More On Illegal Immigration

Being politically correct isnt one of my strong points. So if I offend, sorry ahead of time. 

Wednesday’s post seems a bit one-sided on my part.

To me, it appears I am singling out Mexicans. I suppose maybe I am because the majority of illegals in our country are from Mexico. They are the ones we hear about mostly. However, not all illegals are from Mexico. They come from any country- Haiti, Cuba, South America, Iran, and so on.

Here are the 2006 illegal immigrants country of origin percentages:

From Wikipedia  :


Latin/Central America-25%



Rest of the world-4%

Here are some numbers that show the costs of illegals to the US.

From Center for Immigration Studies :

The largest costs are:

Medicaid ($2.5 billion)

Treatment for the uninsured ($2.2 billion)

Food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches ($1.9 billion)

The federal prison and court systems ($1.6 billion)

Federal aid to schools ($1.4 billion)

These numbers really piss me off.

Ive disclosed enough here about myself and the way I live.  My family pays our bills, our taxes, maybe put a small amount of money in savings, and with what LITTLE money is left, we eat and live day to day on. I drive a decent car and I have a nice home, but we certainly aren’t living high on the hog. We pay full price for school lunches for son #1. My boys go without more often than with.

Due to my family’s income, my 3 yo has to be put on a waiting list for preschool/headstart until all the low income/needy children get a place first. Now, I have no problem with giving needy kids a break. But it becomes a problem when illegals are taking resources away from my children. The money spent on illegals should be spent on taking care of US citizens and not someone who is illegally in our country. Then, maybe my son wouldn’t be discriminated against for belonging to a responsible tax paying family in the US.

I also have a bitch in this same area with deadbeat people (US citizens) drawing welfare and govt’ aide who are very capable of working but refuse to do so. That rant is a whole other post.

Crime, we have enough crime in the US. We do not need more, and that is exactly what some illegals do, they commit crimes. These crimes could be prevented if illegals were not allowed in the US, if the US dealt with illegals in a strict and harsh manner instead of just allowing them to roam freely and illegally in our country.

Honestly, why are we coddling illegals? They are here illegally, send them back. When did this whole thing get turned around and now the illegals are the victims? I don’t get it, they are the ones breaking the laws, treat them as such.

Here is just a very small few examples of the horrible Crimes committed by illegals:

 Officer Will Seuis a motorcycle patrolman in Oakland, California, was killed on his ride home by an illegal alien. Fortunately some witnesses on the highway immediately phoned 911 and the accused hit-and-run driver, Carlos Mares, was quickly caught. Mares was driving his truck with a commercial load. Seuis left a wife, Michelle, and two daughters. The accused killer has a history of traffic convictions. It’s curious that illegal alien Mares has his own business, Mares Trucking.

Vinessa Hoera was a young single mom, only 23, when she was brutally raped and murdered by an illegal alien from Guatemala, Faustino Chavez, who apparently was angry when his advances toward her were not received positively. The bruises on her body showed that she tried to fight off her attacker but was not successful. 
The young woman’s family was shocked to hear the detailsof how savage her murder had been, like how her throat had been slashed several times from ear to ear. Vinessa had a five-year-old son.


Thirteen-year-old Laura Ayala went missing in March 2002, taken just a few feet from in her home in Houston. At this writing, there is no child and no body, although blood identified as being hers was identified in 2002 in the car of men believed to be connected with her abduction. Because of some evidence that she had been taken to Mexico, part of the search has been there. One complication was Houston’s policy of “sanctuary” which disallows police from investigating a person’s citizenship status. Illegal alien Walter Alexander Sorto was in police hands for traffic tickets but could not be deported because of the sanctuary policy: he is believed to be connected in Laura Ayala’s disappearance which occurred several months after the ticket problem. Houston police office John Nickell testified before Congress (2/27/02) about how sanctuary laws inhibit the effectiveness of beat cops to deal with criminals and prevent crime.

The above cases were taken from Crime victims of illegal aliens site.


I am not against legal immigration. My mother’s family are immigrants. Without immigration the USA wouldn’t be the melting pot it stands for. People who want a better life and are willing to work for it, be a constructive member of society, and support what our country stands for are the kind of people I want in my country. The legal immigrants I know personally are exactly that, they have come to the USA to better their lives and to be an American citizen and they speak English.

The great American dream is special. It needs to be treated as so. The US needs to take action now to protect it.



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30 responses to “More On Illegal Immigration

  1. I am the first born here in the US. My family came here through legal means. If you break the law, you need to be punished.

  2. They are NOT immigrants unless they go through the correct paperwork.

    It’s against the law to sneak into the country.
    Which means that their very first act in coming here is a criminal one.

    Ive heard it said that our economy can’t make it without illegals. I’m willing to sacrifice a tremendous amount to prove that wrong.

  3. I agree with you 100%! I don’t mind Immigrants at all, but I like for them to do it -legally-! And, if you want to come here and be part of the US, then do so…. Learn English, get the correct paperwork, fly the American Flag (I don’t mind the other flags, but don’t want them displayed instead of or above the American Flag), be one of us, NOT a visitor!

  4. I’m the daughter of legal immigrants to Canada, so this always bothers me too, although the issues here aren’t quite the same as in the US. We seem to get a lot of people claiming refugee status, which can take years to sort out. Also, regardless of how people got here, they don’t seem to assimilate in the same way that a lot of immigrants to the US do, so in the larger places like Toronto or Ottawa you wind up with enclaves of Chinese, Somalis, what have you, who don’t really try to adapt to the wider culture or learn English. It’s quite different from, say, the old Italian areas which used to develop because the kids in those communities don’t grow up and get absorbed into general society; they stick with their own, and heaven help you if you suggest that this sort of cluster isn’t a good idea. Have also never understood people coming here and demanding we change to suit them; Canada is a fairly tolerant place but it’s not a tabula rasa which needs to be redrawn every time someone else shows up either. If our society is so objectionable then why the hell did you come here?!

    “I also have a bitch in this same area with deadbeat people (US citizens) drawing welfare and govt’ aide who are very capable of working but refuse to do so. That rant is a whole other post.”

    Oh man, tell me about it! “Drawing benefits” seems to be a legitimate career choice these days. We have three neighbours, all under 25 who are obviously on some sort of assistance; they’re at home most of the time and they don’t seem to be in school either. They all look healthy and able-bodied to me, and if it’s a psychiatric disability, hey, psychiatric treatment in Ontario is FREE just like health care. It’s infuriating to think that they’re getting cheques every month while I scramble around looking for a job after earning my 3rd university degree. Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad Canada has a generous social safety net, but too many people are misusing it while other people make softsoapy excuses for letting them do so.

  5. PS: claiming disability on the grounds of bipolar disorder and/or asthma is so common it’s become a cliche–my best friend has both of those and he’s currently at Notre Dame pursuing his MBA…

  6. I’m with you on this one

  7. donna-:)

    phelan-the illegals make it hard on the people who want to become US citizens thr right way

    pamela-I hear ya! Im willing to take that chance…..especially after I got my new roof finally put on by what I suspect was some illegals who were working for the company that did it.

    astaryth-I agree, and also, the US shouldnt have to accomodate anyone, either your an American and fly the red white and blue first and foremost or leave

    defrostindoors-“Have also never understood people coming here and demanding we change to suit them” AMEN to that! they left their OWN country, if they dont like ours and arent here legally, get out.

    Nothing chaps my ass more being in the grocery check out behind some foodstamp spender who I happen to know as a lazy no working drug dealer and they are buying steaks, prime rib, and all that good stuff. Here I am with some ground beef and a taco mix…….


  8. Rebecca

    AS a teacher do you really wanna get me started on free lunch…

    Hmm… I take my kids in 15 minutes. I have a class of 27 for my 6th period. I know 60% are on free or reduced lunch. What really pisses me off, they ALL have money to but ice cream and chips in the lunch line. If you are on free lunch you should not be allowed to buy ANYTHING after all you are attesting to the fact that you do not have money to feed your kids.


  9. I am so with you on this. I lived in Texas for a long time, and saw what Illegal immigration has done to that economy.

    How do we put a cease on it? I mean, they have pretty strict rules on that in other countries don’t they? Time to make this a political issue? will be interesting to see how the population that has the most illegal immigrants responds to this issue. I hope for some kind of reform in this area, but its going to take a lot of work.

  10. lol BarnGoddess
    I’m not ‘politically’ correct
    I’m Utopian. We should not fall into the trap of blaming others (or their children) for lack of resources for our children – blame those who are creating the shortage in resources.
    Incidentally ‘Money’ is a renewable resource.
    More can be printed, and though it may sound odd to US americans, ‘new’ money can be and does get printed.

  11. Wall Street conjures up money out of thin air they are ‘clearly’ just not very good at spending it where it needs to be spent most .

  12. Here’s another thing which baffles me: why are we obligated to take in everyone who wants to come in?

    Seriously, why?

    My parents had to prove they could work and had a job waiting. They worked and learned English and became productive members of the community. A friend of mine married an Aussie (for love, not immigration) and had to jump through all kinds of hoops to be allowed to move to Australia with him. She had a PhD, was healthy and under 40 so they let her in in the end, but it was eye-opening after seeing how people slide into Canada and the US under all sorts of pretexts.

  13. It would defeat the purpose of having money at all if we just printed more when we decide we need more. It would become valueless.

  14. rebecca-I agree. The system sucks.

    Mel-Hospitals are going under because of immigrants who cant pay their bills, people are losing jobs, I would hope the Fed Govt would be better about protecting our jobs.

    Q9-I AM BLAMING the illegals and my own government. The illegals need to get out, my govt needs to quit coddling them and spending MY nation’s money on them. Im glad OK isnt giving out any more freebies to them. If I invest $500 of my hard earned cash on WallStreet and I double my money, I sure as hell am NOT giving it to someone who cant get off their ass and get a job or worse someone who is in my country illegally. Printing off money? surely you are joking right? your not serious? Im cranky and need a break so I may not get a joke right now.

    defrostindoors-really, why are WE obligated? because its the right thing to do? ruin our country to save someone else? They should change their own country and keep illegally sneaking into ours. Legal immigrants I have no problem with, they have done whats needed to do to be here, theyve earned it, the illegals we owe nothing.

  15. jenny-if we could print money, Id be one rich beyotch!

  16. I completely agree with you.

    And just try sneaking illegally into Mexico, LOL.

  17. Lu

    Wow!! What a post…*applause* to you!!
    I will be reading this most of the nite!

  18. Very well said BG ! You oughta get on CAII blogroll ! Caii is doing all it can to overcome this infestation.
    Equating “illegal” with the word crime just doesn’t register with these people.
    Oh..I answered your question about Mi…it’s heartbreaking.
    My daughters kidneys shut down and she had to wait on her jobs ins. to kick in for surgery, because son in law gave up his ins. along with others to keep company is state. Didn’t moving “south” in June ( w/o son in law and a 100 others ). Infection almost killed my daughter, but you can bet your ass if she went to ER and said she was a non English speaking illegal alien, they would have taken care of the problem right then ! I’m still fuming…can ya tell ?

  19. Amen! A very well written post and one I agree with all you have said–Living in Georgia we are seeing the illegals and the impact it is having more and more—just this week I drove by a field of Vidalia Onion’s and I have a feeling many of what was there was illegal. With—onions, peaches—and of course the carpet factories in North Georgia we have become one of the state’s to really feel the impact.

  20. SailorMoon

    Great write. I got my first big taste of it when I lived in Los Angeles. Now here in Dallas, well, need I say more. The kids here protested and walked out of schools last year and looked downright stupid on the news when they didn’t know what they were walking out for!! Speaking English is a biggie. By golly my vietnamese hairdresser bothered to learn the language and at least the turbaned 7-11 clerks bothered to learn it. Why can’t hispanics??? I surely wouldn’t expect to go to another country and have everyone cater to me because I didn’t know the language. I swear I wish I spoke spanish so I could know what they were saying about me.

    One point I do have to say is that the hispanics do most of the nasty manual labor jobs (chicken factories,etc.) that white and other people wouldn’t touch with a 10ft pole for 5.15 an hour. I can appreciate them coming here and wanting to better their lives, but they need to do it legally. And to be honest, we have enough starving and poor people and homeless people as it is, so IMO, its time to shut the gates and gather those that aren’t legal and send them back. When I grew up in small town Illinois, every family had a home and stayed around. Not anymore. The US is so overcrowded and becoming nothing but concrete. Politically correct usually isn’t in my vocab, as you can see.

  21. I agree with everything you said.. You’re one smart girlie..

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  22. Q9

    My, My
    My Country
    My Money
    My Government
    My Children

    BarnGoddess, all the World is Mine
    Including any legal & illegal immigrants
    Including any children native or ‘immigrant’
    Including all its resources and any money ‘your’ government prints.
    PS – How does Wall Street make money?

  23. I can’t help but think of my step-dad when I read this blog – he has a bumper sticker on his van that says ‘Deport Illegal Aliens’. I couldn’t agree more! Although they say the US is the most powerful country, imagine what it would be like if all of our money stayed right here in the US!!! Instead of sending food and clothing to other countries that just want to blow us up, how about helping fellow Americans out first?
    Now, don’t get me wrong – if foreigners want to come over here to start a new life, that’s fine. Just make sure it’s done legally and that they learn to speak English!

  24. momto3cubs-oh yeah, just want I want to do is sneak into Mexico. Thats where my highest paying job went back in 2000, maybe I can get it back-nothardly!



    celeste-thnx, Im done ranting about it now, I think.

    magz-Ill be over to see about MI. Its sad that tax paying citizens are getting discriminated against in our own country.

    vickie-I think we need the legal immigrants who do this sort of work, but the illegals-no way. Especially when they acquire huge hospt bills and then your state has to feed them.

    SM-your right, the LEGAL immigrants are important in the way they DO work the jobs Americans look down upon-thats a whole other rant for me. Why do we think these jobs are beneath us? Yes, I agree-if your in the USA, speak english. Spanish is not our language here!

    burg-thnx! same to you 🙂

    Q9-hell yes. I pay MY taxes. I do not see anyone else paying them for me, for sure NOT the illegals. I do not want MY country ran into the ditch because liberals think its okay for illegals to suck MY nation dry. Im trying to put back money for my 13yo son’s college education, do YOU want to contribute? because there are illegals getting FREE college education when US citizens cannot afford it. No time for a Wall Street lesson today, Im sure you know the answer to your question.

    HYH-we have senior citizens who are living in poverty and children who go hungry in the USA. Look at the victims of Katrina, why arent THEY getting the monies they need instead of accomodating the illegals? good point HYH.

  25. A few miles from our house, across the street from an elementary school, is a gas station and shopping center that allows day laborers to stand outside their place of business every day of the week. The neighborhood behind is upper middle class and their kids have to march through the line of illegals to get to their school. I no longer shop at any of those businesses because they are encouraging this behaviour. They should have put the smackdown on this loitering a long time ago.

    My second issue is that we abolished slavery some time ago. I find it wholly unacceptable that these men will be picked up for jobs and paid below a legal wage if they’re even paid at all. Don’t even get me started on illegals involved with prostitution. It’s really bad here in Houston.

  26. shelley

    I am a lifelong Californian, so I have seen the problems of illegal aliens my entire life. But unlike others, I have seen the benefits they provide to society. So my post is going to be a bit different than the others.

    First of all, the issue of illegal aliens has been around for a long time in California; it is only recently has it become an issue in other states. In 1994, we voters approved a proposition denying illegal aliens or undocumented immigrants all welfare benefits – medical care, schooling, etc. It passed with flying colors, only to be turned down by the courts. Then you know what? Californians forgot about it. It became a non-issue, mostly because the main sponsor, Gov. Pete Wilson, was trying to blame California’s budgetary woes on illegals. However, it became evident the REAL problem was the pulling of $50 billion in federal weapons contracts from California munitions factories as a result of the end of the Cold War. At the time, our unemployment rate was 10% statewide, a very high number indeed. It fell to less than 5% when businesses switched to non-defense related products and services.

    Secondly, I think that much of the cause for concern over the cost of illegal immigration is also misguided. According to the poster, they cost us $10 billion annually. But nowhere do I see what they aid the U.S. annually. People must also realize that $10 billion is a drop in the bucket when it comes to the $13 TRILLION that is the U.S. economy. That $10 billion is also two MONTHS’ spending in Iraq and Afghanistan. Where is the outrage in that spending, which has reached $500 billion in four years’ time?

    Thirdly, the costs of illegals are secondary to the real cause of all the concern – the fact that they are different than those they are joining. In California, where Caucasians are outnumbered by non-Caucasians (Hispanic, Asian, African-American, Pacific Islander, Native American, etc.) it’s become a non-issue for most people. Only those who are uncomfortable with Mexicans and Central Americans really have the cultural assimilation problems. But when the illegals starting fanning out across the U.S. and previously all white areas started seeing people who are brown and don’t speak English, they became uncomfortable.

    (By the way, this cultural uncomfortableness with a new group of people isn’t new. Just study your history and see how the Irish, Germans, Japanese and Chinese, Greek, Italians and any other group were treated when they arrived here. Please don’t romanticize it either. It was brutal for them.)

    I teach high school in Central California with a heavy agricultural bent. While I don’t believe any of my students are illegal (we as teachers have the ability to check birthplaces on their attendance records), undoubtedly some of their parents or grandparents are. But when I try to call them for behavioral issues, it’s very difficult, because THEY’RE ALWAYS WORKING! They work in the fields, at food processing plants, in construction and in restaurants. Many of them work 12 hour days.

    I am not in support of illegal aliens; those in this country should be forced to apply for citizenship, pay back taxes, learn English, etc. But what I am in support of is banning the blaming, demonization, scapegoating and grandstanding on illegal aliens. They aren’t the problem and deporting them back isn’t going to end the problem. Just as we in California found the true problem 13 years ago, other states will see that their troubles with illegal aliens have been overblown to save some grandstanding politician or group’s political goals.

  27. shelley-I refuse to sit back and allow the liberals to GIVE our Nation away and run our country into the ditch. Its already headed that way right now. Im a republican but Im also Pro-USA….Im not happy with either political party right now.

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