Y’all know my fascination with the unknown… 

The recent article:  Team Heads to Michigan to Search for Bigfoot from 6/27/07 caught my eye.

The news articles about Bigfoot sightings in Oklahoma always brought out the skeptic in me. But, maybe I was too quick to think Sasquatch only lived in the Northern States and Swamps.

Not that I 100% believe in Bigfoot…..I am unsure about the whole theory….much more skeptical than I am about aliens from outer space.

There are Native American Tribes that believe in Sasquatch. My tribe,The Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians does not have Sasquatch tales or legends that I have heard or know of.

Here is a site: about Bigfoot in Oklahoma. It found me by way of leaving me a comment on the first post I wrote about Sasquatch back in 3/06, HERE

BFRO Geographical Database of Bigfoot Sightings & Reports is a great site to check out reported Sasquatch sightings in your area listed by state.

CA: 358

CO: 84

MO: 53

OH: 190

TX: 160

WA: 410

OR: 199

My Sighting?  I cannot write about Sasquatch sightings without telling my story.

In the summer of 2003, in Northern Michigan, one evening I accompanied my youngest nephew T. and his friend Phil out looking for Elk.

It had gotten dark and we were on our way home leaving the edges of the cedar swamp in the Pigeon River State Forest, when we spotted something on the right side of the dirt road. A large upright dark form ran down a good sized slope out of the woods to the edge of the road and then just as quickly disappeared into the thickest set of trees on the same side of the road. It acted as if it had changed its mind about crossing the road and ran back into the swampy area.

We were driving in an area that there are no houses or cabins for miles around.

 Prior to seeing this incident, we had been chatting about some everyday nonsense. We immediately became silent. I was sitting in the front passenger seat and I turned around and looked at Phil who right away asked me “Did you see that!?!??!!”

I thought maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, I was about 4 1/2 months pregnant at the time and well, being preggers can make a girl a little crazy. You have no idea how glad I was that Phil blurted that out that question.

I told Phil, “Yes, I had seen it also.”

Nephew T. was driving and he said he saw a large shadow like shape but he was watching the road because we were rounding a corner.

We voted against turning around and checking it out.

I have to admit, Phil and I were kinda unnerved about the sighting, we kept saying to each other it was probably just the shadows playing tricks on us……

We analyzed what it could have possibly been that we saw, it was definately not a bear. If it was a black bear, it was a massive one running on 2 paws.

Since I was pregnant, no I was NOT drinking alcohol or under any kind of chemical influence.


When my best friend L. and I were in our mid to late teens, we coon-hunted often. We also ran our dogs out of season, we just did not carry any firearms or kill any racoons.

As 2 young girls, we were fearless. We trampled by foot behind our dogs thru any swamp, forest, and on more than one occassion, corn field.

Not once did we ever experience anything ‘strange‘ during our night outings. Well, except for the time we got attacked by an owl…yes, an owl!

L and I used to load up our horses and go for long trail rides in the Pigeon River State Forest. We covered many miles on and off the trails. We would run with elk, see large amounts of white tail deer,a few badgers, a rare black bear sighting and plenty of bear tracks, all kinds of other wildlife.

But, nothing odd was ever experienced on one of those many rides. Except an oddball camper or hunter we crossed paths with.

Whether Sasquatch is real or a myth, it is very interesting to hear about.



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14 responses to “Sasquatch’s

  1. Yeah, I’m one of those people who WANT to believe in it all… I want them to find a sasquatch and a yeti, and Nessie, and little green aliens! However, I worry that if they ever do find a sasquatch or Nessie that the poor things will never get any privacy ever again! This makes me hope that they exist, but that no one actually finds them! LOL

  2. You’re right. This is a long-time mystery! Quite different than the kids who used to spin garbage can lids and photograph them with a B@W camera as UFO’s! What a harrowing experience!!

  3. I’ve written before about my Sasquatch hunting story – didn’t see anything really, but Smelled something horrible (which our guide told us was sasquatch-marking scent).

    I don’t know if he is real or not – but here is this thought – We know there are cougars and bears around but how often do you REALLY see them? How many times can you go into the mountains and NEVER see them? So, what’s to say there isn’t some type of Ape creature up there whose just really good at hiding?

  4. Hearing about you and L makes me wish I’d had a childhood friend like her.. one that you grew up with! Lucky you! 🙂

  5. You know, that is odd, I’ve never really given it much thought one way or the other (as to the validity of claims of sightings and such), but I must say, your experiences were definitely interesting!

    PS: Hope you’ve been having a good summer! *Hugs*

  6. I really don’t know what to think about Big Foots, as they are called around here. Not long ago a man insisted on seeing one here in Wisconsin. I’m sure there are a lot of creatures around that we don’t know about. It’s rare to spot even the ones that we do know are there.

  7. When my middle daughter was in 6th grade I contacted a BIG FOOT guy locally – and he took us on a big foot hunt. (me, my three daughters and one of their friends. I think the hubby had to work or bowed out)

    It started snowing before we got to the place where he had marked tracks for us.

    So, as a consolation, he gave our daughter a plaster cast of a big foot he had taken the previous year. Hubby found it in our storage about a month ago.

    Now I must post it.

    PS. we had a video of our trip, too… including a tree that was twisted off… he said Big Foot Did it.

    I’m still a skeptic…. with a bit of wonder mixed in.
    If I had your Email add. I’d tell you what he told me.

  8. pamelathedust at yahoo dot com

  9. I’ve never seen one but my sister and a friend had a run in with something one day when they ditched school to go sunbathing at the sand pits.

  10. I have a very good friend that is very involved in this subject. I went to a “meeting/convention” of the seekers of the Sasquatch.

    I have to say the evidence is very compelling. I personally have never seen one, but do not put it out of the range of possibility. They do exist. And they are elusive for a reason. The only thing that bothered me was, why hasn’t anyone ever caught one? I am rather pleased they haven’t as I love intrigue and the thought of us not being alone in the universe. And I hate to see something innocent being dissected under the guise of “science”.

  11. Big foot?
    I’ve heard of black foot
    We occasionally have sight of black panthers or large ‘wild’ cats, but no one has ever caught one

  12. I have really hairy arms thanks to my Italian father. I’m more Missing Link than Sasquatch, though. Campers don’t have to feel frightened of me. I make great S’mores!

  13. when i heard about the most recent Bigfoot sighting it really got my hopes up…

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