Not A Monkey Wrench Dammit

Well, I thought this week started out good.


It is HOT.


But, it is not pouring down rain, so I am not complaining.

Both boys went to their doctor appointments. Bubba had to get 4 shots! 2 heps (I think) a chicken pox booster (they have those now) and a tetnus. Otherwise, he passed his sports physical with flying colors.

Wee One did not fair so well. I suspected he was not feeling very good and the night before his appointment he said his left ear hurt. He has a raging ear infection in that ear and another one starting in the right ear. Geesh! Now he is on 3 medications. After he had the tubes put in his ears almost a year ago, it seems like this problem went away until now. I am blaming the hubs for this, he let Wee One swim late one evening without his earplugs. I guess it was too much effort for hubs to actively look for the plugs, since I put them away after every single time we swim, in the same freakin’ place. They werent just laying out easily to be picked up.

Yep, I am irritated with the hubs.

This has thrown a huge monkey wrench into the whole week’s plans.

Wee One cant see the dentist for 2 weeks, I had to cancel his appt. So I rescheduled all of ours for 3 weeks out. Cavalcade time has been cut short because I want to keep Wee One from getting ‘overly’ tired. So we were only able to hang out for a short time yesterday.

I could go on and on  but I am tired of typing and starting to get just a tiny bit more cranky about everything…..grrrr

Oh yeah, one more thing..this is the icing on the cake.

When I was at Cavalcade, I bumped into my Ex from a gazillion years ago, The Bullrider. Not only is he as sexy as ever, he introduced me to his beautiful new girlfriend. Not only is she gorgeous, she also is a very nice person. Why couldnt she have been a snotty bitch?  Then I would have a reason to dislike her!

Baamaapii (until later)…………


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15 responses to “Not A Monkey Wrench Dammit

  1. Isn’t that a seems like the new girlfriend is never ugly.

    Hopefully the ear will heal quickly.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I know I have been to your blog before, but I don’t know if I have ever commented. Oops.

  2. Great pics as usual !
    Sorry about Wee One’s ear infection…kids that get them are downright pitiful..breaks my heart, cause it’s so hard to get under control fast.

    Yeah…the new gf being pretty and nice…that sucks.

  3. I’m sorry Wee One isn’t feeling good 😦 I get ear infections very easily too, so I know how he is feeling.

    I’ve heard of the Cavalcade (sp?) but I have never been to it. My cousins used to go all the time. And I have a friend that got pregnant one year at it. HAHAHA.

    It sucks to meet a new gf of an ex, i have ran into my share of new gf’s, and i’m glad to say that they all have been bitches 🙂

  4. Rebecca

    Have you reamed hubby a new one yet?? It mght help from a frustration standpoint…but on the other hand men don’t learn much….

    Sorry Wee One is an ill one. It’s good that Son 1 did well..I still hate shots to this day!

    Well, the ex if he meant anything wonderful to you…it’s good that he has someone nice. Even tho your hubby is a butt today ya LOVE him most every day..See you’re the winner!

  5. Sorry to hear about WeeOne. It probably was the water. Hope he’s better soon.

  6. Aniin BG,

    Sorry about the hubs. *sigh* Some people never learn.

  7. My son had earaches a lot, as a child. My daughter never had a problem unless she went swimming; then she got the old “swimmer’s ear” earache. We soon learned to make her use earplugs.

  8. Hope Wee One is better soon. I notice rain is in our forecast again for tommorow, at least it did get semi dry enough to get the yard mowed that was starting to resemble a rainforest.

  9. oh she was just being fake nice because she knew you were an ex. She had to make a good impression on him, ya know….I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley…..

    poor wee one, on top of feeling bad now he has to stay out of the pool.

  10. I hate monkey wrenches. grrrrrr

  11. lol@ grrrrr cause some days I’m like that!!!

    I hope Wee One feels better soon!

    ex’s…. Well, she’s just his g/f…

    You are the one with the lovely family and hot hubby! 🙂


  12. FF

    Hey, BG!!

    Sorry Wee One is ill. Damn the hubs anyhow! Why can’t he pay attention?? M E N!!!!!

    Glad #1 passed his physical. That’s great. He’s such an active guy. It would have been pure torture for him and pure HELL for you if he hadn’t!

    Old boyfriends always look good when they’re out with the new girl at a special event. You got the best deal, ’cause whether or not he can remember the ear plugs or not, he’s committed and true. Two great boys you got there, too!

    Hope the weather breaks a bit for ya soon. Enjoy yourself when you can.

    D Hugs & smiles! 🙂

  13. thnx for being in my corner…I dont feel so outnumbered here at home with y’all on my side!

    Now Bubba is feeling puny, WTF! I need a damn nurse…..

  14. poor lil guy. I hope dad is feeling a big guilty for his complicity in this painful episode.

    maybe girlfriend of ex is saying “Why did your ex girlfriend have to be so pretty and nice… why couldn’t she have been a …”

  15. That ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend encounter has all the makings of an Alanis Morrissette song.

    Isn’t it ironic?

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