Speaking Of Scary…

Here’s a scary photo I snapped of Wee One and I after a long day swimming in the pool.

I do not have a stitch of makeup on and my hair hasnt been touched up in nearly a month (Ive remedied that).

Hey, why get foo-fooed up to swim in the pool, right?



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23 responses to “Speaking Of Scary…

  1. When does it come out to our local cineplex? 😛

  2. yes.. I can tell wee one is freaked out. Look at how scared he is!!!

  3. Now that’s a cute looking bunch of people!

  4. brian-hahaha very funny

    pamela-yes, he is scared of MAMA

    paval-awww, you are so sweet. You always have something nice to say about everything and everyone

  5. Midlife Mom

    That is an adorable picture of you and Wee One!!!!!

  6. lol! No matter how hard I try
    the screen just won’t scroll further left

  7. Rebecca

    HARDLY scary! Try again!

    I hope you enjoyed your swim. I’m home from running errands and waiting on my exterminator! Wahooooo

    What a life I have!

  8. MM-thnx!

    Q9-haha, no I was dressed, you are such a typical man, hahaha


    rebecca-yes, our swim was great. The bugman is coming to my house soon too. I am scared of spiders..oh, Ive mentioned that before, no?

  9. That’s a great photo! The best kind in my opinion;)

  10. You have really nice straight white teeth! Is it weird that I notice that as I get older? I used to tell my Papi that if I was a breeder, I’d select him solely based on the fantastic condition of his teeth. And then I’d pretned to examine them while I squished his cheeks.

    Oh wait, we have 6 kids. I guess I AM a breeder. :0
    Cute mommy and son picture.

  11. Now that is a heart warming picture !!!

  12. you call that scary??!! you guys look too cute, just dropped by to say a quick hi..madd

    p.s. all time scariest movie..JAWS, I was living on Cape Cod at the time and spent a lot of time out on the ocean just when this movie came out…yikes..m

  13. looks like a great snuggle fest!!!
    love the smiles.

  14. What a cute photo, and I am glad I have a face to put with the posts. You look damn good, don’t need makeup!!!

  15. Awww..no wonder Wee One is so cute! His mom is so pretty!

  16. lael-thnx!

    EWBL-thnx, my teeth are okay, I wish they were better. Your Papi has a MOVIESTAR smile, he really does. No wonder y’all bred 6X

    magz/jo-thnx, wee one isnt being so heartwarming right now

    madd-hi stranger!glad you stopped by 🙂 omg, I cannot imagine living on the Cape when that movie 1st came out.


    michele-hey, thnx I wish I didnt need it

    rach-aww, thnx rach, y’all are good for a girl’s self esteem!

  17. lol that reminded me of myself yesterday morning I was messing with the computer and the kids finally woke up and we headed to the dollar store, we pull in the parking lot and I look in my mirror, bammo, no makeup. OMG I left home without my face.

  18. girl you don’t need make up, I’m so jealous.
    cute photo!

  19. anne-Ive been sans makeup (well very teeny bit) all summer-it feels good!

    jenny-thnx, oh I still need SOME…

  20. Wee one looks like you.. And you aren’t a bit scary looking!! If I looked that good sans makeup, I’d never wear the stuff!

  21. No, not always… I occasionally insult people, just to be balanced!

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