Celeste over at My day and thoughts gave me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger  award

and Kila over at momto3cubs did the same!

and also Burg over at deeper shades of red did the same last week, I am sorry I missed it Burg, I think I am slowly losing my mind…..

I cannot recall the last time anyone has told me I rock. Thank you Celeste and Kila and Burg!

Now I have to pick 5 girl bloggers who I think rock.

My chica Jenny over at Unacknowledged Genius rocks. I can relate 100% to her perverse thinking. Not only is she funny but brutally honest. I am certain if she didnt live a couple hundred miles away, we’d hang out a lot.

Southern Belle Magz transplanted to my old home state of Michigan over at Southern Sass on Crime  rocks. She is an all time favorite crime blogger who specializes in protecting our Nation’s children. She isnt for the weak minded, for that I like her even more.

Grail over at Just some grail rocks. This single mama to a whole bunch of boys tells of the triumphs and trials of everyday life. This is one mom that works as hard as they come.

Rebecca over at Meow MEOW rocks. She is one of the under paid, awesome teachers that teaches our future presidents, doctors, lawyers and such. Always something interesting to read over there. Rebecca is also a music lover, all kinds of music, except rap (I think!).

melanie over at Not Just Nouns and Verbs… rocks. She also has a wee one near my wee one’s age, so that alone brings us together with something in common. But, you have to like this lady for hitching her Nisson (I think it was a Nisson!) to a star and relocating to CA. She has made a wonderful life for herself and her young son. And, I cannot leave out, she took my favorite of all time photos of ‘nuns on the ocean beach’. Being a Catholic girl, I cannot but help love that photo!



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13 responses to “Rockin’

  1. She barely beat me to it, by about 12 hours, dang 😉 I awarded you with it last night, LOL! Must have been your lucky day!

    Congratulations, and I’ll have to check out the blogs you mentioned!

  2. Well damn BG….thank you ! And you do rock !!!

  3. I think the hardest part of this award is having to pick -only- 5 more blogs to pass it on to… I could have probably come up with 25 easily!

    Congrats… You definitely Rock!

  4. well deserved award, you do rock….

  5. Aw, thank you! We have a mutual admiration going on cuz I think you’re pretty dang terrific too. That couple hundred miles between us pisses me off!
    You do rock!

  6. Honest to God, that gave me a lump in my throat. Thank you. I think YOU rock!


  7. hey there girl. I’m so freaking tired, and EEEK a spider just crawled across my keyboard!!! I hate spiders, it’s dead now, that sucka! I have posted a video off you tube over on my blog of the flood. It’s a mess here, a complete and utter mess (is utter a word? Pfftt owell I made it one now if it isn’t). Take care and I’ll talk to you soon 🙂

  8. You big liar! I gave you that also last Tuesday!!

  9. Okay, it was a week ago Tuesday.. I’ve missed an entire week.

  10. I’ve got a bug crawling on my computer screen. He nominated you, too


  11. Yay, I got me one too! We’re like The Bobsey Twins now!

  12. Sigh, I do not rock as much as you think, I can not figure out how to put the damn thing on my page

  13. yes it was a nissan, and yes the nuns shot is a fav of mine too.

    you are pretty darn cool yourself lady! HUGZ. we should schedule a play date 😉

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