Stormy Monday

The weather here across the plains has been crazy. Tornado Alley has been busy. So far, my part of Oklahoma has been fortunate this spring…..

Believe me, I am thankful for this.

I was flipping thru the TV channels looking for something suitable for Wee One to watch on Sunday afternoon. The little tornado watch icon in the far right-hand corner of the screen with my Oklahoma county highlighted did not go unnoticed.

As I lingered on the CNN channel, I viewed footage of the Oklahoma tornado that heavily damaged the town of Sweetwater. Then I watched coverage of the Devastated by tornado Kansas Town . The entire town was leveled in an F5, they lost everything.

I could not help thinking this could be me, my family, and my little town on the news.

Oklahoma is flooded and it is still raining.

I snapped both of these photos very early this morning.


It stormed the entire night. The lightening was really dangerous. I am glad I put Scooter inside for the night after the tornado threat passed.

Unfortunately, I know more than a couple of horse owners who have lost a horse to lightening.

Son #1 and his friend went fishing early yesterday evening. Wee One really wanted to go….

He did not get his shot Friday liked planned. After waiting 45 minutes and putting up with Wee One’s antsy-ness, I just left. The waiting room was full of people who were scheduled before us, Wee One was starting to be a brat. 

I am not happy with Indian Health Services.

Since Wee One couldnt go fishing, he colored and tried to do a workbook page. The workbook was hard for him so he mostly colored. Marvin would not move his fat ass over.

Scooter is looking great. The new grass has really packed on some pounds.

Guess I’d better get busy cleaning this filthy house once more……….sigh.



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22 responses to “Stormy Monday

  1. My gosh you do have water standing everywhere. I hope it goes away before the mosquitos set in. Yes, tornado alley is living up to the name this year. My Dad has family in Greensburg and he can’t get hold of anybody that knows anything about their whereabouts now. I can’t believe it took the whole town.

  2. Those are great pictures!

  3. Did you have to come here for that shot thing? I got to where I would just skip going to a doc altogether and went to the health department for shots. They’re free and usually really quick.

    My backyard is a lake right now.. I’m trying my best to stay positive about the rain. I keep thinking ‘we need it to make the grass grow so cows can eat and I can have the cow.’ I’m stingy like that.

  4. Rebecca

    I am so glad that you and your family are safe. Tornadoes are all over the place this past weekend.

    We got a 5 minute shower yesterday. I was grateful for the rain. We need LOTS more…but I will take it in bits and pieces.

  5. Those are some very dark clouds.

    I always thought it would be cool to see one tornado – BUT – not after that Kansas town. Very sad and frightening.

  6. Thunder bolts of lightning, very, very frightening indeed!

    I couldn’t help but channel Queen because they have a quote for all occasions. I hope you guys stay safe. Texas had some big ass storms roll through last week, but we escaped it unscathed. Unlike last year when we got struck by lightning and it fried our just out of warranty washing machine. 😦

  7. Glad its not come to your area, wow on that first picture

  8. jenny-I cannot imagine an F5. Total devastation. I hope your Father locates his kinfolk and they are okay.


    burg-no, we went to a nearer clinic,not the hospt. m0ooo, Im craving a New York Strip

    rebecca-we did okay, other parts of the State and KS had it the worst

    karmynR-tornados are both fascinating and terrifying at the same time…

    EWBL-I lost a TV once and my puter dial up modem once…stupid storms!

    anne-I hope y’all dont get this weather

  9. Glad to hear you did OK in the storms, was wondering about you!

  10. Glad you’re all safe. My nephew is going to be in Ok this weekend, then he deploys again. Ok. is his fave state.
    Love the pictures !
    Please…send rain !!!! ( we have an ice cubes chance in hell of seeing any here, from a system moving through tonite )
    I went through the Palm Sunday tornado in the sixties…and a few more since…gimme a hurricane anyday ! ( been through my share of them, too..but at least you know when you’re gonna get got ! )

  11. Aww Marvin is sweet next to Wee One!
    That first photo is so scary and dark.
    When I hear of the storms I always think
    about you and your family…

  12. man I miss storms but not that kind. I am glad you are safe. I wish I could take my kid fishing…

    Scooter looks good.

  13. Hiya!

    the weather has been fierce for you so far this year. Rain & tornadoes. I keep you in my prayers every time I see the threats for OK.

    Glad that Scooter is recovering. I bet he’s happy! Did you get your trail ride in yet?

    Marvin is SOOOOO cute, yep – when they park, they park!

    Wee One looks happy and pleased with himself with the coloring project. Such a cutie pie!

    Hope the weather clears and stays calm for you. Keeping you in my thoughts. D 🙂

  14. michele-the weather here could have been wayyy worse, like KS had.

    magz-I like OK too! ‘cept for the tornados

    lael-your lucky where you live except for the 11 months of snow y’all have.

    mel-everything is flooded now, no fishing

    FF-thnx for thinking about us out here in tornado alley! marv is a stubborn HOG

  15. I’m glad you are safe. I’ve been thinking of you. Looks like you have some flooding problems there. I hope things improve soon. We had an F5 tornado in nearby Oakfield, Wisconsin back in 1996 that wiped out nearly the whole town. They rebuilt, but the town isn’t the same.

  16. That one picture looks like it could sneak a twister up on you in nothing flat.

    My nephew lived in Newcastle a few years back when one went thru . They had moved about 6 weeks earlier, their old neighborhood was demolished.

    How much Indian Blood Line is required in order to be able to use Indian Health Services?

  17. So much water! We’ve had the same problem in our area… down to mud again in the worst spots… I’m hoping that it dries a bit more in the horses area near the creek.

    It is difficult to imagine how devastating weather can be so quickly.. then it simply is.

  18. momto3cubs-I remember that Wis. tornado. I thought it was strange for one to be so bad in Wis. but I guess not these days….

    pamela-your nephew is lucky! all you have to have for IHS benefits is a CDIB card with a blood quantom seal showing your degree of Indian Blood. Im Chippewa but can use the Pawnee and Osage’s services, Im not sure if it works like that w/ all tribal services in other states.

    katie-yep, hard to imagine that kind of devastation happening in mere minutes.

  19. Lu

    Of course you have seen this from (Tuesday)today’s Tulsa World..?
    *groan* And it keeps raining….

    *The Oklahoma Department of Transportation closed U.S. 60 between
    Bartlesville and Pawhuska after a temporary bridge over Buck Creek was
    washed away, said the department’s spokeswoman Brenda Perry. The bridge, six
    miles west of Bartlesville, was being used as a detour for a highway
    project. Another ODOT spokeswoman, Susan Allison, said the temporary bridge
    should be reopened by the end of the week.*

    Motorists scramble amid flooded roads

  20. Wee one looks quite content! That first photo looked dangerous. I have survived a tornado as a kid. The sound and fury is something you never forget.

  21. Is that a funnel cloud in the first photo? It sure looks like one.We get our share of bad storms and tornadoes here as well. Scary.

  22. We are in Austin but keep looking at the weather neighbors have told us lots of storm while we have been gone..yuck.

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