Tragedy has struck close to home.

Best friend L lost her beautiful 3 yo Skipper W bred Palomino filly over night in a freak accident involving their electric fence.

L is beside herself today, to say the least. 

She has raised this filly since she bought her as a small, half starved and neglected foal. With L’s TLC Skye blossomed into a beautiful horse.

After Wee One has his nap, we are going back to spend the afternoon with L.

Baseball practice starts at 5pm and the Dances at 7pm. Im not sure if we’ll be going to either because of this drizzle/rain still falling from the heavens above.

The Osage’s have not had good weather for dancing this year.

Oklahoma needs sun, desperately.

The husband has to take a johnboat to cross a flooded creek at work twice a day. He isnt too happy about hauling around a boat. I think it is kind of funny….

Since Im posting this Im sure y’all know it WAS NOT me who purchased the winning Powerball ticket in Oklahoma. It is worth $100 million.


Wee has one of our old cell phones, I charged it up for him. It kept him busy trying to play the games on it. He also was punching in the numbers and counting along with them.

I never imagined a cell phone being a learning tool!



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18 responses to “Tragedy

  1. BG…I am so very sorry about your friend’s loss. It’s awful to lose someone you love, regardless of how many legs they have. It’s good that you will be her.
    Here’s hoping you get sunshine,and we get rain.
    You need to enter Wee One in a cutest kids contest !!!!

  2. Poor L! It is hard to lose one of the ‘furkids’. Let her know we are all sorry and sad with her….

  3. sorry about your friends loss. I would giggle about the boat as well. wishing i could take pictures of that. Hey, anything that has numbers and letters is a learning tool.

    I wish i spent more time teaching my child. sighs. I am tired.

  4. Midlife Mom

    My heart breaks for your friend L who lost her horse! I use electric fencing, is there something I should know about it to save my guys from this kind of accident? I’m glad you can be there for her to help her through this grieving process that she will go through.

    I’m going to mention to Husband that he doesn’t have it so bad, he could be hauling our fishing boat to work every day!

    Wee One sure looks like he is having fun with that cell phone. Are you sure he’s not calling up some cute chicks?!!!

  5. Oh what a horrible tragedy! I can’t imagine losing a beloved animal that way.

    Cute pic of your son!

  6. Awww he’s so cute!!

    I’m sorry bout your friend’s horse:(

  7. Your son is adorable!

    I am so sorry about your friend’s loss.

  8. I am so sorry about her loss. What kind of wire was she using?

  9. hate to hear stories of loved animals and freak accidents. I missed the one of how you lost your dog… or did you ever tell it???

    would you keep blogging if you won the lotto?

  10. I haven’t been able to mow the lawn because it rains every single freakin day. The dog refuses to roam the backyard because the grass is high enough to tickle his butt, and he doesn’t like it. I guess I don’t really blame him.

  11. magz-Wee One can be the sweetest, he can also be the meanest kid! L is doing better. Thx

    astaryth-L says thnx!

    memsahib-I need to spend more time teaching Wee but dang, my patience seems short these days.

    MM-their new fence was only up for 2 days, and it has been raining something awful, the cause of death seems to be the soaked wet ground was a conductor of some sort. Scary

    karmynR-thnx, glad to see your back!



    celeste-L was using 2 wires, the kind that pulsates. I have been around electric fences but never had one myself, I have never, ever cared for them.

    pamela-Elvis was ran over by a vehicle. Ummm, yes Id probably still blog if I was a multimillionaire, I would have some GREAT stuff to right about for sure.

    EWBL-it poured buckets last night. haha, I dont blame your dog either.

  12. I’m really sad to hear about L’s horse.

    I stepped in a puddle and touched the electric fence once years ago and it kicked me on my butt.I’ve never used an electric fence myself.

    Your rain = my rain… sighing here…. flooding everywhere…. I’m going to go buy some alfalfa squares today and bring them to the house. Can’t get round bales to them anymore…

  13. SailorMoon

    I’m sorry to hear of L.’s loss. That’s sad. Yes, rain, rain and more freaking rain. My mower stopped running and I couldn’t mow it if I wanted to. I was taken aback when I looked out my office window yesterday in downtown Dallas at all the water surrounding the city. Whoa!!

  14. BG I’m so sorry for L’s great loss, god how awful. I’m glad you can be there for her, she must be sick with grief.

    At first when I saw your headline and photo I was afraid something had happened to Scooter.

  15. You lot still have electric fences?
    I thought they’d been outlawed along with barbed wire

    So wee one making business calls
    or did he just get a text message from his 1st date

  16. I am trying to get a good blog conversation started on horse husbandry, specifically feed and nutrition in different parts of the country / world. Please feel free to join the thread:

    Thanks very much, and nice blog too!

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