Rain, Ticks, And Goobers

The Holiday weekend has been a wash out in Oklahoma.

Rain, more rain, mist, drizzle, hail, blinding down pours, and drops falling at an even, steady pace from the heavens above.

Late Saturday afternoon and early evening we did have some sunshine. I was ecstatic to see Mr. Sun peeking thru the clouds on short intervals.

But I was not happy with the steam sauna effect it brought on. The temperature was a balmy 78 degrees but factor in the high humidity with the heat from the sun, and……viola instant sauna.

But Mother Nature’s sauna was not the best thing to happen this weekend. Nope, the sauna atmosphere outdoors was tolerable even between the sweat beads rolling off my forehead, winding their way down my nose, around my bent glasses and right into my eyes…nothing like a burning/stinging pain in my eyes to make me smile…..

The best part was my house phone (landline) was out of commission Friday until this morning. My landline is the way I access the Internet. After leaving my phone company several messages, they called this morning and said something about a new switch on their end, they flipped it and my phone was back in working order.

It sucked not having Internet. Hubs wasn’t happy about it either, we couldn’t see who was thrown in the jailhouse over the Holiday weekend.


We would want to check the weather, look something up, check the TV guide, read the news….we’d start over to the computer and realize we couldnt do anything.

Sad how much my family and I depend on our computer. We are addicts. It has now became a necessity in our household, just like cheetos and juice boxes.

My phone company is privately owned….Sometimes I wish I had a big name company like Bell-south or something, then maybe I could get high speed Internet.


My fellow horse people…I have a question.

Have you ever heard of , or tried Frontline for horses? or a product similar to Frontline?

The ticks are horrible. My old standby Repel-X isnt dong the job it used to.  

Scooter had the misfortune to get into a nest of deer ticks Saturday afternoon. Luckily, I saw him acting crazy, running and kicking, then rolling.

Immediately I thought “fireants“……fireants are very bad news. I am thankful we havent any around my home.

But ticks, eww!

Only about 5 ticks had dug into Scooter. I picked nearly 20 off him, everywhere on his body. Ears included. 2 had dug in right up under his tail, in that sensitive pink area. Poor fella.

I gave him another thorough inspection twice today, he’s clean of them.

I am still itching and feeling the creepy crawlies from that ordeal. I have had 3 showers since then.

Wee One has been a pistol this long weekend. He is just now catching on to the fact that boys and girls are different. He is still unsure about the how and the why…but he is grasping the idea better.

Wee One reminded me repeatedly all weekend that “I am a girl, and I dont have a goober.” This was told to me with an air of authority from Wee One, all of 3 years. 

His statement gave me the faint feeling I wasn’t good enough to belong to some special, elite club.

Wee One’s favorite song this week is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I am tired of it..I am hoarse from singing it over and over and over.

Son #1 has officially started his summer. Tomorrow he leaves for a whole week of church camp. Yeah!! He is excited. I am excited. This is his first time going away for days with his Youth Group, I hope he has a great time.

Geesh, after reading this post, I sound whiny and bitchy. Hmmmm, guess maybe I am.

One good thing to end on:

First Degree Murder Charge Filed In Day Care Death 

Chiles, the babysitter who murdered 2 yo Joshua Minton by taping his mouth and hands during nap time, is charged with 1st degree murder.

The other day I watched a segment on the Tulsa news talking to two-year old JM’s parents. My heart ached for them. They also showed photos of JM, he is an adorable blond haired, blue eyed boy with a happy and friendly smile. He reminded me very much of Son #1 when he was 2 yo.

I hope Chiles fries to a crisp.



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17 responses to “Rain, Ticks, And Goobers

  1. I have become quite addicted to the web myself, more than I would like to admit!

    Ticks, UGH!!!

  2. I wondered where you had been! Your weather sounds a lot like ours. I sneaked in a ride yesterday, though.

  3. What did we do in the olden days without the internet? I can’t remember. It’s kinda sad really. I go cuckoo when it’s down.

    I don’t know about frontline for horses but the stuff for dogs is supposed to be good, it’s what my vet recommends.

  4. I start getting the ddt’s when I can’t have my internet fix. (:

    I feel so sorry for deer, now that I know how the ticks must torture them.
    I saw an African safari adventure — and saw a picture of a beautiful giraffe dying because it was covered with ticks.

  5. Lu

    I do go through withdrawal symptoms when internet is down..I hesitate to call it DTs, although I think it is as bad..
    You surely do not want to know this, but some with horses use a mixture of the Avon SSS and swear by it..I will give it to you if interested..just do not use full strength!
    We have been away for the holiday weekend and had the same kind of weather..rain every day and too cool to enjoy much water sports..

  6. Midlife Mom

    We don’t have a tick problem here, guess the 4 feet of snow each winters discourages them!lol! I’ve never heard of a frontline type product for horses but there must be something out there. My Morgan was allergic to Skin So Soft when I used it on him for black flies, maybe I didn’t dilute it enough. Yeah, I know what you mean about going through withdrawal when you don’t have your Internet!!!!! We’ve become very addicted haven’t we?! Wee One is sooooo cute! What a hoot about the goober! heehee!

  7. ha-ha about Wee One! He is simply just too cute!!!!

    My phone is out – due to all the rain..rain and more rain… Our cable company connected to our old line … improperly. Someday I’ll go fix it… I don’t miss the phone as much as I would my internet!

    My horses are slopping through the mud…
    I got caught in a downpour which killed my camera… I’ve realized how much I loved it since then though….

    I use Endure. I haven’t tried the horse equivalent of Frontline. I haven’t ran across any ticks here. Occasionally when I’m home up North someone found one.

    I hope that your day is a bright one!

  8. Lu

    Yes, it needs a lot of dilution…Of course, I am one who is allergic to everything and I truly believe skin, rather horse flesh or other, needs to breathe..
    It is very hard to do that with an oily coating on it.
    Avon does not guarantee nor advertise SSS for any of this…A lady use the mixture I have for her many other 4 legged furry friends…she also swears by using it for ants in kitchen and fleas, ticks and such in house….. She swears it will not stain carpet or furniture, but I am not putting it on mine..and if I get any on floor, I will fall as I am so klutsy!

  9. Yeah we’ve had nothing but continuous drizzling drain for three days over the bank holiday too.
    Still the grass looks green & the ducks are happy!

  10. Great pics, as usual.!
    I am so glad to hear they are charging that female with 1st degree. My heart hurts for that baby’s family. Just once, I would like to see someone take responsibility…instead,the jury will hear all the reasons this female is the way she is, why she did it etc etc etc….
    Hope you have a great week !

  11. I love his smile in that picture. lol Its going to be a rainy wet week here too blah, i did get the yard mowed thank goodness

  12. Its been raining for a big part of this weekend. Such a bummer for a holiday weekend!

    That picture is adorable.

  13. I was without power for 17 hours on Thursday with our freak snow storm…… I had no clue how to function without electricity.

  14. They should let little Josh’s parents have some “alone time” with a ball bat and Chiles. I’ve been sick about that whole thing. I can NOT believe the parents in that “daycare” weren’t notified that she was being investigated. I tell ya, we are very blessed that we are able to stay home with ours, don’t you agree?

  15. Lu

    Hey, the sun is out…5 or 10 minutes now..Hoo-ray!!!

  16. michele-the internet is a necessity these days

    donna-I am jealous! maybe this weekend Ill be able to ride

    jenny-Im glad Im not the only one who gets crazy when the internet is down. I use frontline on our cats, I did use Advantage w/ tick protection on Elvis, both seem to be good products.

    pamela-my FIL killed a 5ft black snake that was trying to get inside their window screen and it had ticks on it-gross. they are awful parasites, ack!

    lu-omg, I saw the sun too! its gone now

    MM-I tried skin so soft on Scooter ages ago, it did nothing but make him look oily. You are lucky in Maine, ticks are one of the worse things ever. We never had them in N.MI either, down here in OK they are everywhere.

    katie-I love my camera. I dropped it a few weeks ago, I was terrified I broke it but luckily it was okay.

    Q9-yep, if I had flippers or gills, I would be one happy creature this past week…and from what the forecast says, this whole upcoming week too.

    magz-I am hoping the 1st degree murder charge sticks. not sure if this will go to a jury because Chiles admitted to killing JM. I am just glad she wasnt charged with something unappropriate with a wimpy sentence like manslaughter..

    anne-my yard is taking on a wild jungle look, we need to mow but the rain just keeps coming.

    brian-rain in FL too? geesh! I need some sunshine, I could never live in Seattle where it rains all the time, Id need extra strength prozac

    hope-omg! snowstorm! now I feel guilty complaining about all the rain, a snowstorm is wayyyyy worse.

    burg-yes, we are lucky not to have to depend on daycare. I was lucky w/ son #1 when he was very little. JM’s parents are expecting another baby soon, they were heartbroken over their 2 yo getting murdered but seemed calm during the camera interview…..they seemed strong. I cannot imagine how awful losing their son must be.

  17. Houston got hit by all the same storms and I’m trying to get out of the house to get to work before it storms again today. Anytime a light breeze flutters through the air we lose our freakin Internet connection which plunges me into the depths of despair.

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