Over At The In-Laws

My Mother-In-Law (mil) is a dear, sweet, woman.

In all of the 18 years I have known her, I have never heard her utter a cuss word or raise her voice in anger.

Hubs and his sibs have never witnessed their parents fighting….weird, huh? and they are just as dysfunctional as the next family.

Anyhow, my mil was bitten by a spider on her back over a week ago. Most likely the culprit was a Brown recluse spider-  also known as a fiddleback spider .

Luckily, mil got herself to her doctor quickly and is doing much better. She is still taking meds for it and has a follow up appointment to see if any dead flesh needs additional removal. I gave her my Orkin man’s phone number.

A few days after that incident, mil was home alone sitting at her kitchen table and saw a 5ft black snake trying to get thru one of the window screens on one of the kitchen windows. She called me to come and ‘dispose‘ of it but just as mil was telling me goodbye, my father-in-law returned home from shopping and dealt with the trespasser by shovel. Dang, I was all excited about getting to shoot and kill something!

The in-laws have many bird feeders in their backyard, it is a haven for birds of all kinds so I am inclined to think the black snake was looking for a meal. Normally, mil would not have gotten spooked by a black snake or wanted it dead but it was trying like heck to get inside the kitchen windows, moving along and trying to bump the screens and the 220 AC window unit with it’s snout. FIL said he never saw anything like it in all of his 77 years, strange snake.


Recently I was tagged by Grail over at Just some grail . The MeMe goes like this:

I have to tell you 9 things that you don’t know about me, only 8 of them are true. Can you guess which one is not?

Geesh, like I have anything left to confess that y’all do not already know…..

1. I am not a natural blonde but I am a blonde

2. I can cuss fluently in French

3. I went sky diving when I was 18 years old

4. Before I was reincarnated into my current life, I was a poor sheep herder in Brazil

5. When I was young and wild, best friend L. and I out ran the police on our horses when we were riding home at bar closing time. They visited us the next morning, we werent in trouble like we thought we were…..we had witnessed a bar fight and they needed our statements

6. I love all kinds of mushrooms, the edible kind…not the psychadelic kind but no one else in my family will eat them, not even on pizza

7. Once a girl kissed me on the mouth when we were dancing in a group at a party to a Bon Jovi song. I was 17, it freaked me out and I shoved her to the floor. I knew this girl since Brownies for chrissakes, I dont care if it was the 1st time she was EVER drunk, ewww.

8. Most of the time, I like my horse Scooter more than anyone I know

9. One of my favorite colors is black

Do you know which one is a lie?

I’ll let you know the answer tomorrow…

I’m tagging MidLifeMom , Donna , and Dakotablueeyes



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15 responses to “Over At The In-Laws

  1. I’m probably wrong, but I’ll guess 4.

  2. Ohgosh that is a tough one!
    Which is the lie…ok,I’m gonna
    say #4. Not because I don’t believe
    in reincarnation(I do) but because
    I think you’d have to have something to
    do with horses,not sheep,in your
    past lives.

    That snakes was creepy. I’d be wanting him
    dispatched too!
    I hope your MIL heals nicely from the bite:)
    Stupid spiders…

  3. Dang, I was all excited about getting to shoot and kill something!

    lol! just as well you get on with the inlaws

    4. Before I was reincarnated into my current life, I was a poor sheep herder in Brazil

    lol, and do sheep just get reincarnated as sheep again. Apparently cows moo with an accent. I guess Brazilian sheep sound brazilian, unless they are rein-carnated in Texas – huh?

  4. donna-maybe, maybe not…Ill let you know tomorrow

    lael-stupid spiders is right! they scare me…

    Q9-haha, I am easy to get along with. I do not usually kill black snakes, they are great varmint killers. I once heard an Austrian horse who whinnied like an Austrian….

  5. SailorMoon

    I’m guessing 7 or 4, and that was before I saw the other posts!! 😉 Weird about the snake, I have a pond and have big turtles, but the other day someone ran over a 5ft snake and it was heading into my driveway!! Yikes!! Hope things are well with you. We have had unrelentless rain all weekend, but get this, we all managed to get sunburned while at Hurricane Harbor on Sunday!! It rained all freaking day!! We finally had to rewire the phone line into the house, I had it all jacked into the test jack at the box. My 13 yo. son N. did it today, and it didn’t work. I was so depressed, and then found out I can’t get wireless where I am. I gave it another try and booyah!! We’re good!! I’m so excited!! 2 teens with 3 months off of school, I’m not excited about!!

  6. I’m going to have nightmares tonight after seeing that snake. I’m scared to death of them. I had hubby kill a big black snake that we found in the back yard. He felt so bad about it that he buried it. Piece by piece since I had him chop it up with a shovel. Poor guy, he’ll probably never be the same after that.

    My guess is number 4. It could be true but how would you know unless you’re psychic?

  7. I’m guessing #2 . I’m sure why, but #2.

  8. black is not one of your favorite colours.

  9. the reincarnation. I know darn well you were Scheherazade.

  10. Aniin BG

    It’s number #4 and how scary is it that I know the other ones are all true. 🙄

    Love you 😀

  11. Oof, that’s scary! Glad that your MiL is recovering.

  12. Rach

    TTA got bitten by a brown recluse years ago. The hole went all the way to the BONE in his leg before the docs figured it out. We should have gone to UAB but chose another hospital again – we didn’t make that mistake again!

  13. SM-Im waiting for son #1 to get home from church camp so he can be bored too

    slackermommy-your poor hubs! maybe I am psychic, heheh

    callie-maudit! maybe, maybe not…

    hope-what’s wrong w/ black?

    pamela-I made a GREAT Queen of Persia

    brian-hmm, you think so?

    defrostindoors-Im thankful she is almost better too!

    rach-brown recluses SUCK. see why I HATE spiders? ick

  14. Lindie Mitchell

    Number 4

  15. Okay – I’m guessing #4 –

    spiders and snakes – ACK

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