The Green Fairy

Once, many, many years ago, at the start of my career as a party girl, I spent a blurred and hazy weekend in Windsor, Ontario.

It was a beautiful summer day. I was 19 at the time. Early that saturday morning in July, I ran into town to the local feedstore and bumped into the store owner’s daughter, Kim.

Back in high school, Kim attended the public schools altho she was catholic like me, she attended catechism classes at my school, so we were friends. Especially after she dated my ex-boyfriend Mark. Kim was really cool about the whole situation back then, Mark treated her badly.

Mark and I had a nasty break-up, I was not ready for a serious relationship(even tho he had an awesome car!). I just wanted to live every day like there was no tomorrow, partying and having fun was what I was all about, I did not want a boyfriend tagging along on every little adventure.

Mark and I went our seperate ways, but he still professed undying love for me up until a few years afterwards. When Kim started dating him, I wished her the best, he really was a nice guy, despite his clingly, stalker-type faults.

 Kim complained about Mark’s hang ups regarding his relationship with me. After awhile, that was the end of them. So I was happy to bump into her on that hot summer morning.

Kim and I had lost touch after graduation, she went off to modeling school somewhere down by Detroit, I went off to college. We got to visiting and she invited me over to her parent’s Lake house. Since I was off work for a few days with time to burn, I zoomed out to the Lake. We hung out for awhile until Kim received a call from one of her ‘down state’ boyfriends, he invited us to a concert in Windsor. She asked me if I was game, Of course! I am sure I shouted. Her Father threw us the keys to his Deville and off we were, with a side trip to my house to pack a small bag and let it be known I’d be gone for a couple of days. Best friend L. assured she’d look after my horses (she was dating a preacher’s son that summer-yes, really!).

We picked up Kim’s boyfriend in Farmington Hills MI and crossed the border thru the tunnel. We made excellent time ( it was a long trip just to Detroit from our starting point). But, we got lost in the city of Windsor. After a couple of confused hours, we made it to our destination late that night, promptly changed into party clothes and sped to the bar.

We were treated very nicely by the band (Kim’s boyfriend’s brother was thier manager/promoter). She and I had free run of the backstage, I can recall.

We were in one of the dressing rooms just sitting around on funny beanbag chairs visiting, when a green colored bottle appeared and tiny silver glass.

The silver challis was offered to me.

I questioned what this ‘new to me drink’ was. I learned it was Absinthe.

I had a taste of the murky liquid, it was bitter going down but the effects were strong. I tried the little silver glass once more and declared enough Absinthe for me.

The  Absinthe had an effect that is similar to alcohol but stronger in a happy, feel good kind of way. I have heard it compared to the street drug ecstacy but I have never tried that drug so I have nothing to compare.

After the concert we attended an after-party in the nicer part of the City, where the band lived. We whooped it up until daylight when we made our way back to Kim’s boy friend’s brother’s small apartment and crashed for a few hours of sleep.

I came across this site, ABSINTHE – ALANDIA World of Absinthe which brought this 20 year old memory to mind……




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23 responses to “The Green Fairy

  1. This makes me want to be drunk and party all night. I don’t want to drink Absinthe, but a drink would be nice. I didn’t get to go to Canada as the fates aligned to piss me off. sigh……

  2. “similar to alcohol but stronger in a happy, feel good kind of way”


    Probably due to the combination of herbs and maybe the thujone – the constituent in wormwood (artemisia absinthium) – in concert with the alcohol. There’s a lot of arguments about this – as someone has just started marketing a very low thujone absinthe (the European ones have >35mg/l) in the States called Lucid.

  3. jenny-haha, Ive been called a ‘conservative hippy’ before. Not sure what that meant though

    pinky-aww damn, sorry about your luck. I drank a whole bottle of wine last night, I am destined to be a full fledged wino arent I?

    absintheur-can Lucid be purchased in the USA? Id be willing to try it. Ive always wanted to try absinthe again but in a more comfortable enviorment, like my home. Its been nearly 20 years but I remember absinthe was some excellent stuff.

  4. Aniin BG

    Checking in on you. Oops! I’ll come back later when you are sober. 😉

  5. Oh hell..I’m too much of a coward…my mind is all that really belongs to me and I’m terrified of destroying what’s left of it. That said, enjoy it when you get some !

  6. Yes Lucid is USA legal! but only currently available in New York. As I said in reply to your question on my blog – folks in the US have been buying European absinthe online from UK and Germany without any hassle as I understand.

    Wait! if it was 20 years ago it was 1987? Is that right?

  7. brian-missed you! how ya been? Im tired of behaving…..can ya tell?

    Magz-glad someone has got their wits about them 🙂

    absintheur-it was 1988 actually…guess 19 years is the correct #. But, if absinthe is ‘illegal’ in the US, how are people getting their order legally? Can Lucid be bought outside of NY?

  8. Hey there I am still safe from the flood waters. However we have no water now 😦 I’m so glad that I went to walmart last night and bought 3 cases of bottled water. But no bathy for me tonight.

  9. Wow, never heard of that one before. Interesting. In college, for me, it was kamikazes. Two Tom Collins’ followed by two kamikazes and I was numb from head to toe. Now you know why Greg spent his time pulling me OUT of party places sometimes although he did benefit from alot of those nights;)

  10. BC26-yikes! I saw those pics you sent, awful, awful!! Stay safe and dry where your at. No water sucks-thk gawd you went to wallyworld…

    rach-absinthe is supposed to be illegal in the USA, the one and only time I tried it, I was in Ontario-very good stuff BTW. I want more.

  11. Sounds like a good time. I’ll have to look for that drink.

  12. I’ve never tried it! I feel deprived!!!!

  13. Rebecca

    Sounds like a fond 20 yr old memory.

    God if only I could go back 20 yrs and know what I know now…

    Btw- I am no longer in Bridezillas wedding. She went plum crazy on me. People can suck!

    Thanks for the concert link you sent, yes i got it.
    Just got home from N.O. a few hrs ago.

  14. another blogger was discussing absinthe the other day – I’ve never tasted it. But I knew about it.

    I always thought it sounded like someone lisping.

  15. Catechism and boyfriends
    Partying and Absinthe
    life a rich mixture of bitter sweet
    with a little ecstasy thrown in for good measure

    Aaah, those carefree years when all we worried about was how to fill our days – and later where to party or spend our nights …

    and then it all got filled with the day to day things we must be – from bread winner to parent to a thousand other roles (for they are roles we play)

  16. momto3cubs-let me know if you can find it legally in the USA

    katie-you are!

    rebecca-people DO suck…Ive felt that way for most of my entire life…..sorry about bridezilla

    pamela-lisping absinthe I might enjoy

    Q9-“Aaah, those carefree years when all we worried about was how to fill our days – and later where to party or spend our nights …” I WANT those days back so badly sometimes dammit! life was so much easier back then.

  17. I didn’t read all the comments but I know that absinthe was banned in some countries. Oscar Wilde credited absinthe as his artistic muse, and I like the punny quote that goes, “ABSINTHE makes the heart grow finder.”

    You have your absinthe memories, and I have my wild bouts with MAD DOG 20/20 the liquor of choice for the lower class. Bleah.

  18. EWBL-my first time intoxicated was drinking mad-dog and Black Velvet….

  19. Well, if you’ve got a Visa or MC here you go…

  20. Happy 4th of July!

  21. I’ve always wanted to try that stuff..with the spoon and the sugar and water..they sell it here..may be one day..

  22. I have heard it is great. Ahhhh the memories of those days…..

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