A few nights ago I had a bawazigaywin (dream). I remember it clearly still yet.

I do not remember dreams often nor for a very long duration.

I often dream about gray horses.

Anyhow, I dreamt it was early kizheb (morning) and I was walking thru a tall grass prairie looking for Scooter because he was not waiting at the gate like normal.

The morning was cool and crisp, a light fog was settling over the tips of the grass. It seemed like I walked miles, worried and panicked, about Scooter’s absence.

My tall boots wet with dew, I could smell the freshness of the wet grass and dirt beneath my feet. I trudged on, a heavy, sick feeling settling in the pit of my stomach.

I climbed a knoll and looked down into a wide valley. There grazed Scooter in the midst of a herd of gray horses, his bay beautifulness shining out like a beacon for me.

There may have been more to the dream but this is all I remember when I sat down to write about it.

When I awoke, I felt relieved that Scooter was not lost after all.

Then, I raced outside to check on him in real life.

There Scooter stood looking impatiently at me wondering why his fool human wasnt scooping out his grain and feeding him his breakfast.



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16 responses to “Bawazigaywin

  1. Midlife Mom

    I dream almost every night and usually can remember them. Some of them if they are icky stay with me all day and I don’t like that. You must have been worried about Scooter for some reason and it was coming out in your dreams. Hope the dreams are better tonight!!

  2. Aniin BG,

    Intense dream full of meaning. Do gray horses have a particular symbolism to you?

  3. I don’t remember any dreams or even if I dream–Not so long ago I had a sleep study done and they found I did not go into the part of sleep where one dreams.
    I often wonder if it has something to do with my MS but have not asked anyone—I also wonder just how much I miss out on because I don’t dream.

    Take care of the Wee One, I hope his ear infection clears soon.

    I love when you post pictures of him he is such a cute one.

    Take care and enjoy life.

  4. I side with Brian on this.
    Grey horses have always been my favorite.
    I hope Scooter stays healthy and happy as a horse can be for a very long time.
    Do your boys enjoy riding as much as you?

  5. I enjoyed your dream.

  6. I often dream of my children…….and awaken to them looking at me like “you fool human, where’s our breakfast??!!?”

    What does it all mean?

  7. I’m amazed at the level of detail of your dreams. I hardly remember mine anymore, let alone in such detail, especially “smelling” stuff.

  8. MM-I always worry about my kids, Scooter is just like one of them! so I suppose thats why I dream about him so much

    brian-gray horses? not really. hmmm

    vickie-no dreams eh? at least you dont have nightmares then…

    magz/jo-Wee One does but Bubba is all about sports, he can ride but he has to ‘work’ at it…poor kid!


    EWBL-our meaning of life is that we are here to feed the big hogs (my family included!) in our life

    Pavel-I do not remember dreams often, last night I dont even think I dreamed!

  9. They say gray horses may point to the difficulties in the dreamers current situation…

    While others say it is lucky if a bride sees a gray horse on the way to the Church or is pulled by gray horses… and the back hind shoes are the luckiest…

    Horses represent power, travel..freedom…a connection to the land.

    The views are different throughout the various cultures.

    I own a gray horse..he is mellowing with age.. yet within his eyes I see stories….

  10. I love dreams like that! where you are so involved you remember the feel and the smell of them. yes!!!

    thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi BarnGoddess,
    I too sometimes have those vivid lucid dreams
    where you can smell the grass damp and the early morning dew – where everything is intense lifelike and real, not some distant memory or image on tv

    “When I awoke, I felt relieved that Scooter was not lost after all.”
    “Then, I raced outside to check on him in real life.”
    “There Scooter stood looking impatiently at me wondering why his fool human wasnt scooping out his grain and feeding him his breakfast.”

    And how else would you expect to find Scooter.
    Dreams I cannot interpret …
    but having lived with Aruacos in the Colombian Andes, I can tell you there are Mamus (shamans or elders) who can take on other forms.

    I’ve been to elders meetings where I wasn’t sure if one in particular was a horse sitting round the fire, or it was simply that particular shaman’s other alter-ego or ‘persona’
    And when the tribe gave me a horse to take to the next hill, instead of riding I decided to walk with him … partly because he threw me off twice, and I had no saddle or stirrups, but partly because I felt he wanted to do the journey with me – not carry me (on his back)

  12. Midlife Mom

    Me Again! Stop by my place for a surprise! :0)

  13. I used to dream that I could NOT find TTA. I’d be calling his cell phone, calling at his work, he wouldn’t be at home…I think subconsciously I was preparing myself for “the” day..weird, huh?

    My bankruptcy attorney said when you get your divorce Rach, look out dating world! So many people will be asking you out! Yeah, right. Ohhhhhkay. I’ll be sitting at home so much it won’t even be funny.

  14. Hmm, I wonder why gray horses?

  15. katie-isnt it amazing what our horses eyes tell us?

    mel-your welcome!

    Q9-I do not often dream so vivid but it is a neat thing when I do. I liked your tale. I wonder why your horse kept throwing you?


    rach-awww, dont bet on it, I think you’ll get all kinds of dates.

    momto3cubs-I have no idea

  16. lol BarnGoddess, he only threw me twice, but I wasn’t gonna let him do it thrice
    Well he didn’t really throw me, just that I wasn’t much experienced at bare-back riding, and with nothing to hold onto, climbing steep mountain trails, I kept sliding off his rump. So I thought it would be easier to talk, than try get him to carry me on his back.

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