OSBI Is Worried About This Photo

OSBI Worried For Woman’s Safety After Photo Found

The OSBI(Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation) is worried about the woman in this photo. The photo was found at a gas station.

The OSBI believe she is gravely injured.

She appears no longer alive to me.

The photo has been doctored by the OSBI so I would assume we are only getting a facial shot of the woman to spare us of any unpleasant details.

I cannot help but wonder if the OSBI knows she is already dead and this is a method they are using to find her killer/killers.

Here is the entire article:

Purcell – A photo found near the gas pump of a service station in McClain County has investigators worried the woman pictured may be gravely injured.

The photo was discovered earlier this week at the service station seven miles west of Purcell on Highway 39. Investigators believe the woman is injured and want to identify her quickly to check on her well being.
The photo has been touched up by an OSBI forensic artist for public release. Anyone with information about the woman is urged to contact the OSBI at 1-800-522-8017 or the McClain County Sheriff’s Office at 1-405-527-2141.

When I first read this article, it reminded me very much of 19 yo missing woman Tara Leigh Calico ‘s case from 1988.

Rumors have persisted for years that Calico was the unidentified female in a Polaroid photo discovered in Port St. Joe, Florida on June 15, 1989, nine months following her disappearance. A white Toyota cargo van had been parked in the spot prior to the discovery of the picture. The photo was located on the ground in a convenience store’s parking lot in St. Joe. It depicted a long-legged young woman and a smaller boy lying on some sheets and a blue striped pillow. Their mouths were covered with duct tape and their hands tied behind their backs. The photograph was taken in the back of a white Toyota cargo van with no windows, manufactured in the late 1980s. Polaroid officials say the picture had to have been taken after May 1989; the film it was made of was not available until then.

You can read the entire Calico case and the rest of the story HERE .


 After reviewing the ‘untouched’ photo. I am certain this women is no longer alive. From the color of her skin/lips to what appears to be a gunshot wound and brain matter in her hair, speaks loud and clearly.

here is the untouched version of the photo:




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21 responses to “OSBI Is Worried About This Photo

  1. Wow, she does not appear alive to me either. We had a girl from here disappear in Atlanta years ago – her last name was Love. She ran out of gas coming home from a dance class and was last seen walking with a gas can to get it filled. For $5 (this was back in the 90’s) she’d still be alive. I never let my gas run to “E” because I always think of her.

    Cheerful comment today, huh?!

  2. Damn ! Looks in full rigor to me. I hope they find out what happened to her, who she is, etc.
    Any aprox age? She reminds me a bit of that missing Lisa from Illinois.

  3. rach-how awful, but she isnt the first woman to run out of gas and get murdered for it..I bet she isnt the last. There was a case like that in Arkansas not too long ago, a high school girl, same thing, ran out of gas. They found her AND caught her killer.

    magz-Ive googled and searched to get more info on this OSBI case and photo but only came up with the ONE news article. No other info out there. Lisa Steibic? nawww, of course I cant be 100% but I dont think its her. Her husband offed her, Id bet my last dollar on that one.

  4. Oh my, I hope you’re wrong. Sometimes hope is all there is in such a scary world.

  5. Oh I agree about Stebic**’s husband. Did you know they are searching the woods in N. Mich…he had a lot of property there. Just the profile/dark hair reminded me of Lisa,tho.
    I’ve been mesmerized by the UFO links you listed yesterday…I’m ready for them to beam me up, Scotty ! Just do it and be done, already !!!

  6. Whoa.. I hadn’t heard about this yet. That’s creepy.

  7. Humanity can be so horrible sometimes. Hard to believe that we all come from the same place with celestial beginnings.

  8. mikael-I hope I am wrong too. I am not an expert on dead people but I have hunted my fair share of game…the photo looks to me like the woman is dead 😦

    magz-I have a long time reader/lurker never commenter from Ishpeming who said he heard they are searching for Stebic up there. I think the hubs offed her too. I also read the report fromt he DNR officer who had a confrontation w/ Stebic a few years ago. I think the officer is right on, he said Stebic eyes told him EXACTLY what kind of evil he was capable of.

    burg-creepy is right! we are never at a loss for horrible or creepy crimes in OK, I hate that.

    ewbl-like magz, beam me up to a better place.

  9. This is really sad. It is hard for me to understand why events like this happen… even though I do know that not everyone is good.. nor kind. What sort of twist makes these people killers and such? So many sick ____ out there!

  10. SailorMoon

    Every day I am just blown away by the crimes I read about and follow in my boards. There was a pic of 3 boys with mouths taped, hands behind back that surfaced about this time last year that was supposed to be some boy who disappeared years ago, can’t think of his name. But the picture just gave me chills. And it brought a whole new thing to light for me, its bad enought that we have people snatching people and killing them, but how many people have just disappeared, most are presumed dead, but are kept alive like this woman and the boy in the pic with her and the pic of 3 boys that surfaced again last year???? I’m telling ya, this world ain’t right. Creepy. Just plain creepy and scary.

  11. katie-yes, there are too many sick f**ckers out there these days, makes me worry for my kids. Scary. and to think someone took a photo of these people like this, sick sick sick.

    SM-yes, I remember the case you are commenting about, 9 yoMichael Henley was one of the boys (I think). His body was found. Every state should have the Death Penalty!

  12. Yeah…that looks like a corpse to me too:(

  13. wow… what is wrong with people these days? yikes. I have never been in so much pain or so depressed i felt like victimizing others. I don’t know that there is a rise in sick f*ckers, just more eyes to watch their every move. sighs. thinks she should go home and lock the door. but what is that going to solve?

  14. Seen enough dead people. That looks dead.

  15. UnsureGuy

    I have blown this photo up and not only is it probably cropped as earlier mentioned, but the entire nose and nostril are drawn on. If you look closely you can see that the artist used all gray to draw the nostril and the outline of the nose. The mouth appears to have also been touched up…actually now that I look at it, the eyes may be doctored up as well. I hope it is a fake picture altogether…

  16. unsureguy-I hope the photo is a fake too. In this world of digital, it may very well be BUT I do not think the OSBI would behave this way if they thought so 😦
    I see what your talking about. I also think her hairline is ‘off’ appearing….

  17. Reannan

    It isn’t a fake picture. You can see the untouched photograph at OSBI’s Press Release website:

    She appears to have been shot if you look at the back of her head in the untouched photograph. She has also been hit in the mouth, and her arm has either blood or an abrasion on it.

  18. ATI

    Has there been any update as to who this woman was? The articles are all expired, any new info would be of help.


  19. Brian

    I hope whoever is responsible is brought to justice today.

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