Sunshine, Where Are You?

It has rained every single day this week.

The sun has only blessed us with it’s golden rays in between thunderstorms and rain showers.

Last year we were in a drought, this year we are flooded….I am not sure which is worse. Thinking about it, I’d have to say the drought was worse, hay was outrageously priced last year.

Son #1 has a camping trip planned this weekend. He is all excited and just scrambled out the door with his gear. The fish are biting and he is ready to catch some more.

Yesterday early evening, he and his friend B. went fishing to a nearby popular spot a town over from us. There were a few other boys that Son #1 did not know fishing as well.

The fish were biting. But, it was snakey so Son #1 and B. decided to leave. They figured getting snake bit wasnt worth catching a few fish.

As they were leaving, one of the boys they did not know was bitten by a Cottonmouth Water Moccasin . Son #1 did not see it happen but did see the snake and the little boy’s arm where he was bitten.

Luckily B.’s grandmother lives 1 block from their fishing hole, they ran and found help for the bitten boy.

That is one little boy who is going to have a rotten summer, poor kid!

Where’s dinner?

This nice herd is waiting patiently for some chow.

TGIF……I’m glad it’s Friday.

I think.



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16 responses to “Sunshine, Where Are You?

  1. awesome pictures.

    we had a rattlesnake bite a local boy about 3 weeks ago. He had to have all that stuff done that I watched on Venon ER on Animal Planet.

  2. I hate HATE snakes.

    Did you read my story about the time my mom walked in our bathroom in Chelsea and turned on the light (which was something she seldom did at night) and found a nest of copperheads?? GAG! She didn’t even tell me about it until much later.

    We moved the next day.

    I love the country, but I can’t stand the critters that come along with it..

  3. We’re getting adequate rain, but it’s spaced just right to keep me worrying, wondering if we’re heading into another drought.

    We have mostly garter snakes and black snakes. I’ve never seen any poisonous snakes on this place. Our previous place was rocky, and we had lots of copperheads there.

  4. Aniin BG. No poisonous snakes at our house, but the woods and rivers? Yikes!

    We finally got some rain at the house the past couple of days. About an inch.

    Diane left last night to go to Tampa with Madd and Carol, I’ll be going over Saturday afternoon after work to meet them. Then the following weekend I’m on vacation!

    Have a great weekend my friend. Love you. 😀

  5. I have seen the cottonmouth up close myself a few times. That is a scary sommmmb*ch!

    But now I have the urge to go fishing! really really bad. wonder if i should do that this weekend? and teach my little one to fish? i just might go camping. I need some away time.

    hope the sunshines on your weekend dear! :sunny:

  6. No poisonous snakes here, whew. I hope he recovers well.

    Great photo! (I’ll have to show my grandma your blog sometime. She would love all your gorgeous horse photos.)

  7. Incredibly vivid photos here. You are gifted with the camera!

  8. did I ever mention that I hate snakes? I’m never coming to visit you but you are in my thoughts 🙂

    Seriously, that poor kid.

  9. Glad the boys left before they got bit!
    I used to go swimming in a pond that had cotton mouths in it. The horses would let us know when the snakes were coming on our side. It was a big pond so they usually stayed on their side. I wish we would get some of that rain.

  10. As illogical as it sounds, I’m more afraid of giant tree roaches than snakes. Houston is no place for the delicate or the squeamish!

    Me likey your horses! They’re really gorgeous.

  11. Hey – quit hogging up all the rain:) Go outside, take a bigggggggggggggggggggg breath and blow some of that rain down here to Alabama. Instead of a banjo on my knee, I’ve got a hosepipe in my hand so my Sweet Williams I just plant do not die!!

  12. Just popping in to say hey…and send rain !!!!

  13. Ozymandias

    Those pictures are great.

  14. EEwww!!! We have water moccasins up here in Wisconsin too.

  15. hey there BG, um….you should go read my post (no it’s not part 3, I still can’t figure out how to charactrize the sister, it’s driving me insane). I love your pictures 🙂

  16. I am thinking it will be rain rain today. Which may not be a bad thing since I am so unmotivated to take the kids to tennis, etc today.

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