Did A Ghost Take My Batteries?


I went to the cemetery to check on a friend’s grave and make sure it was kept up, his headstone presentable.

His elderly wife called and said she was too frail to make the long trip from Topeka, KS. I did this favor to her last year also.

I told Aunt B I would and I did.

I hauled my camera along with me so I could take a photo of Uncle C’s grave to mail to Aunt B.

A photo would at least give her some assurance.

Funny thing tho, when I took my camera out of the protective case at the cemetery to take the photo, my batteries were dead!

Brand new lithium batteries…those babies arent cheap nor are they weak.

damn, was all I could say.

Maybe a ghost sucked the energy from them…It happens they say.


I do not have any ghost photos but here are someone else’s I thought were pretty good :

from Mike DeWire

The picture was taken without anyone knowing an apparition may have been caught on film, seeing as how the shape only appeared in the picture AFTER it was taken. No one was aware of a ghostly presence or strange activity when the photo was snapped. The picture was taken in Kramer, Pa., circa 1977. It has received moderate attention in local newspapers in the past.


from Kristy Williams

I’m from Oklahoma. I love to just drive around and look at old big houses. My dad took us one day just driving around before the movie started and took us by this one old beautiful house. I said next time I was in town I was going to bring my camera so I could get a picture of it. A few weekends later, my mom and I went to town. I couldn’t remember how to get back to the old house and neither could my mother. About the time I was going to give up, I told her well I’ll turn down this road and go to Wal-Mart. When I did, at the end of that street was the house! I couldn’t believe it. I pulled over and got my camera out. I took a picture, which was the last one on the roll. I wanted more pictures, but was out of film. Months later, I finally get the film developed, forgetting all about the house. My friend was with me at the time. I saw the picture and was so glad it took. I showed my friend the house and how spooky it looked. She said, “Yeah, there she is.” I laughed and went on thinking she was just teasing me. The next day I showed someone else and really looked at the picture with my friend by me. There in the second story window was “a lady.” I about fell over! She said I told you, but you didn’t believe me. It sent chills through me because I had told my mother when I took the picture how strange it would be if I got the film back and someone was looking at me.


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9 responses to “Did A Ghost Take My Batteries?

  1. I love spooky stories !!!!! I even watch House Hunters on Sci-fi. I saw you blog about that on day last year, and I haven’t missed a show. 🙂

    I have the “whole story” of me quitting my job up now. Maybe I made something out of nothing, but o’well to late now.

  2. Rebecca

    You did a good deed! Good for you! I know she was so appreciative!

    I hate the thought of getting old and feeling as though you HAVE to depend on others good will to pull you through.

    Your good deed will come back to you in some positive Karma!!!

    Sorry, you know I am not a ghost person…

  3. I don’t watch much TV, but ‘Ghost Whisperer’ is a MUST for me.

    We used to live in a house that seemed to be the epicenter of paranormal activity. I blogged a whole WOO WOO Week back around Halloween that included some of the creepiness of the house. I’d link it, but I’m just too lazy this morning. Let’s just say that I refuse to buy talking toys for my kids after a run-in with a Talking Mickey Mouse toy….that had no tape in the back….or batteries.

  4. Aniin BG

    The second picture I feel, but not the first. I always carry extra batteries, but our camera takes AA.

    Hot and muggy, wicked weather at work yesterday afternoon but nothing at home. I was driving home and to the West was heavy rain, tremendous lightening but to the East was blue skies.

  5. bc26-TAPS will he on tonight, NEW EPISODE too 🙂

    rebecca-I need all the positive karma I can get today…

    ewbl-well, I guess Ill have to check out your OCT archs huh? ewww the Mickey Mouse toy, I am not a fan of Mickey anyhow.

    brian-I never carry extra batteries b/c those lithium last forever. You can keep the rain and storms, we finally have sunshine but it’s HOT

  6. I have a play list up on my blog now 🙂 I’m very proud of it 🙂 HAHAH, I really need to get a life!!!

  7. Ghosts/spirits are real. Period.
    I hope you can exchange the batteries. I’ve heard that “other” energy can drain them. I’m going to try to find a photo I took a few years ago.

  8. Are your batteries working now?

    After looking at your photos, now I feel like someone is watching me!

  9. I take too many pictures. That drains my batteries.

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