Meow Mix

Attention Cat people.

Especially you Cats On Tuesdays folks. Here is a photo contest for your best feline photo:

ASPCA: Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month Photo Contest

Kitty likes to give Marvin a hard time. He deserves it, he prances around like he is royalty.


Wee One’s favorite thing to do this week is to put handcuffs on everyone and inform them they are going to jail. He can almost recite The Miranda. I am worried about his future, I do not want him to pursue a career in Law Enforcement. I am glad his older brother got that out of his head last year.

My phone was out again. It stormed badly last night and evidently it knocked out my phone, again. It finally was fixed by noon. But, geesh! I think I’ll start paying my phone bill late or something and see how they like crappy service, stupid privately owned phone company anyhow..

I heard from an old childhood friend today.

One I lost touch with thru the years, especially when I relocated to Oklahoma. We went to school together and have been friends since kindergarten. She was inquiring if I was going to attend our 20th high school reunion this July.

It was great to hear from her. Now I am really homesick, dammit.



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19 responses to “Meow Mix

  1. Aniin BG.

    Just had some rain come through, very muggy now. 😦

    Marvin looks so hen pecked in the second picture.

    Wee One is cute, but I’m with you. I hope he does something else with his talents. πŸ˜‰

    One more day to vacation!!!!!!

  2. Rebecca

    So will you be going to the 20 yr reunion?

    Loved the kitty pics!!!

    We one looks like he knows his momma is bragging on him and is standing at attention! = )

  3. Haaa Marvin. He is the coolest,cutest guy.
    I just wanna snuggle him to pieces.

  4. Great photo’s.
    Come on up for your reunion ! I’ll have a case of your fave brew waitin’…

    At least Wee One ain’t runnnin’ round wanting to be the robber in “cops and robbers” :-p

  5. I hope you get to go to your reunion just so you can get some relief from your homesickness.

    Wee One wants to follow in the family tradition, eh? I’m with you, no law enforcement and also no military.

  6. Bri-have a super vacation! marvin, henpecked? hahaha

    rebecca-thnx, Marv is an easy shot

    lael-Marv only snuggles w/ me, he doesnt like anyone else. Dont take it personally!

    magz-I wish I was on my way, Id like a beer right now…

    jenny-cops and soldiers are not paid nearly enough for their work…not even close.

  7. We’ve been on the “Storm A Day” plan here in Texas for the past week. Miraculously, our power and Internet haven’t gone out. Usually, all it takes is a light breeze to knock out everything. I often think back to mychildhood in Indiana where we would hunker down during freaking blizzards and we never even lost our cable connection. I don’t know what’s up with service down here and why they can’t learn from the obviously superior Yankees. πŸ™‚

  8. Those are pretty cats, and I’m a dog person, so that’s a real compliment.

    Sorry you’re so homesick.. 😦

  9. The way that cat is looking at me makes me nervous… I must look like salmon dinner.

    (speaking of fish… we’re off to the ocean — be back monday)

  10. How nice to hear from an old friend πŸ™‚

    My 20th is next year, yikes.

  11. Marvin always cracks me up. Wee One is sooooooo cute !

  12. So sorry you’re feeling homesick!

    Wee One is adorable. He’ll make a fine and dandy cop. Not an easy job, but if you can get on in Mayberry it’s not so bad!

  13. Midlife Mom

    I would love to know what Marvin is thinking!

    Hey go to your reunion and get the homesickness thing out of your system, it sounds like you really need a good dose of ‘back home’!

  14. yeah well I’m ready to put handcuffs on the kids lol. All they have done is fight fight fight

  15. Wee One’s adorable! πŸ™‚

    How fun to meet a friend from way back when …

    rained too much here.. again….. too…. my phone line was out due to our crappy telephone technician from Time Warner Cable co……

  16. ewbl-lol, hubs often refers to me as a ‘damn yankee’

    burg-Im more of a dog person too but after Elvis passed away, I am not ready for a pup.

    pamela-the ocean? I am jealous!

    momto3cubs-20 years went by fast~

    callie-Marvin is a brat, so is Wee

    dhw-Id rather he be a MD or something safer

    MM-going to MI this summer isnt looking too promising considering time and especially $$ factor 😦

    anne-I hear ya…..Id like to lock BOTH of mine in a makeshift jail myself right this very minute.

    katie-our TV never goes out but the phone always does, thank goodness for cell phones

  17. SailorMoon

    Cats are so cool aren’t they! I’ve been a cat person since birth. My little one went through the handcuff thing. Okay, I’m full of emotion today and I’m sure you are too, I think I saw you on the boards, I go by a different name over there, (MM) but GOD BLESS TIM MILLER and EQUUSEARCH. I’d never actually “seen” him before, but what class and what a man. In my spare time and after my kids are grown, that’s my calling.

  18. love the cat pics – too cute! my best friend joyce, who is a cop, LOVES to say that. she said the best part about her job is the cuffin and stuffin and then she says you’re going to JAIL (emphasis on jail). I wish you could meet her. the way she says that puts me in the floor every time.

  19. They love for you to pay late. That means they get more money from you.

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