Small Town Celebration

Our tiny town had it’s annual festival Saturday.

We went and had a very good time.

Wee One was showing off turtles he caught for the turtle race to his friends. He let the little boy, Nick (on the right in the photo) race the bigger turtle. Nick didnt have a racing turtle.


Son #1 stepped in and gave Wee One a hand when the turtle races started. Wee One’s turtle came in dead last but he didnt care, he had a blast racing.


Son #1 dunked our tiny town’s reserve police officer. Officer BB is a hoot.

After the parade, games, and fish fry were finished-we listened to some live music played by a group of locals who go together to share some tunes with us. Then, we came home for a nap and a swim.

The street dance went on as scheduled despite the thunderstorm that passed thru.

I think I’d better go make another pot of coffee, it’s Monday already.



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17 responses to “Small Town Celebration

  1. Hey there ! What great fun ! ( and pics) Life should be like the turtle race…you get to the end in your own good time, and enjoy yourself in the interim.
    Hell, that didn’t come out right !

  2. Aniin BG, sounds like a blast!

  3. The wholesome, nerdy fun of small town celebrations cannot be beat. Love it.
    Started our easy set up pool this weekend. It’s draining as we speak. God, I wish my man would listen to me, but no….” this is where it should go ” he says….. to be continued on my blog, when I can write without cursing….

  4. I can smell the funnel cakes from here. Please tell me you did this Infidel proud and gorged yourself on elephant ears, funnel cakes, and some sausage on a stick.

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. SailorMoon

    Did he catch the turtles in your yard? If so, your yard sounds about like mine!! All kinds of critters in mine, some good and some not so good!! Wee One looks so cute with the other boys. They referred to some one as “WeeOne” on the news last night and my teen daughter is like, WeeOne, did you hear that???!! 😉

  7. Midlife Mom

    What fun! I grew up in a town of about 400 people and we had great celebrations, parades and picnics. I never raced turtles though but it sounds like fun. Wee One is soooooo cute! That’s nice that he wasn’t upset about coming in dead last! One of my horses has laminitis as of today. I am just tearing my hair out trying to figure out what did it this time. He hurts so bad, even with the banemine so tonight we tried bute. I’ve been bawling like a baby off and on all day……sigh….

  8. Wee One is sire anticipating a race in that fist photo!

  9. magz-dont worry, I understand what your getting at. What about that fast filly winning The Belmont?!?!

    brian-it was

    hope-small towns, sometimes ya just gotta love them

    EWBL-son #1 ate some fried curly potato things….no funnel cakes dammit! fried cheese curds..yummy but I can only eat one or two then dont want anymore, why is that!?!?!

    lael-it was fun

    SM-nope, cousin J. had a couple in the back of his truck and we swiped them! There is another Wee One? no way…

    MM-I like our small town but damn, if you want privacy (which I like!) theres none to be had around here, and I live outside of town. I left you a comment about your appy…

  10. MM-yes he is, Wee One was excited, couldnt wait for the race.

  11. How fun! I forgot where it is you’re at.. They don’t often do cool stuff like that around here.

  12. Turtle races, how fun for boys! 🙂

  13. All the fun of the fair.
    Can’t beat a sunny day out with the kids in the wild, well the wild fair – with all the other parents or chaperones around, one can let one’s guard down – even if it’s only a little

  14. wow that does look like fun

  15. the best turtles are the ones who come in last!!!
    Besides, the smile in the first picture was the winning one, anyway.

  16. so much fun to be had in events like this!


  17. that looks like fun! turtle races… giggles.

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