The Busy Homebody

This is the view from the middle of my driveway, just before you round the big curve at the East pasture gate.

My little castle. Nothing fancy, but I like it, a lot. 

There are some days, I never want to go anywhere, just hang out at home on my 30 acres.

When did I become such a homebody?

I guess I am getting old. Even my horse Scooter doesnt get all excited when he sees the horse trailer getting hitched up….

Since best friend L. bought her place on 40 acres about 10 minutes from here, she never leaves her house either…unless she has too.

Yep, I guess we are both getting old!

This thunderstorm was brewing as Wee One and I were getting out of the pool in the later part of the day.


We came indoors and made Rice Krispies Treats for dessert. Then Wee One crashed for his nap.


Bubba, Wee One, and I went to Wal-Mart then onto the grocery store about 10 am. It was already hot but it was not raining.

Big bro Bubba was a huge help with Wee One today. I was thankful he went to town with us. It is hard to believe but school will be starting in 1 month……

After the boys and I finished our errands, I took the boys thru McDonalds Drive thru (since we had groceries) and I ate a BigMac….it was very tastey too.

I swam about 50 laps around the pool with Wee One chasing me, he was making Jaw’s noises.

Maybe that burned off that 548 calorie sandwich!


This week is going to be a very busy one. We have football physicals, preschool shots/check up (he has not been accepted yet), Wee One has some developmental testing (2hrs) with a child development specialist later this week. If the specialist thinks he is behind in any aspect we just may get our foot in the door despite our denial because of our income…well, you saw my house, cant you see how RICH I am?

We also have dentists appoinments, I have a doctor appointment, Bubba has football practice, and I am doing some freelance work (data entry) for a local lawyer. I am needing some money in my bank account.


We also have  Cavalcade going on in our community. The world’s largest amateur rodeo.

People and round up clubs from all parts come for this week long event. Needless to say, Ill be making my appearence to visit with some friends, hang with our round-up club, and maybe watch the wild horse race or the bull riding.

I did not get Scooter’s coggins test done this year so he cannot get onto the fairgrounds. I had it done last year and then never took him up there (wasted money). Cousin L. has 4 of his horses already up at the grounds. He offered me use of one of his, I think Ill take him up on it.


Even tho Im busy, Ill be around to see y’all.

Guess it looks like Im not gonna be much of a homebody this week!



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17 responses to “The Busy Homebody

  1. I’m the same way! i love being at home.
    It’s a great place! I love the colour…

  2. I’m not a homebody, so I guess I’m not as old as you 😉

    Good luck with everything this week!

  3. Except for living in the glorious countryside thing, we have parallel lives. We had dark thunderstorms and massive heat over Houston today while I schlepped my kids to Wal Mart. They begged for Wendy’s but got a peanut butter sandwich at home instead. Because you know how one thing leads to another. It’s like those stupid mouse and cookie books….If you buy a kid a Wendy’s Burger, he’s gonna want some french fries with it, and if you buy some french fries, he’s gonna want a soda too, and if you……

    I only like to leave my house at night when theres little traffic or masses of people.

  4. I hate leaving my house too and I don’t live in an area near that pretty.

  5. Rebecca

    SO what is an acre going for up your way? Just curious.

    I like the views of open spaced aside and behind your home. It’s official, I’m jealous!

    You sound like you worked the Big Mac off. I had Taco bell for lunch…and all I did to work it off was classwork!

  6. I often begrudge my necessary trips into town, I love my country home, though only 4 acres.
    We spent some time at the Calgary Stampede last week, one of the worlds biggest professional rodeos.
    Enjoy your week.

  7. owning that much property requires that you be a homebody. I would love to have it.

    the rodeo just sounds super fun.

  8. Aniin BG.

    Love the house and it’s not too bad being a homebody. At least you don’t have to deal with customers all day long. 🙄

    I know, Sprawlmart had the back to school lists out last week. Summer seems to be getting shorter every year.

    Have a three day weekend, I have to get weeding on sometime. When it’s 80 degrees at 6am, hard to get motivated.

    Have a busy and safe week.

  9. lael-sometimes I get cranky if I have to go somewhere…

    kila-ummm, Im 38yo-your close 😉

    EWBL-I suppose eating out w/ your crew can cost a small fortune. Wee One loves PB toast! Where you live you have AWESOME shopping…my closest good shopping is at least an hour away

    burg-wow and your a youngin’

    rebecca-well, it depends on where the land is….an acre can go from $500-$1000 (the higher being closer to town) I LOVE living in the country, Id live in a tent if I HAD to…

    pamela-I need a goat to eat up some of these weeds, which means I would have to adjust my wire fence to accomodate one. I wish I had YOUR green thumb!

    brian-sorry about the annoying people. I get crabby fast when I have to deal w/ people…no patience for them.

  10. Wow! Busy week. Have lots of fun when you can.

    Swimming is great exercise, no strain on your limbs 7 joints. You probably did burn off that Big Mac.

    Hope all the medical exams go well – and fast!

    Enjoy the summer time while it lasts!

    D : )

  11. Your place looks lovely. I’ve gone 6 weeks without going to town to talk to a Soul….I miss living in the country…. so quiet, peaceful…

    Have a grand time!

  12. I love this report: Crashing after some Rice Krispies. This home looks so cool and reminds me of actor Steve McQueen’s last house! He bred horses too!

  13. FF-I hope those laps burned off that sandwich 😉

    katie-6 weeks?!?! wow but I love the peace and quiet

    MM-I like Steve McQueen, the original Walking Tall guy but The Rock is a hottie..that eyebrow makes me giggle

  14. 30 acres?!? I’m not sure I like you anymore. Etiher that I want to move in with you. Let me think on it a bit…

  15. Love the land and house. I am turning into more of a homebody older I get. We got turned down on preschools back when Braden was younger too until we used his speech and health issues then got right in.

  16. I guess WE’RE getting old. I like hanging around the house as well. Then again, it’s nice to have a good pretty place to call home, like you do. Great scenery, a horse, and some cool kids to hang with, what more could you want? (I don’t have a horse though, I’m jealous!)

  17. DHW-well, if ya count the 5 acres the house is on, then the driveway…that cuts into my 30 acres of pasture a tiny bit but Ive still got lotsa room

    kelli-well, Ive had to reschedule the testing b/c Wee One has a flamin L ear infection, his MD put him on 3 different meds, grrrr

    paval-you need a horse! or at least a pony 😉

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