luckily I was not in the shower when this happened because if I was, I would have to run naked, conditioner in hair, dripping wet thru the entire house in search of Wee One. 

All the while I would be in a semi panic state thinking maybe he escaped outside, ran thru the wire fence and into the cattle pond behind our house….or some other worse case scenario that involves something horrible happening to my Wee’est One. I think all mothers of small children think things like this….

I hollered for Wee One from the Laundry room. No answer. I peek out of the laundry room door. No sign of Wee One. Both cats are lounging and relaxed in the kitchen floor, this would mean Wee One is far away from them.

I quickly finish loading the wash-machine, start it then off to find Wee One. As I near Wee One’s 13 yo brother’s bedroom door, my nose is assaulted by men’s AXE body spray in cool scent wafting from underneath the locked door.

Wee One locked himself in his ‘Bubba‘s’ room, turned the TV on to Nick channel, plunked himself down on his brother’s bed. He was helping himself to all of his big brother’s cologne, deodorant body sprays, and stick deodorants.

I busted Wee One and took a photo of my manly smelling little man this morning.

He wont be smiling in a couple of hours, he has to get 2 shots….poor fella.

Monday morning, Wee One gets enrolled in headstart (pre-school)!

I am so excited. Wee One might not be but I am.

Please pray all of the slots arent taken up yet, they are filling fast. I would have enrolled him today but I thought enrolling started this coming monday…it didnt, it started this past Monday-grrrrrrrrrrr.


Wee One was not the only culprit to enter my radar and get busted. Marvin spotted Mr.Fish. I gave him a dose of the fly swatter.

I hope Marvin learned his lesson!

Kitty knows better. She’s the smart one….

All of this rain and humidity has me longing for long, hot, dry summer days……

I don’t know why because I’ll just be bitching about the relentless and never ending heat when it gets here in July.



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15 responses to “Busted, Twice!

  1. Wooooohoooo for pre-school!!

    I love it when other people’s kids
    get into stuff,hehehehehe;p

  2. So, did you have trouble getting little Hot Shot to unlock the door and let you in?

  3. Once, twice, thrice …
    the thought of you running frantically naked thru the house , only to find him watching tv
    I can imagine one day you’ll be running around like mad only to discover him asleep ‘under’ the bed

  4. Oh those kids – heheh

    Why is it that they always get into things when you are busy with the laundry – you know, it only means more to wash.

  5. My Melody used to freakin eat the stick deodorant like it was a damn Old Spice flavored Push-Up pop.

    It’s really a miracle that I’ve raised six kids this far without any serious accidents/injuries/ or deaths. Yay me!!!

    I’m not looking forward to the Texas summer. Are you crazy? I’ll have to finance our electric bills and use my kids for collateral.

  6. SailorMoon

    WeeOne is a slick one allright! I registered my youngest, my baby, for kindergarten on Tuesday. Funny, when my 13 and 15yo went to kindergarten so many years ago, there was not a tear in my eye. This one going though, makes me sad. Boohoo. Its humid here too and we got hit with 100mph winds Wed. night. I had someone’s trampoline slammed into my house. Didn’t have power for a little over a day. And then I get a flat on the way to work to top it off.

    But that same evening, I have to brag here, my 13yo had his jr. high athletics banquet and he won the Most Improved Player in football. He’d never played football until this year, he’s a soccer player since 4 years old, and he played soccer and football at the same time last fall and worked his way up to center. Dropped some pounds too! 😉 Okay, my 15yo daughter just told me I need to get a blog, that I can’t tell you everything in a comment. Well……I may just have to do that!!

    My 5yo baby has 2 soccer games tomorrow, 9 and 1:30, and it will be hot sticky mess by 1:30. Looking forward to it. Later!!

  7. HAHA I cracked up when I saw that ornery smile on that little face. I hope he gets into pre-school. It’ll be good for both of you.

    I guess if the fish comes up missing you’ll know where it went.

  8. Fantastic pics! I swear Wee One has that same “just you wait” gleem in his eye that midkids Tink has. Always into something…and yet sooo angelic. Years ago..I had a cat that was terrified of the fish bowl ! It was too funny.

  9. Oh I hope you got to see the Derby ! Street Sense was awesome! I’m still looking on the track for my poor Zanjero 😦

  10. Don’t ya just love it when they are way too quiet? I just told my grandkids that I have eyes and ears in the back of my head! We are on vacation now in Florida. I did a post but it’s the second one due to the Organizing Challenge having to be first. I just had to call the front desk AGAIN due to REAlly noisy neighbors. Won’t stay here again!

  11. I was grateful when I saw that grin that pictures don’t come complete with smells. Sounds like he played in enough smelly stuff to take out the entire internet.

  12. lol Keith uses daddys’ cologne you know the expensive kind

  13. lael-me too! then I know Im not the only one w/ brats

    donna-I have a key, a few of them…..

    Q9-why dont they answer when called? geesh, my horse and cats do but not my dang kids

    karmynR-omg, I do not need more laundry

    EWBL-let me know if it works, Im wanting to buy a new horse and have 2 boys….heheh

    SM-glad your okay, those storms were bad! congrats on your most improved player, thats a great award to get!

    jenny-I hope, HOPE he gets a spot!

    magz-how funny about your cat, Marvin kinda likes water..I missed the Derby 😦

    MM-sorry about the Hard Rock, that sucks!

    mikael-ewww, he got a shower afterwards too

    Anne-why do they like the expensive stuff?

  14. LOL

    I have lost count of the times I have run from the shower shrieking for the beast with shampoo running down my back! 😉

    Ahhhh, the brothers spray. The beast is a fan as well, he ends up smelling like a male whorehouse and his brothers are very unhappy!

  15. Miss Kitty told Melvin to do it!

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