The Audience

Wednesday evening, hubs got in from work at a decent time. I took advantage of it, quickly saddled Scooter, and took off for a 45 minute ride. The weather has been beautiful, not too hot and not too cold..perfect.

Scooter was as happy about getting out on the trail as I was. He was stepping out faster than his usual pace-which is normally pretty quick. I do not generally let him out in a full out gallop and give him his head but last night I did. We raced across a soft sandy stretch of a road (2-track) in one of the hay meadows close to our house. We had already walked down it so I was positive it was soft and nothing in the road.

Wow, nothing like it. Life at a full gallop. It’s better than any drug or drink I’ve ever tried. I am pretty sure Scooter was thinking the same thing…my little cowpony with the heart of a Kentucky fancy bred race horse.

Scooter was not sore today. I am so thankful. I worried about flaring up his arthritis but he seems good. The new farrier did a super job on his hooves-more about him later….


I never understood why people read in the bathroom….well, you know what I mean. Get yer business done and git out. That’s my motto. But I have Wee One running around unsupervised so no lingering in the restroom for me.

The audience never fails to show up when Im in the bathroom, especiallywhen Im in the shower. The audience being: Wee One, Marvin, and Kitty.

All three follow me into the bathroom and find a comfy spot where I can be watched at all times, regardless of what I am doing-from peeing to applying mascara. Except Wee One who is too busy putting on the 5 different deodorants on his ‘arm pits’ or making a huge, wet soapy mess in the extra sink all the while jabbering at me in our reflection in the mirrors.

So it was no surprise when I witnessed hubs trotting off to the bathroom with his new National Geographic or some such magazine under his arm, thinking he was going to do a little reading, wrong

Hot on his heels were Wee One, Marvin, and Kitty following him into the bathroom. He was not in there long at all by his standards. Hubs tried shooing everyone out so he could lock the door but the audience is wise to that trick, they werent falling for it.

Of course hubs had the nerve to complain about the audience and the interuption of his ‘reading time’. He also requested I run interference for him the next time so he can lock the door.

I know I had the WTF? are you f*#king crazy look on my face.




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16 responses to “The Audience

  1. i have never understood the reading in a pugh.

  2. I don’t spend enough time in the bathroom to bother with reading, either. We’re having the same perfect weather you are talking about, and I haven’t miss a day getting some sort of ride in. The granddaughters rode in the round pen the last two days, so Blue is getting a good workout.

    I remember the days of being accompanied by toddlers when I went to the bathroom. Thanks for jogging an old memory.

  3. HA!! MEN! sigh…..

    I have an audience in our bathroom, too. Blessing usually wants the tub water “freshed” for him and Punkin just wants the attention. It takes longer with an audience!

    Glad the weather has gotten so beautiful for y’all. You’ve had enough rain for a long while. Enjoy that riding when you can! Scooter needs the regular excersise!

    Have a great weekend, my friend! D 🙂

  4. My hubby is a reader in the bathroom, and I don’t get it at all.
    Glad you got a good ride, sounds wonderful.

  5. donna-I bet Blue enjoyed the attention. He is such a beautiful horse, inside and out!

    pamela-me too. ewww

    FF-men, they do not seem to smell as well as us females, no? have a good weekend too

    kelli-I dont know any women restroom readers…I think its generally a male thing.

  6. darn right, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  7. the ride sounds heavenly!

    I always have an audience in the bathroom too, no time to read in there.

    If I happen to make it after a full on race, and lock the door, the beast lays on the floor and put his fingers under the door.

  8. ohhh horse back riding!!! So much fun! lol.. I need to get more in. But today I’m off to go sail the 7 seas….

    lol.. no reading in the loo for me!

    Have a lovely day!

  9. Rebecca

    Men can be such Babied themselves…Really .

    I am glad you were able to get to gallop around for awhile. REALLY. I know you both enjoyed it!

    YOU need a whole day for you to shop ALONE. I think hubby can handle it. I have 3 days of work next week. (no kids) = ) LOTS and LOST of paperwork though.

  10. jenny-exactly! I dont mind sharing the audience once in awhile

    michele-isnt nice to feel loved that much?

    katie-sailing, for real?

    rebecca-Wee One went to daycare today from 9:30 – 2:20. It was NICE, hes been the brat from hell lately.

  11. Yes, I’m used to having an audience all the time. No privacy, which at certain times of the month is really a problem. “Mom, why are you bleeding?!”

    The ride sounds wonderful 🙂

  12. Midlife Mom

    That gallop sounds heavenly. I haven’t outright galloped for a long time. Old Appy isn’t steady enough, trips a lot and I don’t want to go sailing over his head. Funsize is usually riding my Morgan so I don’t get a good run on him much and I’m too big for the three naughty ponies. sigh…..
    I can’t flush the toilet without Noodles running in to take a look at the water swirling around. Doesn’t take much to entertain him!!

  13. I love it! My hubby’s bathroom entitlement drives me crazy. He seems to think he should not be disturbed while reading and crapping for 30 minutes. I’ve trained the baby to knock on the door and push objects under the crack just to bug him.

  14. Life is good!
    I’d love to go for a ride with you
    the lush green scenery seems to beckon the freedom seeking spirit of rider & steed

  15. lol I’m lucky I have time to do my biz without one of the kids coming in and saying they have to do their biz, okay this house has two bathrooms why do they always want to use the one I am in.

  16. I long ago gave up trying to pee without an audience. Never met one single female bathroom reader,either !
    Fixin’ to watch the Preakness…I feel awful about the one they put down on the track last race. I saw that happen in the 7th race at Belmont once… I cried like a baby.
    Have a great weekend !

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