I Don’t Wanna……

Saturday evening as I was heading out to the barn. I snapped these photos of Scooter. The boys went with hubs to check on a well and I snuck off on a ride.

Kitty slapping some sense into Marvin. He is a male, afterall.

I gotta get busy after this house. As much as I dont want to get off my ass and clean, I cant stand it.

I wish I could be one of those people who ignores it but Im not. My family are pigs…no more like hogs.



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14 responses to “I Don’t Wanna……

  1. hey there girl. nice pics of the horsey and I love love love Kitty slapping Marvin HAHAHAHAHAH. Now only if we humans could get away with that sometimes!!!

  2. I don’t wanna either but unlike you, I am real good at ignoring it.

  3. I’m getting better and better about ignoring it. My standards changed with each kid we added. Love the kitty bitch slapping!

  4. BC26-oh yeah, I can think of many people who Id like to slap….unfortunately I dont think Id make a good jail bird. So arms and slapping hands are kept to myself.

    jenny-Im taking a break right now. Im gonna ignore son #1’s filthy pit (bedroom) for today, Im tired……..and hes gonna clean it himself.

    slackermommy-Ive become anal aboutit in my old age, why is that!?!?!! grrrr I used to be a sorta-semi-not-a-clean-freak but now I cant relax unless my house is in shape, I hate it. I need some prozac or something

  5. Midlife Mom

    Poor Marvin! He needs to take up for himself! lol!Great pictures of Scooter, he is beautiful. I need to get my guys brushed out more, they STILL have winter hair!! The older guys seem to hang onto their hair longer then the young ones. I like house work, I know sounds crazy, especially laundry. I love hanging it out to dry and having it smell nice when I bring it in. Being empty nesters the house doesn’t get very messy other then my ‘BEFORE’ sewing room. That still looks good, I’m really trying to keep it that way.

  6. I can only ignore it for so long! then I have to get after it. Plus the amazing amount of shit that comes into the house with so many individuals living there huh?

    Good luck on the cleaning. (Scooter is gorgeous)

  7. lol BarnGoddess,
    just as well they are your family
    and you love them …

    else you might ‘deport’ them
    for being dirty littler pigs – lol!

    Some work & play – and make a mess
    Some work all day – to clear the mess away

  8. LOL I was thinking the SAME thing as I was
    wiping down the toilet this morning.

    Poor Poor Marvin
    hee hee

  9. Rebecca

    Awww kitty wrestling. IF only I could do that to a few co workers, my life would seem so much more fulfilling.


    I cleaned when I walked in the door tonight. My master bath vanity, my kitchen sink, dishes and last night I vacuumed the WHOLE house. Yeah me…However, it it just me and my three kitties. That helps when it comes to cleaning…I make the mess, I gotta clean it up. Although, Destiny my oldest, did leave me one hell of a furball this morning.

  10. MM-every older horse I know, hangs onto their winter hair as long as they can! for real, you love laundry? omg, I hate it. Altho, I miss my clothesline something awful..

    mel-thnx! I think Scooter is beautiful too. The people who live here dont know the meaning of ‘wiping feet or put your own shit away’..

    Q9-hell yes. Except hubs is a tax paying productive member of the community UNLIKE illegals….

    lael-poor Marv, ha! hes a spoiled brat…I hate cleaning toilets. I have a tidy bowl man but just LIKE a man he does a shitty job of cleaning so I gotta follow behing with a scrubber thingy…

    rebecca-ewww a furball!! ack! if I lived alone, I wouldnt have to clean much at all.

  11. lmao! I wanna go for a ride too! But went the two j.o.b.s I got behind in my chores. So now, it’s all about playing catch up!

    Have a most wondrous day!

  12. lmao! I wanna go for a ride too! But with the two j.o.b.s I got behind in my chores. So now, it’s all about playing catch up!

    Have a most wondrous day!

  13. bloody computer! lol.. sorry!

  14. I live with hogs too.

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