One Whole Glorious Hour

Today I spent an entire uninterrupted hour with Scooter.

Yeah, I know his ears are hairy. I used to keep them trimmed up and sometimes shaved.

I quit doing that about 3 years ago, the hair keeps the bugs and irritants out of there.

Its not like were heading off to the Horse Show anytime soon.

Scooter was happy to get brushed, fly-sprayed, fussed over, and rode around a bit bareback in the yard.


Letting the fly-spray dry in the shade.

Sigh, I bet Prozac feels like this…..

I need this hour every day to function properly.

When are the people in my life ever gonna realize this?



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21 responses to “One Whole Glorious Hour

  1. I understand! And by the way, I’ve never trimmed hair off any part of Blue’s body, except to keep his bridal path open.

  2. I am moving my horses in a couple of weeks to higher ground. I’m hoping that the new area will enable me to ride more… Around here it has been more difficult due to the rain, low ground and to the lack of riding areas. Yesterday I killed a water moccasin on my horse fence.

    I generally clip my horses every year ( I leave the manes) in April. Simply because it eliminates the shedding , keeps them cooler and cleaner. Sackett still grows long shaggy hair every winter like he would up North. This year we’ve had to continuously fight the mud clots because I never did clip them….and the rain continues….

  3. Rebecca

    I think you are just goung to have to set aside a time just for you two! Pick an early morning or later afternoon/eve time for your “stress” relief and his companionship. I think it’s theraputic for both of you!

    The boys (ALL OF EM) will just have to get used to the idea! Yep. Tell them to call me if they have any questions.

  4. Midlife Mom

    Aaaaahhhhhhh my kind of fun too. Non horse people just don’t get it, they don’t have a clue to the feeling of being with your equine friend! I will say though that I don’t do much bareback riding any more, would probably fall off! lol! I don’t clip out the ears either, it’s just too buggy around here in the summer and like you said I’m not headed for a show anytime in the near future either. Make that time for yourself and Scooter!! :0)

  5. donna-sometimes Scooter’s bridlepath grows up like a rooster tail

    katie-yikes! a water moc, I hate those snakes, hate em.

    rebecca-easier said than done….

    MM-I was hoping Wee One would get into preschool so I would have 3 1/2 hours in the am, now it looks like he wont get in at all 😦

  6. Aniin BG,

    Scooter is almost, almost as beautiful as you. 😉

    That sucks about preschool.

  7. I know what you mean… I take care of 9 horses (plus my own Boo) for a lady who travels. When she is home I don’t have to go over and feed and check the horses 4 or 5x a day seven days a week. You would think I would enjoy the break, and I do…. for about 1 day, then I start missing my horsey time and am ready for her to leave again LOL!

  8. The impossible dream, that one, wonderful hour of personal time. You figure out how to do it, please bottle and sell it..I would be a frequent customer !

  9. I’m glad you had some alone time with Scooter. I don’t have horses but I think I understand. He’s a beauty too.

  10. What an absolutely beautiful horse! Shiny coat and all taken care of!! You are fortunate!!! 🙂

  11. I’m getting a pedicure this week and I’m trippin’~~~

  12. You have such a beautiful horse!! I’m scared of horses, yes, scared. I don’t know what it is, but they freak me out. I think it’s because they are so big. Don’t get me wrong, I have been on a horse, several of them. But, I was uncomfortable, and I know the horse new it too. One time I was horseback riding with my cousin, and I got Mr. Freckles, and he was an older horse. The own stated “If he doesn’t think you can ride him he’ll come back home.” HAHAHA. HE went back home 3 times before I got the stubborn thing to believe that I could take him out on a ride. LOL, see horses are so smart, me as a human not so smart.!!!

  13. Oh to find that personal time—something everyone needs but often can not be found.

    Glad to see you and Scooter had some. BTW–he is beautiful.

  14. I’ll bet he enjoyed it as much as you.

  15. I don’t ride bareback anymore either. Although I used to.

    I haven’t done much with my horses lately, except to move them from pasture to pasture. Or have their hooves trimmed. And I need to.

    They have developed a serious case of super separation anxiety. And, I’ve been procrastinating.

    The first horse I bought is more horse than I want to deal with anymore. DH wants to ride her, but she is the first horse he has ever been around. I got the other horse to replace her, but DH won’t let me sell the first one now. He has gotten attached because she gives him kisses and follows him like a dog. He thinks she would be careful with him instead of spooky and nervous like she is with me. I am not comfortable with the idea of a nonrider on that horse.

    Anyway, Scooter is beautiful. You are inspiring me to try to get a better handle on my horse situation.

  16. If you can make it a mandatory “let me alone” hour of the day, i say GO for it! I have got your back on that one. 😉

  17. I can totally feel your bliss and that kicks ass. Give the Prozac to the fam, you go ride…

  18. HPY

    All of us need some time for ourselves – but I wouldn’t spend it with a horse. Maybe with a cat.

  19. Sounds like it was just what you needed! I got to sit around and finish my new Linda Howard book this weekend and that helped my mood tremendously.

  20. My morning routine involves blogging since I can’t later in the day with six kids circling me and creating chaos. We didn’t have any computers hooked up for most of the weekend……..I very nearly died from Internet withdrawal.

    Me love Scooter!

  21. brian-thnx!

    astaryth-I have withdrawls if I cant smell a horse….so I understand

    magz/jo-yep, it is impossible most of the time

    jenny-thnx, that means a lot coming from a non-horsey person;)

    mm-Scooter is well taken care of thats for sure. cant have it any other way

    pamela-oh, your gonna have some nice feet

    bc26-you have potential. Scooter will take advantage of people who let him, he can be a brat that way


    callie-I hope so

    jolyanna-I dont go galloping around bareback like I used to either-too old and fat these days but my balance is still good. Get busy on your horses, it sounds like you know the problem, you have the answer, this will be easy for you. Good luck!

    memsahib-I wish I could make it a rule!

    pinky-hahaha that made me giggle

    HPY-that’s blasphemy!

    kelli-I need a good book, I am struggling with a Iris Johannsen one right now

    EWBL-no way, no internet! that isnt good. Glad your up and running.

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