Those Boys!

Modern day technology has made me a lazy parent.

Yep, that’s me, a lazy mama.

Scenario from this weekend:

When Wee One is running thru the house wild at 9:45pm at night, his Father is watching a movie on the living room TV, his 13 yo brother is watching a movie on his bedroom’s TV—what is Wee One to do?

I pop a DVD into the portable player and he is all set. Quiet as a mouse and calming down for bedtime.

Yeah, I know I should have been reading him a book but damn, I was just too tired. My day started before 6am and it was very busy. I was brain dead, body dead, I needed to just sit and relax for 5 minutes.


He’s getting close, he’s almost ready to crash…

He is so lovable when he is like this and not acting like an untamed, crazy heathen. 

In this photo, I was instructing the boys to get their rooms picked up because we were going somewhere.

Bubba was telling Wee One to cup his ear and say, “huh? what was that, cant hear ya. Speak up.”

Wee One doesnt need any help being a brat.

You can see son#1 trying to hide……

Bubba needs to get to the barber, I have a feeling we’ll be making that trip after his first football practice today.

Bubba was asked last Friday to start practice with the 9th grade team by the Junior Varsity coach. He’s only going to be in 8th grade.

I have mixed feelings about his practicing with those older boys.



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11 responses to “Those Boys!

  1. Midlife Mom

    Aren’t boys great?! I only had one child, a boy, but had all of his friends at my house all the time so felt like I had many. I enjoyed every minute of it and I still see some of them now and they always mention all the meals they ate at my house and how they loved the cookies I made. I guess it’s true when they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! ha! Your guys are adorable!

  2. he he.. Wee One is so cute!!! Bubba is funny…I’m sure he’s a great Big brother.

  3. I don’t blame you for mixed feelings. Some of those kids hit like a truck.

  4. Aniin BG,

    I love Wee One. 😀

    Having a crazy Monday, what else is new. You get a prize though, you are the only comment for the entire weekend. Want a book?

  5. Couple of things: 1. You are NOT a lazy mom because you slip in a dvd, ya hear! You sound like a wonderful mom who gets tired occasionally and there is something magical about a dvd movie. It actually gives you some rest, or at least buys you time to tidy up the house. I usually read my little people before bed, but I’m not above an occasional movie to help me out sometimes…
    2. Wee one is very adorable very handsome little boy, my goodness. I love his look on the first picture, attentive with a mild smirk on his face.

    I think that’s hilarious how his older brother is coaching him! hee hee

  6. where do they get the energy..I just wish we could bottle it up from that age to use it would help. and as far as being a lazy mom…hardly!!! you have two beautiful, healthy, and happy sons, that didn’t just happen, it took daily hard work and still does so you go ahead and have a ‘lazy’ moment as I am sure that is about all the time you have for it..knowing how two active boys can be…:) take care BG..madd

  7. Thoughtful, not lazy !!!
    I just love these pictures, BG.
    Like you, I would have mixed feelings about “Bubba” and the older kids….
    kinda exciting, yet scary, huh?

  8. Awwww…those are two of the cutest boys…well, I’m kind of guessing Bubba is handsome…he was hiding!

    Would you believe nobody pulled up under those zip codes for Pucker Powder?!!

    Today at work everybody was “racially clickish” and unfortunately I was not in this color racial click. Whatever. Made it all these years before I met these immature adults….I’ll make it a few more (I hope).

  9. Rebecca

    Pics are too cute. I really liked the blue t-shirt pic. ADORABLE!

    The practice…if you say NO WAY–he’s gonna want it more…He could go part time…or tell the coach your reservations, and could he give him some but not ALL the practice schedules..

  10. Life is just a dream
    playing & fun with the team
    waiting for a smile a gleam
    or resting by the river stream

  11. MM-yes, food is always on the males mind, why is that?

    katie-about 90% of the time he is a good big bro, bubba really helped me out today. I was thankful to have his help

    pamela-thanks for agreeing w/ me! One other mother (shes a snotty witch who no one likes but for some reason she talks to me when I try to ignore her) this mother said she was angry that the JV coach didnt call her son to practice w/ the JV. Her kid weighs about 75# I think this mother is NUTS

    brian-yes I want a book!

    pavel-awww, thx for being in my corner. I am far from the perfect mother, tho 😉

    madd-I wish I had Wee One’s energy, omg the things I would accomplish

    magz/jo-Im proud Bubba was asked by the JV coach but then Im worried hes going to get hurt.

    rach-Im not suprised, I live in the boondocks. eww, I hate cliques

    rebecca-aww thnx!

    Q9-good poem, Bubba is all about the football team, it is his THING.

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