Five Times

Times Five MeMe.

My fellow Oklahoman burg tagged me well over a week ago. I started writing the MeMe but got busy, then saved what I wrote with the intention of finishing it and posting it this week.

Then Slackermommy just recently tagged me with the same MeMe…. 

so I procrastinate no more.

Instructions: Remove the blog from the top, move all blogs up one, add yourself to the bottom.

Special K Family

Blogging Obsession

Jersey Mum

Deeper Shades of Red

Ramblings From The Reservation  

Five people to tag:  5 people who want to do this MeMe

What were you doing 10 years ago? omg, like I can remember?!?! I was working at a very well paying job that I enjoyed and planning my upcoming trip to MI for 2 weeks in the summer. Son #1 was already there I think!

What were you doing 1 year ago?Convincing hubs we needed to move to this new house on many more acres, we can handle a mortgage. Surviving the Oklahoma heat and cooking outside on my new grill every day.

Five Snacks I Enjoy:

a.) popcorn..any and all kinds
b.) veggies and dip
c.) chocolate candy
d.) chips and salsa
e.) cookies

Five Songs That I Know All The Lyrics To:
a.) The Beaches of Cheyenne-Garth Brooks
b.) Shook Me All Night Long- AC/DC
c.) Saving Grace-Tom Petty
d.) Foxy Foxy- Rob Zombie
e.) Hysteria-Def Leppard

Five Things I Would Do If You Were a Millionaire:
a.) build a new, huge house in the middle of 1,000 acres w/ an even better horse barn
b.) give a lot of $$ to my family, friends, and those who helped me when I needed help.

c.) get a MAID and a NANNY.
d.) send Son #1 off to boot camp.
e.) travel around the world on riding vacations.

Five bad habits:
a.) cussing
b.) having no patience
c.) being a homebody

d.) occasionally having a narrow mind-gasp, yep I do!
e.) disliking humans as a species in general

Five Things I Like To Do:
a.) ride my horse, spend time w/ my horse
b.) drink alcoholic beverages
c.) spend time on the computer
d.) read
e.) swim in our pool w/ my 2 boys

Five Things I Would Never Wear Again:
a.) leg warmers (slackermommy and I both agree on this one)
b.) off the shoulder flashdance shirts/mid-drift sweatshirts
c.) Izod pants, shirts..anything IZOD
d.) checkered, pleated jeans
e.) thong underwear

Five Favorite Toys:

a.) digital camera

b.) computer

c.) pool
d.) cell phone
e.) new  Smith Brothers rope



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10 responses to “Five Times

  1. just the thought of wearing “thong” underwear makes me want to…well, you know.

    and izod – oh my god i can remember saving up from my paychecks so i could have a couple of izod shirts because my mother would NOT pay that much for a shirt…

    you did good. as a general rule, i can’t remember yesterday much less 10 years ago…

  2. Aniin BG

    Love the meme as usual, you always have such interesting tidbits. 😉

    Hope you are having fun today being a homebody in the pool.

    Sent in RM to a publisher today, the work copy, so that they can read it and decide it they are interested in publishing it.

  3. Great meme….I am in total agreement with the dislike for human species. Animals are much kinder, and I’ve never seen an animal beat the hell out of it’s offspring.
    Michigan is gorgeous today !!!! ( uh…so far )

  4. lol… at no thongs! 🙂 Never wore Izod….

    Always fun to read meme’s – enjoyed all these tidbits about you! 🙂 I dinna know being a homebody was a bad thing!

    Love the picture …. your horse looks so content!

    I still haven’t bought my new camera. Been out sailing , swimming , cycling and went for my first scuba lesson….My horses’ vacation will end in another week… I’m looking forward to riding more. I might even have my new camera by then!I’m all for being outside!

    Enjoy this time!It will change soon enough. 🙂

  5. Aww come on,what’s wrong with leg warmers??
    I wear em allll the time!

    hehehehe KIDDING!

  6. rach-I even had Izod socks!

    brian-no pool, it is thunderstorming. I should not be on the computer but I am tempting fates….Im such a risk taker..Thats great about RM!

    Magz-what? MI isnt gorgeous every day?haha

    katie-yep, old guy is content most of the time. Im jealous, I want to come live w/ you! scuba dive? that sounds FUN

    lael-haha, I had a favorite fuzzy pink pair that I wore, my friends also loved them. Looking back, I cringe at the mere thought.

  7. never had an affinity for Izod, though my mom did…
    I will NEVER put on a thong. why bother wearing underwear at all if you are stooping to that level.

    and i would so give money to help my family that has helped me so much. not going to do the meme though.
    happy tuesday!

  8. I can’t even imagine riding in a thong! OUCH! Just the thought and I’ve totally lost my mind and can’t think of another thing. lol

  9. Beaches of Cheyenne is one of Uncle Garth’s better songs…

  10. pray tell? what do you do with your new rope?

    you were amusing, clever, and you didn’t even cuss!!!

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