The Texas Demon

 The Texas Demon ?

Do demons stalk the Texas countryside? If this photo is to be believed, something strange is out there. “This picture was brought to me by a friend,” says Lucy. “Her husband’s friend is a cop and was coming home from McCook, Texas on a Sunday night (June 27, 2004). She told me that he saw something that had just crossed the road and he shot the spotlight at it and took a picture of it. It freaks me out to know there is something like that here.”

I was searching for something on google and came across this ‘demon’ allegedly captured on film by a police officer in Texas.

The photo caught my eye. I thought it was interesting.

Hoax? I dunno.

Maybe I’ll use my connections at Nasa to have this photo analyzed….yeah right!

We often hear Dibaajimowin (stories with a grain of truth) told by the Osage’s and the Cherokee’s about Little People in my part of Oklahoma.

hmmmmmmmm, makes me wonder. What about y’all?




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17 responses to “The Texas Demon

  1. My great grandfather claimed to be speaking to the “little people” just before he died.

  2. I see many bizarre things until #1 I either put my glasses on or #2 I get get close enough to see what it actually is.

    All except for what I see in the mirror first thing in the morning. Doesn’t matter how I look at that.

  3. Hmmmm…..cuter than the dogman of Michigan :-p
    I don’t know what to think…but I’d rather have that run through my home than that damn mouse the other day !

  4. burg-really? how cool, maybe they were from ‘the otherside’

    pamela-ha! “#1 I either put my glasses on or #2 I get get close enough to see what it actually is” you AND me both!

    magz/jo-omg, The N.MI Dogman(werewolf). I just deleted a link I had my sister sent me about that…I had nearly forgotten all about that tale.

  5. Aniin BG. I don’t know, looks like someone crawling home from a night of drinking. 🙂

  6. Looks demonic enough to me, lol! And here I thought I would like Texas. Guess I’ll just stay up here with Sasquatch.

  7. Well BarnGoddess, all sorts of thoughts travel thru people’s minds – some good and some sheer demonic. I guess demonic thoughts can travel thru animals too.

  8. Rebecca

    Demons…nah..I can’t say that I am a big believer of them. I guess they are possible, although not likely.

    Well, maybe at Donald Trumps or Hillary Clinton’s house of horror’s.

  9. Midlife Mom

    Yikes! I hope that is a hoax, that thing is one weird dude!

  10. Hmmm. I don’t know. I think these may rank up there with Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster.

  11. Maybe… I kind of think they were from his pill bottle.

  12. I’d rather think that was one of the “little people”.

    I believe we find what we look for: If we’re looking for demons, that’s what we’ll find.

    Back at my cabin are two walnut trees: I call them the “old warriors”, and pretend they are the spirits of long-gone Indian braves. You should see them dance when the wind is just right and I’m playing my Indian music on CD.

    Hmmm, maybe it isn’t just me, pretending?

  13. brian-actually it was me last Halloween when I dressed up as a fairy

    dhw-Id take Sasq anyday over demons


    Q9-gasp, my horse would never have an evil thought, hes perfect

    rebecca-haha Clinton’s especially

    MM-I think its a bug

    slackermommy-are you a skeptic?

    burg-oh yeah, that may have been it

    donna-how cool! and maybr you ARE NOT the one pretending…………

  14. bob sagget

    hi im bob sagget

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  16. Brittany

    I been living in mccook since I was born (2000) and I’m always outside even at night and that thing has never been seen by family

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