Spaz Attack

A hysterical spaz-Yep, that’d be me.

Earlier this afternoon, Wee One and I jumped in the pool while his dad took a short nap before joining us.

My first 15 minutes of pool time was spent skimming nasty bug carcasses out of the water. After that chore was accomplished, I climbed up on my floatie and relaxed.

My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the sun rays from my little piece of floatie heaven. Wee One paddled himself over to tell me something when he got distracted by looking at my hair.

Wee One said those dreaded words, “hey mama, you got a big spider in your hair!”

Naturally I panicked, nearly drowning myself in the process of getting the trespasser out of my hair and as far away as possible, and most of all hopefully dead.

The entire time I was flailing around like some sort of idiot, my mind was filled with images from this site: Brown Recluse Spider Bite (this site is not for the weak stomached).

Hubs commented that I sounded like Jaws was after me.

Wee One, being accustomed to my spider phobia spells, paddled himself to the safety of a faraway corner of our pool to watch my episode.

Once the splashing and water settled, Wee One paddled back over to me with his little red bucket and said, “see, there it is in the bucket, it was just a baby spider, you okay now mama?

Scary, I know.

Saved by a 3 yo…….

I was thinking, maybe I should get hypnosis or something for this phobia.



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25 responses to “Spaz Attack

  1. Okay! I know being terrified of spiders is irrational….bbut DID YOU CLICK ON THE SPIDER BITE LINK?!?!!?

    that is worse than a snake bite.

  2. No argument here…just spent most of June on antibiotics recovering from bad spider bite..I had a hole in my leg the size of texas ( ok..maybe not quite…but…)
    My phobia ,tho, is a mouse. ..I have such a maniacal reaction that I, too have thought of hypno-therapy.
    My two biggest fears, mice and flying.

  3. Oh and ps…I still think Wee One belongs in a cutest kid contest…he has such a mischievious twinkle in his eyes !

  4. I’ve never seen a Recluse spider in real life only in pictures so I don’t know if I’d know if I was seeing one or not.

  5. magz-ouch! my MIL went thru that in May. Id rather face a snake than a spider, spiders are small and sneaky.

    Jenny-brown and have a funky fiddle shape on their backs. I never get close enough to check out any spiders….I kill first and dispose of the body immediately with as little handling as possible. Im a wuss…

  6. Spiders used to really freak me out, but now after 3 boys, I’m cured, LOL. Glad you survived!

  7. I start jumping around like a nutjob when I have any kind of bug on me. It’s an ugly sight.

  8. Can’t beat the water and the pool
    on a hot summer day
    looks like you had a great sunny day!

  9. Wee one to the rescue.
    We spent the day in the pool yesterday too. We had to dodge a few bumble bees…yikes.

  10. kila-neither of my boys has caught my phobia, thank gawd. Im glad I have them to protect me!

    burg-ewww bugs

    Q9-it was a very nice day, I hope today is too

    kelli-yikes! arent you or one of your kiddos allergic?

  11. oh those are just words you do not want to here huh. I went shopping with my sil once and her son had to tell her a bug was in her hair and I swear she started slapping at her head so hard I thought she was going to knock herself out

  12. ohh Kayli gets hysterical when she finds a spider touching her..or if she gets to close and they surprise her….

    Playing in the pool sounds great! I know that you are enjoying the sunshine!

  13. Not fond of those things myself.
    I bet wee one got the spider before telling you.He just wanted to see you go nuts.Just like a male!

  14. anne-omg, spiders scare me worse than anything EXCEPT for the killer creature off the movie “jeepers creepers” that cannot EVER be killed off….

    katie-woot! I am not alone in my irrational fear…

    celeste-ha! you may be right, I never thought of that, that is probably exactly what happened.

  15. we are enjoying our pool today as well. While I have my own phobias, they are ones I can avoid. bugs don’t bug me, but I can sure see how it would take the fun out of being outside. My deepest fear…. you will never know. 😉

  16. I so totally and I mean TOTALLY hate spiders. Once I seen on I instantly freeze. In my mind it’s going to grow big freaking fangs and come running towards me saying “LUNCH”. I’ve hated them for as long as I can remember. Sad story: When I was little I would pee my pants when I saw a spider, that’s how scared of them I am. I however do not pee my pants anymore, but I tell ya this, I have to be very careful or I might!!!

    I’m glad you are safe from the spider. And for Hubby, you were attacked by jaws, it’s was your jaws. I would go up against a shark in a heart beat against a spider!!!

    Take care girl off to do laundry now that I can. 🙂

  17. Midlife Mom

    I had a water spider (HUGE) crawl up my leg when I was a kid at camp on the dock and I just about had a heart attack! I feel your pain!!!!

  18. hope-you dont have many bugs where your at! oh, keeping a it a secret huh? brat

    bc26-yes, that spider was a damn shark. a scary one at that

    MM-ewww water spiders are EVEN more scarier. atleast the one that was after me couldnt swim!

  19. I hate spiders too, but have to agree with Jo that I am in full freak out mode at the sight of a mouse.

    An afternoon in the pool sounds heavenly!

  20. Oh no… I would have been right there with you. I HATE SPIDERS so if you go to some phobia classes, please let me know so I can sign up with you…

  21. My mom was having a vivid dream about a roach crawling through her hair……and then she woke up to find a roach crawling through her hair! Not a teeny German roach either, but one of those humongous, colossal, ginormous Texas Pine Tree Roaches.

    Roach Phobias trump Spider Phobias for me. I can’t even stomach squishing them because the CRUNCH! noise makes me want to hurl.

  22. This was our first official day without rain in Texas for 3 weeks! Yay! Except I noticed the temps in our hosue creeping up slowly with the hot sun pelting down on us.

    Apparently I’m never happy. 🙂

  23. Rebecca

    I so don’t do the bug aspect either. I am glad you survived!

  24. Okay – I’m not afraid of spiders unless they are on me – so I’d have been freaked out too.

  25. I hate them.
    Your story made me SCREEAAAAAAAAAAM right along side of you. ha ha.

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