All Good Things Must End

Why do all good things must come to an end?

Where is this rule written down at? And why is it enforced?

Im just complaining.

Im unhappy about The Sopranos series on HBO ending forever. I suppose it is time for this very popular show to end…end it on a high note and not wait until it’s popularity drops.

Sunday night’s episode was a shocker. Christopher was on the list of people I suspected Tony of snuffing off but not as quickly and certainly not in the manner Tony did the deed.

And, the whole peyote thing……wft?

Tony’s character is certainly not allowing for much sympathy in the past few episodes. Im not the only one who is losing that tiny, warm spot in my heart for the gangster either. Oh well, I am thoroughly enjoying the last season and I am looking forward to the last 3 episodes.


Sunday evening, Wee One came running out to the barn while I was brushing Scooter after our ride. Wee One was smiling ear to ear. He had just arrived home from seeing his Grandma.

Wee One said, “got somethin’ fer you mama!”

I said, “oh, let me see. A flower! Thank you.”

Wee One said, “Your welcome, it’s all for you. The pretty flower.”

As I stood admiring my fushia flower, Wee One insisted I smell it. Then he took a turn smelling it followed by a big sneeze.

Then he gave me a hug. Wee One is such a sweetie.

I was digging around in my closet this morning looking for some extra camera batteries I thought I had stashed (not), when I spyed Marv lounging on my bed. I couldnt resist taking  his picture. At least he is keeping his furry self on the blanket I laid at the foot of the bed for the cats to lay on so they arent getting their hair on my navy comforter.

It’s raining again in Oklahoma today. We have a home base ball game Thursday. I really, really am hoping it’s a nice sunny day. It cost us $50 for Son #1 to play summer league ball and we’ve only played 1 game! They have rescheduled a couple of games but if many more get rained out, were going to be playing until the end of August.

There is only 6 days of school left!

This morning I had planned on taking Wee One to the preschool for book time and outside playtime but he went to work with daddy for 2 1/2 hours. Which gave me a much needed break. We’ll hang out with the kids for 30 minutes tomorrow, when it is not raining.



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24 responses to “All Good Things Must End

  1. My husband and I are renting the Sopranos (we don’t have HBO)…we are up to Season 4.

    I can’t say that I’ve ever LIKED any of the characters – they are all pretty much scumbags….but something keeps drawing us back in to watch.

  2. Midlife Mom

    I’ve never seen the Sopranos but my son and DIL love it and hate to see it stop. I’m going to miss seeing Survivor, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars as they are all ending.(for the season) I am so mad at that guy on Survivor that didn’t keep his word, I’m glad he didn’t win. It’s raining here today too. Don’t you hate it when games get postponed?!!!! I used to just hate it when they got way behind. Nice picture of Marvin, he’s a good boy to stay on the blanket, wish mine would. What a nice boy bringing his Mom some flowers! Enjoy these years as they go way too fast. My baby is 31!

  3. I’d love to watch Sopranos if I could start at the very first episode and go from there.

    It’s raining off and on here too, today.

  4. Hey!

    Oooo! School’s almost done with! congrats for surviving this far! LOL

    Now’ll come the test! baseball rained out? Bummer. Hopefully, the weather will lighten for you and you’ll get your monies worth outta it.

    Wee One is playing with the pre-school group?? How fantastic! Betcha he loves it!

    Ain’t that sweet of him to give you the flower. He’s a sweetie pie!

    Marvin looks soooo comfy! How are he & Miss K getting along this week? How’s Scooter?

    Did you find a surprise in your mailbox? Hope all is well. Have a great week, my friend!

    D 🙂

  5. Rach

    I love rainy days but only when I can stay home and snooze! In this new abode, the bedrooms are underground. They stay really cool in the summer, warm in the winter (or so I am told) and also are the storm shelter! How neat is that? With all the tornadoes Alabama has and especially this side of Birmingham (west side), I am most relieved about the underground part. One day I’ll have a camera and get some photos.

    Don’t ask what this has to do with your post ;0 Guess the sugar buzz has kicked in from the choc chip cookies and icing?!!

  6. Are you moderating comments now ? Mine just vanished and I already forgot what I said !
    Wee one’s flower is beautiful ! And it’s rainging here, too…yay !

  7. That would be “raining ” and I see you’re not moderating. Dammit…Now I have to remember what I said !

  8. I almost never watch TV, so I know nothing about the show.

    My “wee one” likes to pick dandelions for me 😉 DH hates dandelions, LOL.

    Your school year ends earlier than ours. My oldest boy is done June 1st, and the other two are done June 7th.

  9. karmynR-yes, something addictive about the sopranos! Id like to watch the earlier episodes that I dont remember…

    MM-they Do grow up too fast….

    donna-I want to rent the beginning episodes….does anywhere near you rent them?

    FF-alls been well here. How was your trip? The card was sooooo cute!!!! thank you 🙂

    rach-how nice for you-you dont have to worry about being sucked away in your sleep by a tornado! a huge plus 🙂

    magz-Im too lazy to moderate comments. Im too lazy to delete them too heheh.

    momto3cubs-we start school in August tho 😦

  10. School is ending here soon too, the boys are thrilled, me too, that means less rushing around in the morning!

    It has been raining alot here and our games are getting canceled also. The beast’s field is totally underwater!

  11. I got this funny tingling of memory when you said only so many days until school is out.

    from when I was a kid… and when my kids were in school. such a passage of time

  12. Look on the bright side….maybe a “The Sopranos”..The Movie is in the works.

    We still have 11 days of school. Rats!

  13. I’m looking forward to school being out here with mixed emotions. One one hand, I’ll see more of my grandson, on the other I’m going to have to contend with a bored 7 year old. I don’t want him to start dreading having to spend time here.

  14. i lay a blanket on the end of my bed to keep the dog off my navy comforter lol

  15. This is my first summer ever to have Miss Pinky all to myself. No job, no baby sitter, no traveling all over the place to take her to a sitter. I’m a little scared, but waaaaay more excited!

  16. Don’t watch the Soprano’s, don’t have HBO and prolly woudn’t watch if I did.
    WeeOne is so sweet. My youngest 2 (15yo boys) barely acknowledged the day. Their older brother called me early to tell me HMD and to remind his bros. to do the same. I guess something got lost in translation.
    Is Marvin naturally gorgeous, or do you hafta groom him? My 2 longhaired cats need daily or weekly grooming depending on the season.
    Now that we’ve finally gotten rain it will most likely rain all summer. Right up until August, when it’s time to go to the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival.
    We’ve got 7 more days to go. Then in 8, I send my younguns’ to the Grandparents.
    Hope WeeOne had fun with the big kids.

  17. Oh yeah, if you click the above link. I think it will take you to the cats blog; where Petey gets his rant out.

  18. Marv is a beauty!

    Your Wee One is ever so sweet! 🙂

    I do not watch TV…I simply never make time for it these days…( years… lol… )

    Sorry about the rain – it poured here as well… so I took the horses out and about for a few hours to get them out of the low lands.

    We are having the worst problems with fleas and flies this year. I’ve never seen it so bad! I bombed. I sprayed… they keep coming.. and coming…

    Hope your day is fabulous!

  19. I never watched the sopranos… i hear good things, but the violence kind of bugs me.

    I wish my little guy would give me a flower! what a sweetheart… lucky girl! i will get one break coming up a week from Saturday! the parents are visiting, and they are taking the baby for the day so I can go to a coworkers bash, “party-time weekend” YeA!!!!

    Good that someone is getting rain. I am afraid that southern california is going to go up in flames this summer. It would be even worse if we had an earthquake. I really need to brush up on my survival skills.

    enjoy the day!

  20. A couple more weeks of school here. We have a drizzle today.

  21. michele-Im dreading it….now my 13 yo will be so BORED or so he says

    pamela-oh yeah! I can remember that last week of school when I was a student at St.Mary’s..even the sisters were excited and werent so strict. Water balloon fights, field trips, bus rides, fresh cut mowed grass…

    brian-omg, 11 more days!
    more for you since your in charge, right?

    jenny-no matter how hard you try to keep your grandson entertained, dont feel bad if he gets ‘bored’ from time to time, its a given thing w/ kids these days.

    anne-that navy shows everything, doesnt it?

    pinky-oh, how exciting for you! think of the fun adventures you have to look forward to 🙂

    poogie-boys are such miniature men…going to check out the link now.

    katie-thnx, he is pretty, a pretty big pain sometimes! the ticks are bad. no flea problems, I frontline my cats who stay indoors and that seems to keep them away. Keeping fingers crossed, I am freakish about fleas and bugs inside my house. I hope we dont get them-ack!

    melanie-wooot! Im glad your getting a break, you need one! enjoy your company and drink some tequila 🙂

  22. celeste-y’all need that rain badly, I hope you get some soon

  23. Hi BarnGoddess
    I guess all things come to an end
    Hence all ‘good’ things come to an end
    fortunately all ‘bad’ things do too

    Then it starts all over again, or maybe there really is no end. Do wars end or just change in intensity
    Does life end – or – just change in ‘intensity’
    But will tv ever end, or will it turn out that we are really but actors on the stage

  24. Rebecca

    blogger has pissed me off. I typed a comment and it’s gone!

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