Mumblings On Monday

I am thankful it was a sunny and gloriously beautiful weekend.

Like all good things, it must end.

There is rain in this week’s forecast every day. It is muggy and cloudy today.

Scooter has the ‘droopy lip syndrome’.

I took this photo just before Scooter and I went on a 15 minute short ride.

It was warm yesterday morning. I did not even bother with the saddle. I rode bareback. I used to really enjoy riding bareback.


I am not as agile as I once was nor can I ignore having a hot, sweaty, horse-hairy arse within 5 minutes of being mounted when it is 92 degrees.

Scooter and I still enjoyed our brief ride. He rode wonderfully.

I am so proud of my little man!

He is 100% housebroken.

That isnt a scratch above his eye, it is chocolate pudding. I am so blind, I didnt realize he had any pudding left on him until after I took the photos and loaded them on my computer.

Getting old sucks! I want to be 26 yo again….

I wish I had naturally curly hair.

My hair is heavy and super straight. Except for when it is warm and humid…then I am fortunate enough to have the frizzys going on.

I tried to get son #1 (Bubba) to get in a photo with his baseball uniform on before his games yesterday. Bubba wouldnt cooperate. He was cranky and tired. No more 11:00 nights out at the roping arena for him!

I do not give a flying crappola how good he was roping, at 10pm he will be on his way home the next time.

Why do most, if not all, teenagers behave as tho their bodies have become possessed by some evil entity?

Their puzzling behavior cannot be soley based on their hormones…..



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20 responses to “Mumblings On Monday

  1. Wee One’s so adorable!!!

  2. I wish I had Wee One’s curls too.

    I’m convinced kids become possessed when they turn into teenagers. There’s no other explanation for their complete turn around in personalities.

  3. Aniin BG. Got caught up all your posts from the weekend. Sorry about the incident in the pool. 😦

    It is hot and muggy this week as well. Long week too as I have to work Saturday.

    Been busy after our vacation, Diane came back home on Saturday night and Madd went back yesterday.

    Almost done with RM, tonight or tomorrow will finish and send it in.

    Pictures posted the nest three weeks on a daily basis.

    Have a great week. 🙂

  4. Rebecca

    They hit an EVIL stage about 7th grade (hence I like my 6th graders) they seem to think EVERYTHING should be approved by friends or at least be able to look like a macho man to their friends at ALL times.

    Wee one does have a head full of curly hair. From the pics I have seen of you …he gets the amount of hair from his momma! You looked to have really thick hair.

    I’ve got you beat on the humidity~ I promise! ICK!

  5. katie-thnx!

    jenny-I dont remember being so evil when I was a teenager…

    brian-howdy, loved the path photo

    rebecca-Id have to teach preschool OR 12th grade. Not a chance in hell would I punish myself w/ middle school. Your one brave lady

  6. Well you need some rain
    to keep the grass green
    And water for showers or bubble baths too

  7. This is always such good fun over here!

  8. Midlife Mom

    One does wonder what possesses teenagers but they do come out of it eventually! They actually turn into rather nice human beings again! Nice pics of Scooter! I gave up riding bare back years ago, just don’t have much balance any more.
    My blog is messed up for the moment, hope to have it working again soon. Sigh….

  9. I remember how I personally turned into a demon around age 13, and I hated myself for the way I acted, but went right on acting the same. I felt persecuted and over-mothered and hated and… well, it’s just hard growing up. That’s all.

  10. a housebroke boy is a good thing….. but seriously are they EVER housebroken to the point of civilized behaviour??????? mine aren’t ….husband included.

  11. Well, the spider incident – albeit not funny to you – was hysterical to read! I understand though. 100%. I hate grandaddy long legs. They creep me out too.

    Pucker Powder is sold at Candyopolis, 2501 W Memphis Road and Candyopolis, 1901 NW Expressway in OK City, just in case you were wondering.

  12. I love love that curly blonde hair!

  13. Q9-Ill take h20 for the showers, no more rain, were still soaked

    michaelM-awww thnx! I wish it was true

    MM-sorry about your blogger, Ive been there and it sucks. I can remember the days when I used to gallop around bareback, I havent lost my confidence, just gained some SENSE

    hope-nope, your right. Even the adult men are always animals. My cats AND 1 horse are cleaner and easier to look after than my 2 sons AND their father!

    rach-I kille daddylongleggs, I am vicious when it comes to arachnoids. OKC is over 3 hours from here, dammit

    slackermommy-nice isnt it?

  14. Your little boy is so squishably cute!

    My kids would have pulled a cat trick and licked that chocolate pudding off themselves.

  15. I love his hair, too! Does his Dad have blond curly hair?

    “Why do most, if not all, teenagers behave as tho their bodies have become possessed by some evil entity?” Surely my kids won’t be like that 😉

  16. Mumblings on Monday
    Ramblings on Tuesday
    ………………. on Wednesday?

  17. I was just thinking how we really could use the rain.. 😦

  18. Rain rain rain our yard is starting to resemble a small pond.

    As for curly hair my hair is kinky curly much like Wee one and that is the only extravagent thing I spend money on every 8 months i get it so chemically altered that it is straight as a board and I love it been doing it for 4 years now! I hate hate hate curly hair…but I guess you want what you dont have!

  19. I have a son with naturally curly hair, just like his momma. Frizzies happen to everyone! wee one is so happy! i love the faces of the little men when they are enjoying their chocolate.

    Mine is such a picky eater. I have to ask him what he wants half the time, because he won’t eat what I make. I dread the teenage years. My biggest prayer is that I wont be doing it alone. I will have some help.

    pray with me. :giggles:

  20. I sure wouldn’t want to be a teenager again.
    thirty four would be okay.

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