The Scariest? Your All Time Favorite?

I havent made it a secret that I am a huge fan of scary movies, books, and stories.

It all started when I was very young.

There was a show called “Creature Feature” on the TV. It was a great way to pass a snowbound Saturday as a kid. This is where I watched Godzilla Vs. Mothra, Creature From The Black Lagoon, and such.

Both my boys have a penchant for the ‘scary‘. No doubt inherited from me.

The hubs does not do scary stuff.



Jeepers Creepers, Part I and II both scared the bejeezus outta me (well, as much as I can be scared by a movie).

Jeepers Creepers is scary because that bat/man creature cannot ever be killed off.

There is no escape.

Every 23 years  the bat/man creature has to feed……

on humans.


But my all time favorite summer scary movie is Jaws . Which I was able to watch (parts of anyhow) last nite on the TCM channel.

I love it. I can watch it over and over. The sequels suck. What a mistake those were.

But, the original ‘Jaws’ (1975) movie is a classic.


What is your all time favorite scary movie?

What movie scares you the most?



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15 responses to “The Scariest? Your All Time Favorite?

  1. Aniin BG, I do not do scary movies. I’ve only seen one and that was enough. 😀

  2. The Exorcist scared the HECK out of me. I saw it again when I was in college and it scared me to death even then!

  3. brian-awwww thats too bad. My spouse doesnt like scary movies, altho he’s tolerated a few for me.

    paval-that movie was another ‘classic’!! It spooked me a bit but that was before I took a 6 week class in exorcism my senior year in high school. One of the benefits of attending a Catholic school. except for latin being a required class-yuck!

  4. I loved Jaws! it was so scary. My all time fav scary movie. that is a rough one, but I think Aliens tops the list. Also, Exorcist, 13 Ghosts, The Grudge, and others.

    The worst, or one that makes me sick, is the hell-raiser series.. blech.

  5. I loved to come home from school in the olden days to watch Dark Shadows.
    I saw an episode somewhere a while back and the only thing scary about it now is its cheesiness.

    You’re all probably too young to remember it.

  6. Rebecca

    Sorry, I can’t vote on this one, I don’t do scary.

    I like suspense but not FRIGHT.

  7. I don’t do scary movies.
    Jaws and The Exorisist about did me in.
    I have a really high startle reflex, and the element of surprise in scary movies has me literally jumping out of my seat, heart pounding.

  8. memsahib-13 ghosts, thats a good one! I didnt like Hostel, or those kinds. But, I did like The Hills Have Eyes (altho I was scared about the baby getting hurt) and Wrong Turn-that was a GOOD one

    jenny-I have the SciFi channel, I like Dark Shadows. I also LOVE The Twilight Zone…sometimes I feel like Im living in it.

    rebecca-awww, your just like the hubs, no fun

    hope-Jaws is #1 scary movie. Im beginning to think my startle reflex is broken….except where spiders are concerned.

  9. Midlife Mom

    The Twilight Zone used to scare me to death! I’d go to bed and wouldn’t dare close my eyes as I was afraid I’d see something that had been on the show. Also the one at the Bates Hotel where the woman gets stabbed in the shower! I didn’t dare shower for months! ewwwwwwwww!

  10. I don’t like to be scared,lol What a wimp I am!

  11. Scariest movie, The Exorcist (I live in the in town where the kid lived that the movie was based on, the hospital where he was is still open, but that floor is closed off.)

    Book would have to be The Stand by Stephen King, scary because it could so totally happen!

  12. MM-the original Psycho (blk/wht) was good. but the sequels were trash. Most sequels are..


    michele-The Stand was good!

  13. Gigli was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.. Ugh… The horror!!

    I’ve tagged you again..

  14. 1001 Maniacs…in the early 60’s…I have never gotten over it and never will. I’ve seen Psycho, The Blob, Jaws…they’re nothing compared to that maniac movie. Sooo…I don’t do scary shows at all. Besides, I think there is another mouse in the house and I’m hysterical…it’s 3am !!! That’s more scary than I can deal with. I’m afraid I’m gonna shoot myself trying to get rid of that thing.

    • Bob LaParre

      I remember that movie too, 1001 maniacs. I am 50 and that movie still haunts me. I remember scenes in my head as if I just saw the movie. Not sure what my parents were thinking when they took me to see it , maybe they were trying to get me to behave. It worked . Lol

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