Cranky Old Lady

** warning: disturbing photos at bottom**

This is the last week of school for Son #1. Unfortunately for him, on the last day (Fri) he has to stay at school until 5PM for a math proficiency exam.

Son #1 was first scheduled to take the exam with 3 other junior high students on 5/31. He will be away all week at Church Camp. Another girl the same age as Son #1 who lives near us is also going to be away, luckily their Math teacher is willing to give them the exam on Friday. Son #1 is excited about taking a high school class and getting a high school credit already. He has asked to meet with his school guidance counselor to see about any other classes he is able to advance in and get the credits. I am happy Son #1 is motivated about his schooling.

Nothing like putting the pressure on these kids. When the letter and permission slip came home for Son #1 to take this new Math exam, it was stated in bold letters in the letter: This exam will definitely have impact on the students Valedictorian and Salutatorian status.

I thought it meant graduating from Junior High-nope. The school meant High School.


Hubs was Valedictorian of his graduating class. I know Son #1 is aiming at the same goal. It would be wonderful if he is able to achieve it when he graduates from High School. If not, that’s okay too. 


Burg , another Oklahoma blogger and cool chica has tagged me with the Old Lady MeMe. 

When I am an old woman I hope to:

1. Still be able to ride, care for, and enjoy horses.

2. Have my family around me but not so much they get on my nerves.

3. Do what I want, when I want.

4. Live where I do now, in a quiet, rural place…..unless people start moving out near me, then I’ll have to relocate to a more desolate place on the countryside. People irritate the hell outta me now at 38 yo, I am only getting worse as I age.

5. Sit back on my porch in the breeze, gaze upon my pasture of beautiful horses, smile to myself, and think “damn, I’ve had a good life.”


When I am an old woman I will not:


1. Smell like medicinal liniment no matter how crippled up I am. Nor will I be enveloped in a cloud of strong smelling old lady perfume that has the faint underlying tinge of cat urine…..many Avon scents smell like that to me and always have, ack.


2. Sit around watching daytime TV or parked in a recliner all darn day. Unless the weather is crap and I have a really good book to read.


3. Clean house continually.


4. Put up with people’s BS. I’ll be old, my patience for other’s BS will be zilch.


5. Dress like this, run around in the public, and think I appear sexy:


Now I tag whoever wants to be tagged with the Old Lady MeMe…….



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12 responses to “Cranky Old Lady

  1. Rebecca

    Wahooooooooooooo I m the first to comment. Now that hasn’t happen in a LONG LONG LONG time. I feel blessed.
    I think I actually sent you those old lady photos. She’s drunk, or was when she had the audacity to go strutting around like that. Ummm YUK!

    I’m at school. Our kids left us Friday (YEAHHHH)!! But us teachers have to check in inventory, textbooks, personal belongings and such. We are supposed to be painted this summer so EVERYTHING (including the glue) had to come down from walls. MY kids helped with some last week. But WHEW it’s so many little things, receipts, computers unplugged and wrapped up so no paint will get on them . Oh my!!!!
    I better get back to work!

  2. lol BarnGoddess
    There is the quest for longevity
    and there is the inevitable old age

    But I really think somewone should take those gals on the bottom pic – out for a meal or two.

  3. I’ve been blinded!!!! AAAAAAACK. (just to say – I will NEVER look like that….ew)

  4. Midlife Mom

    Isn’t that awful! GAG!! I feel like hurling!!!! I’d much rather be ‘chubby’ then look like that! Who wants a grandmother that is all skin and bones? Grandmothers are supposed to be soft! I’m with you I don’t want to smell like old perfume either. I used to have clients in my hair salon that I think poured more on the same sweater every week. Yuk!

  5. that is awful. I bet that woman lives in California too!


    I love the meme. and I hope that my son grows up to be interested in school as well.

  6. Ya know, I read the warning, but I had no idea that I was going to throw up in my own mouth. Skanktacular!!!

    I may do this old lady meme, I’m pretty cranky now, I’m sure it will get, ahem, better as I age.


  7. rebecca-I think you did send me those photos! it sounds like you have a lot of work still yet at school. At least no kids until fall.

    Q9-I know I do not want to live forever…but I would like to age…um tastefully 😉 the pics are the same woman-I agree she could use a Big Mac or two.

    karmynR-lol, me either. I will never be that skinny and I certainly dont have implants. Scary old lady huh?

    MM-obviously this lady doesnt acknowledge her age or she may be proud shes ancient and looks like that, people are strange. Eww some perfumes make my eyes water and give me a headache, usually the kinds that little old ladies prefer.

    memsahib-CA land of the beautiful peeps? probably! Let me know if ya see her hanging out at your beach.

    pinky-eww, yuck! pretty scary huh? I showed the photos to hubs and he said oh my gawd…then was speechless.

  8. People bug the crap out of you. I love people who say that people bug the crap out of them! Guess what? People bug the crap out of me too!

    We should be friends. I promise I won’t bug the crap out of you. As long as you’re not a gum smacker/cracker or an emotional vampire, then we’d get along just fine.

  9. Bless his heart! NOTHING like putting that kinda pressure on them before they’re even in high school! Sheesh! Although, from what you’ve told us about him, he sounds like a really bright kid, so I’m sure he’ll do good on the test.

    As for you, if you end up like the bottom pic when you’re old, I’ll be catching a plane to OK to intervene!!! *LOL* *hugs*

  10. Ugh.. The old lady in the bikini is scary.

  11. ewbl-it is true, the majority of people suck. Id much rather hang out w/ my horse. I quit chewing gum back in ’01 when I broke my jaw…no gumpopping for moi. Emotional vampires starve around me, Im not much of an emotional person, sad to say.

    christy-glad to hear Ive got one person from the fashion police on my side.

    burg-isnt she? where’s her friends and family at while she’s parading around like that?!?

  12. OMG I just ate……..

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