Ramblings And Thoughts On Kelsey Smith’s Murder

This week has been a busy one. It’s been full of baseball games and practices, doctor’s appointments, a school academic counselor meeting, upcoming Grayhorse Indian Dances (we are going to miss!), church youth group activities, and such….

Not much time on the computer for me. But obviously someone else has been using my PC…his name is Marvin.

Marvin likes to cruise on the net. I hope he is watching over Son #1’s MySpace antics. I dislike that site with a passion and try to keep tabs on Son #1’s interaction with it. But, damn, MySpace is a huge place!

I have to say, the boys and I are really enjoying our new pool. My tan is coming along great. Wee One isnt getting much of one because Ive been lathering him up in water-proof sunscreen.

Did anyone follow the awful case of Kelsey Smith’s abduction and her body being found ? The video from Target in Overland Park, Kansas showed her abduction as well as a person of interest and a chevy truck possibly involved.

Even with top of the line surveillience and the actual abduction caught on video, Smith was still murdered. There were even people in the Target Parking lot when Smith was rushed and shoved into her car by her killer.

Smith is the daughter of a police officer. I have no doubts her father told her how to protect herself.

PLEASE, PLEASE read about Smith’s awful case. Then inform your children about how to be as vigilant as they can when they are out and about doing everyday things.

The killer of Smith is eligible for the Death Penalty….I hope he is caught and gets his ass fried to a crisp.

6:36am 6/7/07: Police make an arrest in Smith’s murder.

Edwin R. Hall

Overland Park Police Chief John Douglass identified the suspect as Edwin R. Hall, 26, of Olathe. Hall was expected to be charged Thursday with premeditated first-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping.

Douglass said Hall was interviewed Wednesday after police acted on a tip that matched him to a vehicle seen in surveillance video pulling into the Target parking lot about a minute after Smith parked there.

May Hall FRY. He deserves no mercy, he gave Smith no mercy.

11:48 am 6/7/07:  Suspect in Kelsey Smith’s Death Charged with Murder, Kidnapping

How can this POS human sewege NOT get the death penalty? Quoted from the above article:

Hall faces a minimum 25-to-life if convicted of the murder charge and a minimum 14 months if convicted of kidnapping. Authorities said there was a possibility they would file additional charges.



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22 responses to “Ramblings And Thoughts On Kelsey Smith’s Murder

  1. It’s simply heart breaking and so very frightening.

  2. dave

    This young lady was the daughter of a retired police officer, so I’m sure she knew that once you go with someone to a secluded area you’re done for, and that the time to fight is at the time of the abduction. Yet, in broad daylight he was able to get her under his control without anyone in the parking lot noticing, and without a stuggle from her. He must have used a stun gun

  3. This is really sad – and frightening! So devastating to read these stories.

    I go for jury duty on the 18th…. or maybe that’s pre-jury duty…. as that’s the sorting date….. and one never knows if they will be chosen or dismissed.

  4. I hadn’t heard they had found her body.

    We need to demand that murderers be either locked up F.O.R.E.V.E.R OR get the death penalty.

    No parole. never never never.

  5. Midlife Mom

    Funsize (my niece) was here this morning and we were talking about this, and I told her if anyone approaches her to screech her lungs out, kick, bellow, claw, spit, run, ANYTHING to NOT get into a car with someone. This is just heart breaking for that family. I think they should bring back the firing squad for this type of murder!!!!!!

  6. Aniin BG.

    Pay attention to your surroundings, keep your head up and don’t ever, ever let someone push you into a car. Ever.

    As a survivor, we are always aware of the people near us and the dangers. There have been many times when we’ve noticed predators near us. The way to deter a predator is stare at them! That’s right, if you feel uncomfortable in a situation or by a person, challenge them and make them back down. Seek a safe place immediately and a safe crowd.

    Random and not so random violence happens everywhere and can happen at anytime to anyone. Pay attention and watch, watch. Parents, please teach your children how easy it is to be harmed. Show them real world before the real world takes them away.

    Our prayers go out to Kelsey’s family.

  7. slackermommy-to see Smith so beautiful, full of life walking into Target to buy a gift, then to watch her walk out to her car only to be rushed, shoved into her car by an awful murdering predator makes me want to throw up.

    dave-Ive also felt like the perp had a stun gun because she wasnt heard screaming by anyone in the parking lot and to transport her in her own car, she’d have to been immobilized.

    katie-eww jury duty, Id like to be on Smith’s killer jury…..Heck,Id like to be the executioner.

    pamela-the DP for sure. These types of predators feel some sort of sick entitlement to their victims. Get rid of them and save the prison space for the robbers and such.

    MM-I am guilty of being distracted when walking to/fro stores, thru out them as well. But when I was a teenager, we didnt have cell phones and such, so maybe I was more vigilant back then. Anyhow, you cant tell the young people too many times how to protect themselves and be wary of their surroundings.

    Brian-I think the perp had a stun gun because from all accounts Smith was a fiesty girl and would have fought. Stun guns are too easy for the criminals to get their hands on..

  8. Lindie Mitchell

    I live near Longview Lake and used to enjoy driving around it. Makes me sick to even think of it now.

  9. lindiemitchell-sorry to hear about that. That would certainly make being/living in the area notsogreat anymore 😦

  10. I have followed this story as well. Tragic all these kinds of stories are and I think the maximum (fried is fine with me) should be done to all of these people that do this.

  11. Creepy lookin’ bastard and if he’s guilty, he should be fried. What makes these assholes go out and do something like that? It is sickening. And we’ve had that talk many a time and many a more time to come.

  12. SailorMoon

    I was logged on to my fav message board nonstop yesterday (more than my usual) when they found her body. I didn’t get much work done and still can’t. The ballsy way he did this tells me he’s killed before. And was married/with a kid. Wonder what his wife thinks? The one thing that I got out of this is the fact that she had her cell phone on her. That is how they got the pings & found her. Her purse and package were left in her car. But thank goodness, her cell was on her. Oh, I know, she was still murdered, but they found her fast, preserving much needed evidence. My talk to my teen daughter & son last night was that I will always try to keep my cell in my pocket or on me and that she do the same. Poor Kelsey. And her family. He rushed her so fast I think even if she’d been watching he’d have surprised her. My other hope is that he’s connected to the other missing girl, Kara, and that she is found for her family’s sakes. Another thing I’ve vowed to do in my spare time is volunteer with Tim Miller and Equusearch. What a class act.
    (((picture everblooming rose here))) For Kelsey and her family and friends

  13. kelli-I hope he doesnt get a wimpy 25 years, that would be so WRONG

    callie-he is creepy looking isnt he? he looks creepy in all the photos I saw of him before this mugshot photo.

    SM- I was wondering the same thing about the wife. I heard it was a neighbor that recognized Hall. how come his wife didnt recognize his Target Images? Imnot so sure he has killed someone before but Id bet he has done some pretty awful things before killing Smith. His poor son! how awful.

  14. i havent read all the comments yet.. but I would think how awful for a group of people IN THE PARKING LOT had to see this happening. As awful as this is for this poor family, where were the Samaritans? I bet every single one of those bystanders had cell phones!

    Its a sad state of affairs when people look the other way when something violent happens. man I am pissed at the senseless killing of this woman, and the passive behavior of the people who witnessed this. Fry him! He is already dead inside anyway. you can tell by the look in his eyes. And this horrific action.

  15. Aniin BG,

    I wrote a poem based somewhat on this murder. I posted it a little while ago.

    Love you.

  16. That guys picture is giving me the creeps.

    Once again I sit my children down to tell them to fight, fight, fight.

  17. There has been a 17 year old missing from that area for a month, too. Same looks as Kelsey.
    BG, when her dad said this weekend she had been trained to protect herself, I had hope…but I think what happens when we are threatened is we think we can talk our way out it, or lessen the damage…because panic sets in and you tend to forget training. Not everyone, of course, but many.
    His My Space says his hobbies are harming small children and animals.
    I think they should let Kelsey’s dad spend 5 minutes with him and look the other way.

  18. I’ve followed that news story, too. How terribly sad.

  19. I’ve taken women’s self defense, and the first thing they teach you is to use your voice, scream like a banshee.
    Unfortunately sometimes we just freeze up. Looking at this guy gave me shivers.

  20. Crimes that occur in high traffic areas and places where we frequent like Target, gives me an extra set of goosebumps.

    I’m pro-death penalty, by the way, something my Mexican born husband is not. We go round and round about the death penalty and these days I just try to keep the peace and avoid the subject in its entirety, but this guy needs to face a firing squad for what he did.

  21. This was such a sad thing. We had something similar years ago here with a college student who was home for the summer her freshman year. Out jogging with her dog, neighbor’s saw her 1/4 mile from home, but only the dog made it. It was the first time I felt unsafe, and it’s never left me. Poor Darling…she just doesn’t understand my over-protective mother mind.

  22. memsahib-the people in the lot didnt have any idea about Smith’s situation.

    bri-good poem, too close to the truth

    karmynR-yes, FIGHT. I think Hall had a stun gun or in some way immobilized Smith.

    magz-“harming small children and animals.” this only makes me jump for joy that our country has the DP. Creeps like this deserve it. No mercy for them.

    momto3cubs-he looks like a shark, evil.

    hope-fight, fight and fight some more. Its the only way.

    EWBL-I am also Pro death penalty. Our judicial system needs to get seriously tough w/ people like Hall, execute them fast. With DNA nowadays, someone in cases like this being wrongly convicted is unheard of. Fry ’em Quick!

    DH-what an awful case about the girl near you. Sometimes I am thankful I have boys but that doesnt make them any less a target for a predator..

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