Monday Musings

Friday afternoon hubs was driving across a one lane bridge. A huge buzzard flew up from the edge of the bridge and smashed out his passengers side mirror on his work truck.

When hubs called me to get the Auto-Dealer’s phone number and told me what happened, I had a tiny, silent “tee hee served ya right” moment.

 That’s what he gets for getting cranky with me before 7 am and before I had my first cup of coffee.

The flies have been relentless the last few days. I went to refill my fly-spray bottle to spray Scooter down yesterday evening and found my fly-spray concentrate bottle near empty.

There was a suspicious looking stain on the barn floor, it gave me the impression someone spilled my bottle of concentrate.

I fashioned the Old Guy a homemade concoctin out of vinegar, water, and a touch of soap. Suprisingly, it worked!

Saturday we received our first denial letter for Wee One’s preschool applications. He is now on the waiting list.

We are still waiting to hear from another preschool. Keep yer fingers crossed…..

I called my Father yesterday morning to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. He sounded great.

The past week or so I’ve been stricken with a bout of ‘homesickness’ for my family and my home state of Michigan. Not sure when it snuck up on me because I have been so busy I have had to schedule a time just to pee.

I hate feeling like this.

I hope it goes away soon. Right now would be nice.



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20 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Aniin BG, when are you planning to go up North for the summer?

    How do you like my new avatar?

  2. SailorMoon

    I was wondering the same thing that Brian asked, if you were going up North this summer. I am working on getting my older 2 to Illinois to see their dad, hopefully they will be leaving in a couple of weeks and it will just be my “baby boy” and me. I cannot believe he will start kindergarten in August. Time flies. I hope you find a preschool for WeeOne. They really do enjoy it and learn a lot!!

  3. Midlife Mom

    A waiting list for preschool! Yikes, things sure have changed since my son was a little one! Hope things work out and you find another one that you like. Don’t ya hate it when the fly spray gets spilled!!!!! My five goofballs will go in the barn when they are bored and get into that stuff and strew it all over the place. I just asked my Dad to make some fronts on my shelves so they can’t get into things. That stuff is sooooooo expensive! I will try your ‘recipe’!

  4. Does that fly spray work only for horses or can it be put around the house and yard and on dogs?

  5. Time for a visit home huh? Summer would be the best time for that! 😉

    Poor wee one. Time for mine to move to a new school too. i am waiting word for that. I can’t believe how quickly they grow up.

    happy monday! :HUG:

  6. I want they grey horse !!!!
    If ya come home to Michigan, BG, I’ll buy ya a beer if you bring rain 🙂 I’m only 25 miles from your hometown.
    I wish my parents were still alive to wish them happy anything.

    Yeah..what’s with a pre-school waiting list ? Good grief !

  7. Papi tangled in a grudge match to beat all grudge matches, against an armadillo. Papi armed only with his shiny 2006 Ford Focus damaged and tore up most of the fiberglass bumper in the battle. The armadillo sauntered away. Papi swears he was smiling. So, yeah, if you think your car is FORD tough, it may be, as long as you don’t challenge an armadillo crossing the street.

    Your kid can’t get into pre-school? He could if English was his second language or if his parents were non-Americans. How dare you limit the options for your children by being American citizens! What were you thinking? If you ain’t illegal in this country, you don’t get nothing, baby.

  8. That horse picture is absolutely wonderful.

  9. brian-it doesnt look like Ill be able to make the trip North this summer

    SM-time DOES fly!

    MM-yes, good fly spray is very expensive. I cant just jump into my car and drive to the store unless I want to drive for 45 minutes to Atwoods.

    poogie-I think its safe for dogs and everything else. My cat Marvin stuck his head in the bowl while I was stirring it and it didnt bother him-but hes not the brightest cat in the world either.

    melanie-I hope Wee One gets accepted, not sure what Ill do if he doesnt.

    magz-make it a case and Im already in my car!

    ewbl-eww armadillos are creepy…and LOUD. when I was hunting one scared the crappola out of me in the dark, silly thing almost ran into me. See what I get for being a legal tax paying citizen? denied preschool benefits, not fair dammit! Im gonna email my congressman or senator or some freaking govt’ official about this..

  10. Donna-dapples are a favorite of mine, only second to Bays tho…bays rule.

  11. Love, Love, LOVE that photograph!

    Fingers crossed for preschool…

  12. Hi.

    Just wanted you to know that even though I have been absent from reading the blogs, I have always enjoyed coming here. It’s nice and like, well, like home. You ramble, you bitch, you celebrate and most of all you Live. Thanks.

  13. Can’t get into preschool because you’re over income? I don’t get it. I hope something comes through soon.

  14. Good luck with preschool!

  15. a buzzard… of all things.

    Maybe you should market your home made fly stuff as an environmental option (you know…. carbon footprint and all those toes) ha ah ha ha haa

    You could get rich!

  16. love the dapple! Aztec used to be so pretty! I’m using Endure here… although for the grounds I use various sprays… Seems it is easier to kill flies and mosquitoes than fleas…. they live on despite all my efforts to kill the little b*******!

    I was thinking of going to the UP…. see the grams…
    Work is slow…. I might simply head to MT then MI towards the end of summer .. although I had intended to move to MT this year.. might wait til next….decisions decisions……money is slow too…

  17. Rebecca

    Sorry about your denial with Wee One. I hope your name it at the TOP of the waiting list.

    Some of our societial rules can really SUCK. Ya know my kids on free lunch and breakfast (because parents claim to have no income) yet there were 50 dollar shirts and 80 dollar tennis shoes. They always fiind money for a game or a dance ticket.

  18. dhw-I like dapples!

    pinky-thnx! Ive missed ya…

    slackermommy-yep, guess hubs should quit his tax-paying job and we should go on welfare.


    pamela-ha, if I thought it’s make me rich, Id have done that years ago.

    katie-yes, money is slow here too this summer. I would give my eye teeth to be in the UP right now. Seriously I would! I can always get a bridge or tooth implants.

    rebecca-oh yeah, I hear ya. I know of 2 kids already enrolled that have parents that NEVER work and suck money off the govt’. I am pissed about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. sorry to hear about the preschool denial, the wee one could use the outlet, as well as a great break for ou. Hoping the next one’s the charm.

  20. Good luck with the preschool.

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