Poltergeist Cat

More rain and more rain.

It came in the form of heavy thunderstorms.

None of the storms were severe, they looked ominous but just lots of thunder, lightening and torrential rains.

Here’s my little man, Wee One (hes in his play clothes-hes got a thing about sleeveless shirts, must be the redneck in him).

Marvin is in the background waiting for Wee One to open his bedroom door. It was dark and getting ready to storm, the camera made Marvs eyes glow spooky.

 Marvin likes the Sponge Bob tent Wee One has inside his room. As soon as Marv runs into the room, Wee One goes in behind him and then torments Marvin.

I guess Marvin doesnt care because he never wants out when I go to save him.

This morning, Wee One had Marvin in the stroller with a blanket, Wee One was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to him. Marvin looked content-no growling or hissing. So I let them be.

I took the above photo Friday after our trip to hang out with the 3yo preschool we are trying to get into next fall.

Wee did much better and did not cling to me. He is still shy and unsure about the other kids. Wee One likes the teacher. She read an interesting book about animal colors to the class which enthralled Wee One, but anything about animals catches his attention. 

Wee One still didnt say much but he did wave and tell the class good-bye when we left.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. I hope your day is a good one.



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20 responses to “Poltergeist Cat

  1. That cloud has a face in it too –

    A few months ago I had to get rid of one of my cats (ozzie – fit his name)….but whenever my children brought out their tents – he’d go crazy. He’d hide in them and then spring out and get whoever walked by. It was hilarious.

  2. I love this post BG…and Wee singing to Marvin is sooo sweet.
    Have a spectacular Mother’s day !

  3. How funny about Marvin 🙂

    Sounds like preschool will be a hit.

  4. Wee One’s the cutest!!!!I just want to scoop him up and hug him! Such an adorable child!

    Happy Mother’s day!

    I hope you get some sunshine soon!

  5. karmynR-the cloud, really? cats + hiding places, they go together

    magz-thnx! he can be a sweetie 5% of the time, the other 95% a terror

    monto3cubs-I hope we get INTO preschool!

    katie-thnx! its sunny and muggy today, like a sauna out here 😦 my 13 yo chased a BIG snake out of our yard earlier, made me think of your post! yikes!!

  6. great pics, and happy mothers day to you.

    I would like to extend a sincere apology to you BG, and your faithful readers for “dumbing up” your blog. Apparently, I can’t spell worth a shit, and Lindie Mitchell took offence, she wrote
    “Hope, Most Canadians know how to spell! I was one before I was moved here ….”
    Well sure enough, I spent Mexican wrong a number of times, when I reread my comment, it was a grade seven flashback of getting my essays handed back with red circles around all my errors…… I was mortified, to say the least, and certainly, as Miss Mitchell so (un)kindly pointed out most Canadians CAN spell. I am the aborant idiot. But I try.
    Lindie also noted she used to be Canadian, and I have a feeling she left at a rather young age. Surely if she had spent some of her formative years here, some of that good old Canadian tolerance we are famous for would have rubbed off.
    I am not bothering to obsess about any errors this comment will contain, cause well, sometimes ya just got to keep the tight asses busy.

  7. hope-“cause well, sometimes ya just got to keep the tight asses busy.” heheh aint that the truth?
    believe me, Im the last one who worries about spellcheck! I often misspell isnt-isint their-thier and so on. Im not grading my blog so no bright red corrections from little ole moi. I like a good debate, can ya tell? and I meant it, everyone’s opinion is welcome here.

  8. Midlife Mom

    Sounds like Marvin likes all the attention from Wee One or he would go hide where he couldn’t be found! Noodles is like that with my grands, they play with him the whole time they are here, he rides in a baby carriage too and doesn’t seem to mind it. He runs to the door when they leave as if he wants to go with them. Some days I would let him. Happy Mother’s Day!

  9. Happy Mothers Day—Wee One is so cute—one I would love to just pinch—all those curls—beautiful–and I think Marvin likes the attention.

    You are so blessed—enjoy.

  10. MM-lol, sometimes Im glad Wee and Marv get along, Marv can be a pain. Marv will let Wee One know when hes had enough, usually with a growl or a hiss but thats only if Wee gets rough usually, then I make Wee One leave him alone for awhile!

    vickie-he is a cutie but dang, hes a handful, seriously…..everyone thinks he looks so innocent but dont let him fool ya

  11. My 5 year old son knows perfectly well that I’m an avid sleeves snob, so what does he do? He delights in wearing the sleeveless shirts that my mom bought for him. Every time I tell him he looks like Larry The Cable Guy, and he’ll do that weird finger thing while clicking his tongue and says, “Yup. Git-R-Done!” What does that even mean?

  12. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  13. Happy Mother’s Day sweet girl.

  14. Happy Moms Day!

    wee one in school. Its incredible how quickly they grow up huh? My little guy has only recently been enjoying the beauty of below the waist nudity, as we are potty training. (for what seems like it will take a year to accomplish)

    hope you get a chance to relax some today. HuGs.

  15. Happy Mother’s Day Friend!

    Marvin sounds like Corny:)

  16. Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you are having a good one!!! 🙂

  17. Rebecca

    Twinkle twinkle awe…so sweet!

    Hope you have had a GREAT mothers Day.

  18. I see the face in the clouds, too.

    Oh the cat eyes are a crack up!!!!!!

  19. Lu

    How about a possessed turtle?

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