I Am Not A Nice Friend

Best guy friend D. doesnt like cats. He is uneasy around Marvin.

How can D. be scared of this sweet face?

When D. comes to visit, Marvin gives him the boot and pant leg smelling test. Then Marvin will take up post to ‘watch‘ D.

D. is uncomfortable and literally squirms in his seat.

I get a perverse pleasure out of this. I am such a BAD friend!




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13 responses to “I Am Not A Nice Friend

  1. laughing… you are so fabulously funny! 🙂 It is a perverse sense of humor! I say, right on!

    Loved the picture of Marvin too!

  2. There is no need for concern.

    I am just watching you.

    I am a harmless, little, bitty kitty. 😛

  3. Midlife Mom

    BG you are such a hoot! I can’t stop laughing! I used to have a cat that my BIL hated, actually he hates all cats, and when he came to the house that cat would do the same thing to him. I too loved it and said good enough for you, you cat hater! ha!

  4. I think it is funny too and would be delighted by the same thing.

  5. katie-heheh, I am evil, no?

    Brian- D likes to say things like “Marvin sure is big” “he looks mean all the time” “why isnt he purring?” “Are you sure Marvin doesnt bite?” “Does he have any claws at all?” ” he is as big as a bobcat!” I keep reassuring D. Marvin is harmless but he wont listen.

    MM-Im glad Im not the only one who gets joy out of someone else’s cat-phobia

    kelli-haha, even hubs laughed when he overheard D. talking about Marvin and being ‘scared’ around him.

  6. HA!!! I LOVE Marvin! He has a perverse sense of humor, too! He fits right in!

    Poor D. Afraid of a kitty, seems rather sad. Marvin has such a charming pursonality & disposition.

    Would LOVE to be around the next time he stops by! LOL!!!

    Thanks for the email – love to hear from you!

    Hope all is going well this summer! Much love! D 🙂

  7. Cats KNOW when they make someone uncomfortable. I’m sure of it. So they take perverse pleasure in bothering such people.

  8. Hee hee hee!

    You are such a crack up!

  9. FF-if D. says Marv looks like he is a vicious cat once more, Im going to soak one of his boots in canned tuna juice so Marvin DOES attack him when D. puts them back on his feet.

    donna-I think your right altho Marv acts like a dog more than a cat, he does seem to be singling out the anti-cat people who visit and paying them ‘more attention’.

    burg-yep, Iam. Poor D.

  10. LOL, what a fun photo.

  11. one of my good friends is terrified of cats, so of course, when she comes, they stalk her.

  12. Cats have the uncanny ability to spot the one “non-cat” person in the room and then get into their lap….or pick out the one person allergic to them. Cats are smart.

  13. Yeah…what Karmyn R just said !
    I have been out of town and off the computer. Don’t even know where to start !

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