The Endless Wait



Yawn some more.


This was my entire family, animals included (except hubs) this past weekend.

We’ve been wanting a pool for summer.

We were waiting until hubs received his ‘bonus‘. Since it seems it is taking forever for the bonus to get here and summer is in full swing out here in Oklahoma, hubs decided to go out and buy a pool this past weekend.

We didn’t get a super nice pool like we had planned on getting with the bonus money. Our new pool is decent. It is a $500, 18ft easy set up pool with the metal sides.

Don’t let the words ‘easy set up’ fool ya.

Nothing easy about waiting endlessly.

Maybe we can afford to take a vacation when the bonus gets here since we’ve got a pool now…..maybe.

Anyhow, back to the pool.

After working for a few hours Saturday afternoon, hubs did a bit of shopping around. Then he came home and measured the yard, found the best spot for a pool.

Why’d he measure? I’m not sure, its not like were short of space or anything. Then hubs took a nap.

Early Sunday morning, hubs and Son #1 went off to buy the new pool after reading the sale flyers from the TulsaWorld newspaper. They were home by noon with the new pool and supplies.

It took hubs all afternoon on his stupid tractor to get a place leveled for the pool. He was not satisfied with doing a fast job so the boys, especially 3 yo Wee One would stop bugging me to go swimming.

Oh no, hubs took all damn afternoon on that stupid tractor tearing up the lawn making sure the spot for the pool was perfect, putting down hard screenings and all.

Wee One and I went visiting for the afternoon.

Son #1 mowed 2 of his lawn jobs so he’d be free all afternoon Monday to enjoy the new pool.

By early evening, Wee One had given up on swimming. Poor kid.

Wee One was appeased with taking a bath in my huge bath-tub then he crashed into bed fairly early. H even let me watch the Sopranos in peace, which is unheard of around here. One of my favorite characters, Sil, was killed off. Damn….

I went to bed at midnight, I turned the water off. The pool was barely filled…stupid rural water route with weak pressure.

 Not much water in the pool when I checked it early Monday morning.

I was not happy.

In fact, I must have been cussing rather loudly because I scared this here land tortoise off:

There he goes, speeding back into the pasture and away from the crazy lady. That was one fast land turtle.

Well, our pool is finally up and we are enjoying it.

Since my camera isn’t water proof and Wee One needs my constant supervision near the water, I’ll post some pool photos when:

1. I grow a 3rd arm


2. I have some assistance with Wee One

Altho growing a 3rd arm will probably happen quicker than anything else……



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18 responses to “The Endless Wait

  1. that horse yawning made me yawn. Seriously. It’s some kind of phscyo suggestion.

    Now for the pool. You will be happy that he made it even… it will last longer.

    splish splash and all that. enjoy!

  2. LOL @ growing a third arm. Enjoy the pool!

  3. lol.. I always see Sackett yawning like that!

    A pool will be fun and refreshing! I spent yesterday at my friend’s house playing in the pool there.. It was great to relax and stay cool.

    When we had a pool in Montana I placed bricks around… for a patio effect and then lots of mini gardens. It was beautiful.

  4. pamela-why are yawns catchy? sometimes I get tired of hubs performing everuthing like its surgery or something!

    donna-we love the pool, hubs was in it at 10pm last night 🙂

    katie-Scooter yawns all the time, I dont know why, he has NO reason to be tired, he doesnt do much all day except graze

  5. Your pool looks exactly like the one we’ve got except ours is 3 feet smaller. Really, it is good he took the time to level even though you had to put up with anxious, disappointed kids.

    I don’t know if it’s the angle of the photo or the yawn itself but that is the funniest picture of Scooter.

  6. Nice! Can I come hang out at your house??? 🙂

  7. It’s my first time here.

    Sometimes it seems like it takes forever to get something like pool up and running. Enjoy!

  8. Oh, hooray for the pool! My folks have one and we so enjoy a refreshing dip on these hot summer days (all two of them in WA.) Thankfully, my kids have grown past the stage of needing a third arm (it’s a bit hard to find shirts to accomodate it!)

  9. SailorMoon

    Enjoy your pool for me!! I’m sure the boys love it, especially WeeOne!! He looks so cute!!

  10. LOL
    So patience isn’t one of your virtues??
    I’d be chomping at the bit too!
    I’m glad you don’t have to wait anymore!
    That is a beautiful pool:)

  11. I love Crocs! So comfortable. Wearing a pair right now.

  12. jenny-Im yawning now b/c all that swimming has made me sleepy. Wee Is napping, weve got a 6pm ball-game. Id rather zzzzzzz

    burg-you bet! bring your own floatie tho…

    beckie-yes, it took all damn weekend

    dhw-lol, growing up in N.MI, our swimming days were VERY limited

    momto3cubs-he is!


    matt-they are water-proof and slip on, it doesnt get any better for a 3 yo

  13. we are setting up our “easy set up” pool this weekend, i’ll post some pics. Ours is an 18 foot, all plastic, which, hold your breath…. we picked up at Walmart at the end of last season for 90.00. My daughter has one as well, all you do is fill the top ring with air, and fill, the air filled ring makes the pool rise. At least in theory;)

  14. Midlife Mom

    We had a pool at our former house and I really enjoyed it plus my son was at an age where he REALLY loved it and all of his friends too. I liked that cause I knew exactly where they were and what they were doing! Have fun on those hot days!

  15. damn, could that kid be any cuter? Woo hoo on the swimmin hole!

    can’t wait to see the pix and hear the stories.

  16. LMAO ! You are going to have soooo much fun !

  17. That is the pool we have except we got the 15 foot one. They did not have any of the 18 footers. It took 2 days to drain mine and 1 to fill it. Our pressure was high that day!!!

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