If One More Thing Breaks…

If one more damn thing breaks I am going to lose it…

1) My vacuum has given up the ghost. It has burnt up 2 belts in a row and was able to only push the dirt around on the carpet. Luckily, I have a tiny hand held one that I was able to use but took me nearly an hour to vacuum the carpets-grrrrr.

2) The washing machine refuses to spin out. It has ceased spinning out at all. WTF, it is a fairly new washing machine. I want to shoot it with the 12 gauge, that is how po’ed I am about the damn thing.

3) Our central AC was acting up yesterday. We just had it repaired by the bozo from Bartlesville that took a week to get here. Today it seems to be functioning as normal. I hope its okay. That is what hubs gets for hiring some nobody from out of town-grrrrrrrrrr

Needless to say, I needed all 3 of these things working today because the boys and I have been swimming in our new pool all week and Ive neglected my housework.

On a good note, Son #1 did clean his room very well. I only had to ask him once!



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16 responses to “If One More Thing Breaks…

  1. Its just stuff. But it sure is a hassle when it impedes your down time! Mine isn’t even old enough to clean his room yet… but he isn’t really good at picking up now, so… I wish i had a pool! what a great summer!

    its so gorgeous here today in SB, 70, not a cloud in the sky. I am so wishing i was at the beach instead of at this machine.

    have a good weekend dear woman!

  2. deep cleansing breaths!!! Now, get out to the pool.

  3. Ugh! I hate it when that happens!

    You mentioned not knowing we had wineries.. We have several!! Check this out: http://www.oklahomawines.org/index.html
    We’ve had wine from a couple of the wineries, but I can’t remember the one other than the one we just went to..

  4. Aniin BG,

    I hate when everything breaks, but Wee One is so cute!!!

  5. lol BarnGoddess
    the Vacuum given up the ‘ghost’
    the washing machine refuses to ‘spin’
    the air conditioning unit is ‘acting-up’

    The Universe is chaotic at times
    guess if we want the excitement when all goes our way
    we have to make do with some of the set backs too

  6. You only had to ask once and the room got cleaned? How? How did you ask? Did you threaten bodily harm? Must know…

  7. Love that picture !

    Uh…BG…you forgot the
    “and then Mary Winkler gets sentenced to”…….

    It get’s better…honest.

  8. Summertime and the living is………..freakin expensive! Yeah, we got our first electric bill after running the AC all month. It’s bad. 😦

  9. Oh no, good luck with all that. But the last photo just erases all worries and stress 🙂

  10. mel-yesterdays weather was perfect in OK. Today is hot/muggy but my central AC is working great so Im cool….and breathing

    burg-thnx for the link, I never knew OK had winerys. My washing machine is fixed-yipeee

    brian-luckily hubs can fix anything so now my vacuum is fixed, so is my washing machine and central AC. Thnx! I think Wee One is cute too..except when hes being a brat, then I wish he was someone elses kid!

    Q9-I do not like setbacks…heheh I bet Paris Hilton doesnt either

    dhw-I mentioned to hubs about son #1 jumping right up to clean his room when I asked him to only ONCE and hubs said, “good, he promised me before he went to bed the night before, he’d clean his room and help you when you were changing the sheets ect.” hmmm, guess son #1 was asked more than once~

    momto3cubs-yes, it does 🙂

  11. Housework? To hell with that!! Enjoy the pool!!!

  12. Cute pic of wee one.
    Hope things get fixed and quit breaking for you.

  13. YAY for son! I understand about things not working!

  14. we have discovered that things always happen in threes.

  15. ps
    so you better get out your Sears card

  16. Congrats on the pool!!! Yipeee!!!

    D 🙂

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