Hold On To Your Butts

Hold on to your butts.

Ive got a helluva rant that’s been building. It has to vent or else I may explode.

Over at Magz/Jo‘s this morning. She had cross-posted about a Texas Pool company called Blue World Pools refusing to give an estimate to a soldiers family. How patriotic huh? Maybe Michael Moore owns stock in their company….

Anyhow here’s some of the post from Magz/Jo :

Beth at Blue Star Chronicles, has a post up about a soldiers family trying to get an estimate for a pool. No big whoop, right ? Well, this company refuses to do business with “soldiers in Iraq.” Wouldn’t even give an ESTIMATE ! So, please scoot over there, and get the info to write, call, fax , email or send up a smoke signal to this company Blue World Pools , about how you feel about that kind of “service’.

Lets just say, I think my ISP may be blocked from their site after contacting them and telling them how I felt about the way they do business.

I don’t think I can go to jail for what I said to them tho…


This rain every single day is killing me. It is killing me slowly but surely thru my boys’s cabin fever….

It is 4:12 pm and the sun is just starting to peek thru the cloud coverage. No we cannot enjoy the sun because:

1. everything is a HUGE muddy mess outdoors.

2. we have to go into town to a party for Son #1’s baseball team (Im just a chauffeur not allowed at the festivites) 

3. I super shocked the pool and it wont be swim safe until tomorrow.


On to more rant worthy news:


Kenneth Cleek aka Loser Father


Ashley Cleek aka Loser Mother

These 2 drunk Losers  from Tennessee are parents who got themselves busted for child abuse in Oklahoma.

Sallisaw OK police officers found the Cleeks 7 week old infant daughter lying next to their car on an Interstate 40 exit ramp.

Oh, it gets worse, much much worse.

Cop’s said the parents were inside the car when the officers found the baby on the ground outside of the car. Loser mama Ashley Cleek was asleep at the wheel and Loser daddy Kenneth Cleek was in the back seat passed out.

A 18-month-old boy was also found inside the car with the parents losers.

The infant had abrasions and bruises on her elbow and knee. There also was a swollen area on her head. Authorities said the infant was diagnosed with a bilateral skull fracture at a Tulsa hospital. Both children were taken into protective custody-thank God.


Why, why, why are these kinds of people being allowed to breed?

Having children is a privilege, the most important job on Earth. Children are not disposable or something that can be cast aside (or in in this case, thrown out of the car) when the ‘parents’ no longer want to be a parent.

I am all for spaying and neutering these types of people.



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19 responses to “Hold On To Your Butts

  1. Nice article. There are many parts i agree with.
    Spaying and neutering to be precise.


  2. you go girl..!!!! madd
    p.s. I agree..also you know what has always made me wonder..you need to get a license to drive a car but you need no testing, schooling or anything at all to have kids..hhhmmm what was that again about spaying ..???..:)

  3. Thanx for linking BG.
    Sorry yu’re having tacky weather..we finally got a bit of rain…maybe more tonite. I just got a fire going in the woodstove tho.

    About those things sleeping along side the road…someone should have rolled the windows up, turned the car on, taken the babies and left. Carbon monoxide death is always accidental, right ? ( wink)
    I actually think the day will come when future parents need a license….the problem is, we should start with today’s parents, or whatever they call themselves after sex results in a living human.
    Lawdy, I am so freakin sick and tired of this crap.

  4. It really pisses me off. If you want to adopt a child to give them a good home you go through hell and high water just to prove you are fit, not to mention the people who shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to attempt to convceive a child but just any facking piece of shit can breed.

  5. Eryin-thnx, some people have NO BUSINESS being parents

    madd-yeah, there should be at least a freakin’ test!

    magz-ha, they dont deserve painless….but it would do the trick. I cannot believe they left a 7week old on the ground! I am just pissed.

    michele-maybe one day people will have to pass a test or something to be parents. I hate seeing couples who want kids so badly but cant, then seeing POS like these parents who dont deserve their own children.

  6. Cliff’s brother, outside Elk City Ks, is having the same rain you are.

  7. Lindie

    I sent the article to all my friends thruout the country who have served honorably or who have relatives now serving. They will get lots of emails letting them know who won’t be doing business with them!

  8. donna-this is the worst summer I have ever seen in OK as far as rain goes, last year it was the drought…no medium 😦

    Lindie-thnx for your support! I hope that Pool co goes bankrupt. I gotta say tho, MOST businesses are giving our active military DISCOUNTS. That is awesome when they do that 🙂

  9. Rebecca

    Will you please come to Ga and give some of my parents lessons on how to treat/when to treat/ and DAMN TREAT the children you decide to have…or buy BIRTH CONTROL.

    thanks for all the info!

  10. Oh that burns me up! Give those kids to me, they don’t deserve them. I’ll care for them until and unless they get their act together.

    And not doing business with a soldier (or his family), what’s wrong with these people? Whether someone agrees with the war or not, soldiers deserve our respect and gratitude.

  11. That is all just sickening.. Especially those babies. Wouldn’t you just love to have five minutes alone with those losers??

  12. megan

    I was shocked when I saw this story, I used to work with both of them. I cannot believe that their drug problem got so far out of hand, and I hope for the children’s sake that they find a good home and never have to go back to two such awful excuses for humans.

  13. Wow, those two really raise the bar. How disgusting. Almost as disgusting as Michael Moore.

    I just found this soldier’s site http://www.voxveterana.com/

  14. when I hear about stuff like that … I want to believe in hell.

  15. I am not sure about that pool thing. I didn’t go over there to check them out.

    Sorry to hear about the rain. Sure! come and visit me anytime. I miss rain sometimes, but not like that.

    Man, I think any kind of abuse to kids is horrific, If you can’t take care of them, let someone else do it! Its not like there aren’t people out there looking to adopt kids. When I was pregnant and considering this option, you wouldn’t believe the amount of people wanting and not being able to have children. Losers is a good word, but self centered, selfish ignorant F’s is a better one. poor kids. At least they are better off now.

  16. rebecca-spay/neutering is the BEST birthcontrol!

    pavel-“Whether someone agrees with the war or not, soldiers deserve our respect and gratitude.” AMEN to that! very well said, can you hear my applause?

    burg-heheheh, oh yeah

    megan-thnx for visiting and leaving a comment! Drugs huh? I suspected as much, as well as the alcohol. Sad for those kiddos, glad they are in protective custody now.

    kila-michael moore is a nasty PIG. ick! Great site! Thnx for the link.

    pamela-well, lets hope there is a HELL out there for these 2 losers

    memsahib-I can name 3 loving but childless couples I know in my area who are either going thru fertile treatments or trying to adopt. And, then we have these LOSERS who dont deserve kids. Life is so unfair!

  17. Re: the pool people…WHAT DICKHEADS. I can’t understand the reasoning behind not supporting the military. I say deport the bastards, let them go elsewhere and try to find the freedoms and opportunities they enjoy here that were bought with our soldier’s blood and sweat, they aren’t worthy of them in this country.
    You know who should give military discounts but don’t? The airlines. They don’t work with soldiers at all and then if they’ve bought a ticket and their leave time is changed they have to shell out more money to change their tickets. (This is for those stateside, those deployed have their tickets bought to one destination, rightly so)

    Re: the infant outside the car…words escape me but I kinda like Magz’s carbon monoxide idea

  18. facts

    Jul 27, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    Couple Sentenced For Leaving Child Beside Road
    Reported by: Newsroom Solutions
    Tuesday, Nov 20, 2007 @01:12pm CST

    (Sallisaw) — A couple from Tennessee charged with child neglect after an officer found the pair’s seven-week-old baby lying next to their car last July have been handed a five-year deferred sentence.
    Twenty-one-year-old Ashley Marie Cleek and 35-year-old Kenneth Cleek both pleaded no-contest to one count of child abuse and neglect.
    On July 7th, a Sequoyah county sheriff’s deputy stopped to check out the Cleek’s vehicle, which was parked on the side of an interstate on-ramp.
    He discovered both adults unconscious and the seven-week-old on the ground next to the open passenger door.
    According to reports, the two had been on an extended road trip and stopped to feed the child.
    Ashley Cleek, who was taking medication for post-partum depression, is believed to have been holding her infant when she succumbed to the medicine and dropped her child, causing a skull fracture.
    The two have completed parenting classes and are complying with all court-ordered requirements.
    Neither illegal drugs nor alcohol are believed to have contributed to the incident.
    (Copyright 2007 by Newsroom Solutions)

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