The Beginning………

The beginning of a Love Affair with horses.

The seed was planted deep into my heart as young baby girl. It flourished and grew to big heights, into a passion that turned into a life of love for horses. 


This is a picture of me at barely a year old riding Old Hawkeye. The handsome fellow on the other side of me is my Father.

Hawkeye was the first love of my life. He certainly was not the last, just the beginning…….




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19 responses to “The Beginning………

  1. Aniin BG. I love this picture. I wonder if that one year old was looking off into the future.


  2. Such a cute picture!!!! The photo captures a beautiful moment. So sweet to see! Thanks for sharing!

    I have a picture of my older daughter on her first pony at about the same age.

  3. Rebecca

    Very cute pic. I think its great you have a passion for them and that you have the capability to love and care for one on YOUR property.

    You are lucky.

    I hope you will have a quiet peaceful day.

  4. how cute is that! You did start young.

  5. I love that picture! My mom always kept bonnets like that on me, because I was so bald and people kept thinking I was a boy. I never got to ride anything but the ponies at the fair that went in a circle, until I was married and FINALLY got my horse! What a thrill that was. My life-long dream had come true.

  6. brian-quite possible, altho I can barely remember riding HawkEye….my earliest memory about 3 or 4 I think.

    katie-thnx! I love this photo

    rebecca-horses saved me from many plights and certainly kept me out of trouble when I was younger….I think all kids, teenagers, and people need a passion to keep themselves grounded.

    jenny-yes, young is right!

    donna- I was a bald baby forever too! its great when real dreams finally come TRUE.

  7. What a blessed little one you were.
    Your dad put you on a horse…… I’m envious

  8. Great picture. I see how your passion has grown. I love horses, just not the way you do. You are lucky to have a place to keep one, and continue to ride.

    have a great weekend! :hug:

  9. From small seeds grow great loves

  10. For a second I though that was Wee One in a bonnet !
    I really enjoy the pics, BG.

  11. What a great photo!
    I love the bonnet too.
    I have a pattern to make Jig one…should get
    on that before she turns ten eh?
    Your Hawkeye is gorgeous:)

  12. Midlife Mom

    What a great picture! I didn’t start riding quite that young but I was probably 8-10. Didn’t have my own horse for a number of years but rode the neighbors horses and ponies. If you have been bitten by the horse bug I think you always have the love for them. We are just very fortunate to be able to have them at home and enjoy looking out at them every day. Have a good weekend!

  13. pamela-thnx, I think I was kind of spoiled as a baby….being the youngest and all.

    melanie-Ive met a few people with the love of horses as I have, it seems we all kind of have the same ‘mind set’.

    magz-haha, Wee was bald for quite sometime!

    lael-heheh, I dont think Jigs will wear it ya think so?

    MM-here here. right on! I love looking outside and seeing my best friend lolling lazily in the shade.

  14. Awwwww.. How cute…

  15. Awww, great photo. Lucky girl 🙂

  16. A horse is a horse, of course, of course!

    What a gorgeous picture. I have one of myself as a baby with my mom giving me chocolate thus sparking a lifelong love of all things choco. The things our parents teach us hold forever……

  17. barngoddess this is the first time I’ve had a chance to visit another blog. It’s kinda neat! I noticed you were from northern Michigan. I’m from around the Ironwood area. I still have a lot of family up there. I’m hoping to move to either Oklahoma or Missouri. Land is getting scarce in this part of IL. and expensive. I only have 4.5 acres, not nearly enough. That fly control block is made by Stockade and is probably available at most farm stores. I don’t think Farm and Fleet has made it that far south yet.

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