The winning eBay  bid is $9,900,500.

Dang it, someone by the screen name ‘Fishbashr1’‘out bid me.

Nearly $10 million for the General Lee .



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8 responses to “$9,900,500

  1. SailorMoon

    That’s just crazy!!

  2. Lord, what I coulda done with just the INTEREST from that money!

    Sigh, men & their toys.

    D 🙂

  3. SM-yes, it is crazy!

    FF-I wouldnt give $1,000 for the car even if they threw in Bo Duke himself, he never turned me on. Ewwwwy

  4. They must have been a HUGE Dukes of Hazzards fan. Who has that kind of money to spend?

  5. Cor Blimey
    could have bought a thousand like it for Ten mil

  6. Rebecca

    Don’t you wish we had that kinda money to spend???? I sure do.

    Did the bad weather come anywhere near you???

  7. Well, each to their own….

    I’d rather have land… lol.. horse running freely , galloping across the hills and through the woods….
    A garden of means…
    A pack of puppies saved from PTS …

    oh.. Yeah, I have all that – just on a tinier scale… lol.. very tiny! 🙂

  8. Why don’t you just put on your daisy dukes and just pretend anyway?


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