I am crabby today because:

1. Wee One got ahold of my glasses again and bent the crap outta them. Now they sit cockeyed on my face and are driving me nuts.

2. My throat is sore and my allergies are bothering me. Now I have to wear my itchy contacts so I can see because Wee One mangled my glasses, again.

3. Son #1 and his 13 yo mouth have gotten on my last nerve. So help me gawd, I am going to super-glue his lips together and he shall never, ever utter another disrespectful, back-talking word.

4.  When I went to have my 2nd cup of coffee this morning, someone drank nearly all the coffee and put the almost empty coffee pot back on the hot coffee warmer plate. WTF?! if ya hogged it all up, either make another pot or turn the f*****g thing off.

5. I am being subjected once again to “Homeward Bound” the movie playing over and over on the TV, much to Wee One’s happiness.

6. Hubs walks around with his own agenda. Wee One is throwing himself on the floor screaming and appendages flailing because his 13 yo brother is tormenting him in one way or the other….hubs acts like he is deaf, dumb and mute. Then he looks perplexed when I grab the broom I was recently using to clean up yet another mess, to chase son #1 out of the room with.

7. Yesterday, I spent a lot of time and labor cleaning my house. Looking at my kitchen floors today, one would never know it. My family is messy. They are going to start eating outside at the picnic table.

8. Last weekend I cut my hair and gave myself short bangs. I had them grown out all the way to under my chin over the last year. Why I did this? Im not sure but now Im mad at myself for doing it!

9. I want to ride Scooter and I cant today because Wee One’s daycare is full. Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

I have many more reasons why I am crabby but Im tired and dont feel like typing anymore.

In fact, I feel like doing a whole lot of nothing right now.



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23 responses to “Crabby

  1. Annin BG, Sorry all those guys are giving you a hard time. Too bad you don’t have a good story or something to read. 😉

    Enjoying it still?

    You’re beautiful no matter what haircut or glasses you wear. 😀

    Love you.

  2. dr pamela thinks it sounds like Peri o menopause
    ………… weeee howdeeeee…..

    You aren’t old enough are you???…. I guess we’ll settle for PMS instead.

    Sorry for laughing.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Well, as for number 1 and number 3, that’s what boys those ages do. #3 will get worse before he gets better. #1 will get better. And that’s how THAT goes.

    If it makes you feel any better, on #’s 4 and 6, concerning hubby? He won’t change for the better OR the worse.

    I’m sure I just made your day.

  4. You are hereby granted permission to do a whole lot of nothing for the next 24 hours. :-p

    Let hubs know that leaving the coffee pot on without a cup of coffee left, is umm…grounds for divorce…or hanging.

    Teens and mouths…best thing I ever did about that was fine my kids. They discovered they wanted to keep their money more than they wanted to get sassy with me. They act like it’s serious child abuse the first time ya do it, but then it gets better.

    Another good thing to remember is Wee One will be 30 someday !
    Now…go enjoy your crabbiness…you’ve earned it !

  5. bri-yes, I am enjoying RM when I have the time to read, very good indeed!

    dr.pamela-Im 38yo, I hope to gawd it is pre-menopause! Im pretty sure it isnt pms….

    donna-gee, thnx for brightening up my day…

    magz-I wish I could do nothing, unfortunately my family would starve if I didnt cook..funny how they cant make themselves a sandwich or something huh?

  6. ahhh hugs !!! I hope your week brightens up!

    I’m feeling a bit that way myself.. where everyone wants a piece of me/my time..they want to talk, talk talk…. and I want to do other things ( even cleaning my house simply to get it done!!!! )

    I haven’t even been blogging outside of my poetry as much…

    Anyway, hello 🙂 and hugs!

  7. Midlife Mom

    You make me laugh, I love it! You say it like it is barngoddess! Okay, now for the words of wisdom from the old hen, these days will pass all too quickly and then you will have an empty nest like me and wish you had all of that comotion. Okay now I will shut up and you enjoy some time to yourself even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom!

  8. Hang in there!!! Tomorrow will be better.

    Oh – and warped glasses – I have TONS of those. I can’t keep them up high enough from little fingers.

  9. Damn! Men! No matter the age. Humph.

    Deaf, dumb & blind – apparently. Sheesh. A little help, PLEASE??? Does he not understand “Head of Household”??? Husband does not give him a permit to sit on his butt while YOU handle the family distress. Kick him in the attitude!

    Boys are easier to raise. Who said this??? they never had your 2 in mind, that’s for sure.

    Sorry the daycare is full, that sucks.

    Do what my Mom always said she was gonna do – change her name & move to another state. LOL

    (We got a spare bedroom, ya know!)

    Love ya much – hang in there. Go ahead & scream at ’em – give ’em something to fret about!

    D 🙂

    I’m tagging you on Wed. (actually, Miss K & Marvin – you’ll see….)

  10. I have been crabby for a week. I hate being tired and crabby. will we ever get sleep?

  11. Oh God Homeward Bound.
    That was Dev’s fave movie as a little guy too!
    How many times do you figure you’ve been subjected to it? nine million?

    My glasses are broken as well,the screw just fell out of them..what the hell??
    Usually I sit on them though;p

  12. Rebecca

    Does day care accept reservations? If son #2 has just this week of school to go I woud advise Thurs or Fri for day care you need a YOU day before summer starts.

    Imagine a class of 28 12 yr olds and 12 of them have disrespectful attitudes. WELCOME TO MY WORLD. > = – {

  13. katie-sometimes I wish I had a twin..preferably an EVIL one, heheh

    MM-Wee One can pick every lock in the house except for the deadbolts on the doors that lead to outside. Really, he can.

    karmynR-why are glasses so fascinating to little ones? Wee has a million pairs of his own sunlgasses.

    FF-I am sorely tempted to fall down, hit my head, and forget who I am or where I came from….

    memsahib-no, I think it is out life sentence on this earth as mothers to be tired and grouchy forever.

    lael-luckily, our Homeward Bound pt2 cratered months ago or Id be listening to a pack of dogs continuously barking instead of just the 2 and the cat in pt.1

    Rebecca-daycare is a first come first serve after the regular mon-fri kids get their spots.

  14. Rach

    Been there, done that, right there with ya, sistah! OMG – on ALL things except the coffee. TTA never drank coffee so I never had to share.

    I sat Son down one time last year and said – you are lucky I am not my mother. My mother would have knocked every tooth in your head out – or rather it would have felt like that was what she was trying to do. My grandmother was Italian. You don’t mouth off to Italian women – they tend to SLAP you.

    Son just looked at me. I looked back. He said – if you’ll stop giving me “the mom” look, I’ll behave. Geez, BG, I was so mad at him, I didn’t even realize I was giving the look. I was thinking how grateful he should be I was allowing him to live!!

    Keep good thoughts for Thursday – that’s the callback for the fancy interview.

  15. Go hide in the barn. Hand wee one to hubs and RUN

  16. My what big and beautiful eyes you have… :p

    Men are the same the world over, I guess.. Hubs irritated me today for ignoring the kids..

  17. lmao @ twin.. evil twin…. you are sooo bad! Trust me, you don’t want that….the lawyer was a $15,000 down payment….

    Do you need extra glasses for Wee One? I have a bunch I could send you!

  18. also known as memsahib… I am not crabby today..

    wooo hooo!

  19. rach-being a mother was NOT my calling, fer sure. Good luck on the interview

    celeste-if only it were that easy…

    burg-Ive come to the conclusion that anything with testicles will behave like an ass. Its a given.

    katie-if I had an evil twin, I could blame her for being the bitch

    melanie-Im glad one of us isnt crabby anymore.

  20. Rach

    Hey BG – just remember Rach’s Rule – NEVER have more kids in the house than there are adults. (Now, you HAVE to count the hubby as an adult even though we all know sometimes they just aren’t). So you’re balanced at 2 and 2 – just don’t break Rach’s Rule and you’ll make it.

    Well, don’t break it AND find some wine coolers..?!!

  21. I ran away from home this weekend. the tent is still set up if you ned a place to hang. 😉

  22. I can relate with so much of this. Especially the bangs. I’m constantly growing them only to cut them again.

  23. Your name isn’t Patty, is it? I always thought it would be funny to call a pissy woman named Patty, ‘Crabby Patty.’

    Spongebob has obviously crept in against my will and corrupted my very soul.

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