Thoughts On Thursday

I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July.

We lucked out and could view the huge fireworks show from our front porch. We were at a distance, but we could still see them quite well.

I have crack-head callous fingers from lighting off 4 dozen coloresmoke bombs for Wee One with an itty, bitty cigarette lighter I found in the junk drawer.

Wee One isnt all that fond of the loud fireworks, so we stuck to the tame stuff and left all of the loud crackers to his older brother and father.

Gasp-my blog is R-rated. Who woulda thought?

Recently, I have been doing a very good job of controlling my potty mouth. Unlike Wee One who’s vocabulary needs an over-haul should he ever get into pre-school and off the waiting list. Here are some of his new sayings:

your gay!”

what the hells that?”

are you listening to me?

I can so do it

and my all time favorite….

momma’s crabby, stay away from her

Where did Wee One’s little ears hear such sayings?

Not from my mouth.

I have a feeling Wee One picked them up from his older brother, his older brother’s buddies, and his very own father.



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16 responses to “Thoughts On Thursday

  1. Ciari once called a kid in pre-school a “homo” she was just 3 and I was horrified! We don’t use that word(well except to describe homoginized milk!) and I soon learned I could thank her brother for that word.Grrr!

  2. Aniin BG.

    I never would have guessed your blog is R-rated. Quite frankly, based on everyday conversations you can hear in public, your blog is G-rated.

    No fireworks for me yesterday, just the final draft. I know I said that before, but this time I mean it. One last edit and then off to production.

    Diane will be home Saturday night, by then I’ll be eating the carpet. 😉

  3. Those little folks are like recorders, aren’t they?

    I remember the first time when my kids were watching some cartoon and someone said, “what the heck is that?” Then they started saying it and I was like, “stop that!”

  4. Funny isn’t it
    wee one not fond of loud fireworks today
    wait till a few years down the road

    And the blog R-rated, hold on to your hats!
    “In the mignight hour give me more more more”
    “With a rebel yell … give me more, more, more”

  5. Mine says,
    good idea!
    I can’t want it.
    darn it.
    mommy (ad nauseum)
    maybe we can get that.
    and various other sayings from “spongebob”
    and has an abnormal fear of spiders.

    glad you had a good fourth! we went and saw the big production from the beach! that place was a nightmare, but we had a blast, glow sticks.. lemonade, etc.

  6. lael-hahaha ‘homo’ thats a good one

    brian-congrats on sending RM off 🙂 that is great news!

    pavel-yes they are, just like little memes. I have to keep reminding myself I have Wee One’s eyes and ears taking in my every move and word

    Q9-I LOVE Billy Idol!!

    memsahib-luckily I havent passed on my spider phobia to either of my boys, suprisingly since I freak out at a daddy longlegs. Glad you and your wee one had a good 4th

  7. Braden always had a bad habit (actually still does) he will say
    Your not very nice
    I dont like you
    Why arent you friendly

  8. Wow – even out where you are, “you’re gay” is in as a slam, huh? Son uses it here. I say it to Belbo when I want to slightly annoy him. Funny how sayings work their way around but I promise, I did NOT say it loud enough Wee One could hear me, honest!

  9. Rebecca

    You are so tame compared to the things that I write!!!!! I have been working on it. My parents NEVER used a foul word while I was growing up…Wonder where I got it from????

    Thank you so much for sending me a cute “free tix” availability. I needed the perk that day! I wish my friends here would try to do something similiar that would actually work.

    Really, I did appreciate it!

  10. kel-sometimes I wish I could get away with saying ‘I dont like you’ Braden is cute enough he’d get by easily 😉

    rach-‘gay’ means happy I keep telling my 13yo. He had never known the REAL definition until I told him a few months ago!

    rebecca-My parents never used bad language around me either, nor I around them-I KNEW better. Your quite welcome on the tix deal. Hey, if I was unattached….Id be half tempted……really!~

  11. thou protests too much.
    little sponges, with an immediate repeat.

  12. Gotta watch everything I say around here 😉 The worst things always come back at inopportune times.

  13. DaBich

    LOL on Wee One saying “bad” things. They learn them faster than anything! We drove to local fireworks (10 minutes away) and they were AWESOME!! =D

  14. Maybe from TV? Who knows? Kids can become very inventive! The next thing may be “Bruce Springsteen!”

    Have a great weekend!!

  15. Rated R – that surprises me.

    I did this and it told me my blog was G – and I know for a fact it is NOT – because I’ve said the F-word a few times, “hell” a few times and have thrown in a few “damns” now and then – so I don’t know how they come up with this rating.

  16. Karmyn- They rate it based on what you have on your front page at the time. That means you can go from a ‘G’ to an ‘X’ during the course of a day depending on what you post.

    You and I are the bad bloggy girls, barn goddess. Want to go have a smoke and toilet paper the Principal’s house with me?

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