Turn Up The Radio

I have a reason to celebrate.

Wee One has used the potty all by himself since Friday morning without me constantly running after him every 15-30 minutes making sure he doesnt go in his underwear.

Not once has he tried to sneak off and crap his pants.

You have no idea how deliriously happy I am about this development. No idea.

Altho, when Wee One is outside, he just ‘whips it out’ and pees next to the nearest tree….

Boys are so much fun.


Saturday morning best friend D stopped by. The last time I had spoken to him, I was angry with him.

I do not like being mad at my friends. I am such a grudge holder. I hate being this way.

I wish I could ‘forgive and forget’. It is not as easy as it sounds for me.

Anyhow, D and I did have a nice visit. He looks really good. D has been taking care of himself the last few months.

I never realized the toll his toxic relationship with R. was taking on him the past year or so. Im glad the witch is out of his life. Also the fact that his mom’s cancer has been better with chemo/radiation treatments has made D more relaxed.

D took his shirt off when he was helping me clean and do the pool chemicals. D’s tan is rocking, as well as his body.

I nearly told him so but I didnt think the hubs (who was within ear-shot) would appreciate me checking out my buddy D’s ripped body. I would never hear the end of it for sure.

It is not like I want to jump D’s bones. No way. Just thinking about sex w/ D gives me a nausea attack-eww.

But looking at a nice male body is like looking at a nicely conditioned, beautiful horse, something to appreciate…….

I am at a loss why D cannot get/and/or/keep a decent girlfriend. D has a good job, his own money, a car and a truck, his own place to live.

I have came to the conclusion that:

1. D is too nice, he needs to behave more like a ‘bad-boy’

2. D might possibly be bad at sex

3. D talks too much and is annoyingly loud

4. D needs to be more ‘choosey’ in the ladies area

The last girlfriend he had for a short time, he brought her out for a visit. I nicknamed her Fluffy, for her fluffy hairdoo.

D and I yakked up a storm while Fluffy stood by in her frilly see-thru tank top and daisy dukes admiring her sparkly blue manicure and caking on bubblegum pink lipgloss.

Son #1 was impressed with her. I wasnt.

When Fluffy asked me for a beer, I asked her if she was old enough to legally drink it.

She was, barely.

I asked D “what possibly do you have in common with her and what do y’all talk about? Because I dont think Fluffy has got much going on upstairs.”

D just looked at me, then said, “I dunno, I guess we dont talk a whole lot.

I am a Pearl Jam addict. I can listen to them all day long.

 XM Radio is the BEST thing ever.




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22 responses to “Turn Up The Radio

  1. Hey, it’s been a long time, but I still remember how great it is to get your kid potty-trained!

  2. whooooo howdy… that was a description for the books… bubblegum pink lipgloss on top of it

    relationships now start with sex and go backwards……
    it’s messed up.

  3. Love Wee One’s progress – for you both!

    I enjoy the horse pictures!!!

    Lack of communication really hurts relationships. On the other hand, maybe D is not really ready for anything more than sex and candy.

    as for D.. well he just has really bad taste in females. Maybe he really does not want a lasting relationship.

  5. My daughter has a friend we maybe could hook D up with. Of course it’d be a long distance relationship but ya’ll aren’t THAT far away.

    Yay Wee One! It’s always such a relief when they finally get it. Grandson whips it out too. I was so embarrassed to turn around while at Hurricane Harbor a couple of weeks ago to see him doing just that. Thank goodness we were in a somewhat isolated area of the park.

  6. Hee hee love that last picture!
    When we drive to the Coast we see horses and assorted bovine jackassing around all the time. They’re so funny!

  7. donna-I want to have a huge party, I am THAT happy!


    pamela-yes, thats how it seems nowadays. Iam SHOCKED by some of the stuff that 13yo girls leave on my 13 son’s myspace, SHOCKED I tell ya….

    katie-hahaha! “maybe D is not really ready for anything more than sex and candy.” he whines about wanting a GF but I am beginning to wonder…

    celeste-he has BAD taste and I am starting to suspect he secretly wants to be a bachelor the rest of his life. I told him Im NOT doing anymore of his laundry…unless he keeps helping me w/ the pool.

    jenny-boys! they can be very interesting…in a beastly kind of way. a prospective girl for D? hmm tell me more!

    lael-I love watching a calf run and play, they are as cute as foals until they grow up into DUMB cattle and are only good for a t-bone.

  8. lol great shot of the grey chasing the calf
    Wonder what they’ll talk about when the grey catches up, or is the jealous grey just chasing the calf away from his juicy pasture spot

  9. Rebecca

    I wish you could see the picture of Fluffy, I have in my head after your description.

    If you can tone down “D”s voice and amount of talk time…I could handle the other areas = p

    I’m proud of Wee one!! Way to go!

  10. Your posts always make me dizzy…so much fun ! Always love you horse photos, stories about WeeOnePeeingOnHisOwn, and stories about ripped men, sex, and trucks. What more could anyone ask for?

  11. Aniin BG, checking in with you. Having a good time, wish you were here. Whatever, whatever. 😉

  12. Well, admiring D’s body is not a bad thing. God likes it when we admire His handiwork hence the reason he made Brodie Croyle, George Clooney…well, you get the idea.

    Hmm, relationships nowadays start with sex and go backwards? Now that is one I have never heard or thought about. Wow, now I am really looking forward to Friday night with Denver;0 (Okay, just teasing. If he shows, I will be happy enough.)

  13. Where did my comment go? Oh well. What I said was – it is okay to admire D’s body because God likes it when we admire His handiwork hence the reason he made Brodie Croyle, George Clooney, et al. (No, Rebecca, NOT Chris Noth!)

    And relationships start nowadays with sex and go backwards? Woo hoo! Can’t wait for Friday night now if Denver shows…(ha ha, just kidding).

  14. “I dunno, I guess we don’t talk a whole lot.” LMAO!

    Way to go, Wee One! Literally! What a big boy you are! Hooray! (Yes, I know what a big deal this is! I hope it continues!)

  15. Way to go potty boy!

  16. Congrats! to Wee One for the potty success and “whew” for Mom.

  17. I love my XM Radio with all my heart and all my soul too!

    No offense, but guys who go out with vapid, young hussies usually have maturity issues. He probably picked her up at the roller skating rink after they slow skated to something by The Backstreet Boys.

  18. I forgot to congratulate you on the potty training miracle. Woot! Oh Lord, we say thanks to thee.

    My life took a drastic turn 2 years ago when I got everybody weaned, potty trained, and bathing themselves.

  19. Great on wee one’s progress….oh those are days I don’t miss!

  20. Congrats on the potty training. I was so excited when I finally got my son potty trained. Now if I could get him to wipe his own butt! He keeps telling me that he will wipe when he’s 6. I’m holding him to it!

  21. Q9-nice calf too bad they grow up into cattle!

    rebecca-I do not think D will ever change…

    Rach-haha your comment posted. Have a good time w/ Denver tomorrow…geesh if y’all end up serious, Im gonna eat Crow, no?

    momto3cubs-so far so good on the potty training, I am HAPPY

    burg- 🙂

    callie-whew for sure….I thought hed never do it.

    ewbl-thnx! D cant dance or roller skate. I think he just doesnt want a ‘serious’ relationship. He has dated women older than him, I think he isnt too picky!

    kelli-I sure dont miss it

    slackermommy-I have to keep a tub of wet-wipes, if Wee doesnt think hes clean he DEMANDS a shower-wtf?

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