Our Beautiful Bebezhigooganzhii (Horse)

 Saturday afternoon was hot.

After we spent a few hours in the pool, Wee One and I gave Scooter some treats.


Scooter says “yummy, I smell apples.”

“it’s that little person again. oh well, he has apples”


Wee One stole a bite of Scooter’s apples…

Wee One still doesnt like to get his fingers too close to Scooter’s ‘chomper teeth’ so he sets the bowls/buckets on the ground.

Scooter has never bitten and only takes food gently with his lips. But, Wee One still isnt too sure.

That is okay if Wee One is cautious, I’d hate for him to go around feeding strange horses and getting one of his little fingers chomped off!



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26 responses to “Our Beautiful Bebezhigooganzhii (Horse)

  1. Ah, that is so sweet! Since I haven’t spent much time around horses I am always a bit timid myself.

  2. I think I spent much of my youth trying to/hating that I didn’t have hair as lovely and curly as that. Which, of course will give your son a complex if you tell him later in life, but he is adorable!

    Heck, maybe you could save this comment for a much later date and use it to bring him down a few notches when he gets a little ‘full of himself’. :o) “Yes, well remember when that one cab driver said you have the curliest, prettiest blonde hair she’s ever seen?!” heh. Now we should all thank someone that I never procreated.

  3. How sweet are those photos?!

  4. I absolutely love the “thoughts” of scooter. “it’s that little person again. oh well, he has apples”. As long as that little person has apples, he most be the most awesome person on the planet. I bet he thought “Gee little person, you didn’t have to swipe one of my apples, greedy thing aren’t we?” I’m with Michelle, in “Now we should all thank someone that I never procreated.” That sums it up for me.

    Wee One does have some beautiful hair!!! I didn’t get my curls until I turned 21, no fair!

    Oh btw Chapter One part 2 is up for your viewing. It’s very long, but I didn’t want to make 2 seperate posts, as I know you are waiting. And Yes there is more. See, i actually wrote this one on paper 2 years ago. HAHAHAH, I cheated!

  5. My tongue just got twisted up with that title name.

    I’m chicken with horses mouths too – and prefer to throw the apples to them then let them eat from my tasty fingertips.

  6. That child is so beautiful with his blond hair! He’s cool, the way he feeds that horse and a bit of caution, like you say, will do him good!

  7. Aniin BG,

    You had to make me cry this morning. Wee One is so blessed to have you as his mother. You are blessed my friend to be able to live your life as you do.

  8. I’m loving Wee One lovely locks and his super snappy orange Crocs.

    Interesting about horses. Red apples go in. Road apples come out!

  9. giveitatry-you should try it, you may like horses more than you think!

    michelle-haha, wee one is already trying to ‘comb’ out his curls, it drives me crazy


    bc26-Ill be over to read!

    karmynR-Scooter is gentle. He doesnt bit, I promise! Wee One is fascinated by his big yellow teeth tho.

    pavel-aww thnx! well, Id rather him be safe now incase he should be around horses that DO bite.

    brian-sorry I made you cry. Sometimes life is good sometimes it sucks…..sigh

    EWBL-your comment made me laugh outloud, road apples!

  10. My friend, I posted some links and some excerpts from an article published two days ago in the New York Times. You have to read this article. We may disagree, but I am very interested in your opinion about this.

  11. aw look at Wee One in his little crocs. Don’t you wish you could keep him like that forever? Of course, that wouldn’t be fair to him not to grow up when all they can think about it, “when I grow up,” but gosh…that innocence and beauty is both heartwarming and heartbreaking and beautiful.

  12. a healthy respect for something so much bigger than you is a goooood thing!

  13. Awwwww how absolutely precious ! What a day brightener !

  14. Wee One is just so so cute. Those are precious–thank you for sharing.

  15. I love horses and kids interacting… my guy is always so careful if children are around. I swear he is thinking “gee, they are so little and I’ll bet they would be squishy if I accidentally stepped on them… so I better be careful” He’s always very gentle, but he is especially so if the person is nervous or a child… Scooter looks like he is the same way!

  16. katie

    Always a treat to see Wee One and Scooter!

  17. brian-k

    jenny-Wee One loves those crocs! now that he is housebroke, I very MUCH do wish I could keep him this cute and innocent forever. Somedays, he is the only person who makes me laugh.

    melanie-you are so right

    magz/jo-thnx 🙂

    vickie-your welcome

    astaryth-some horses just do good with kids dont they? Scooter is one of them but give him an unsure adult? he’ll take FULL advantage of them….


  18. Handsome boys, both of them! My son is also nervous around horse’s mouths (and he’ll be 21 in a few days 🙂 )

  19. What great pictures of Wee One and Scooter!!! I love them all!!! My grandkids aren’t cautious enough, just aren’t afraid of any of the horses so I am constantly saying “watch your fingers!!!”

  20. How sweet!!! Wee One is so cute!!! sigh….

    D 🙂

  21. dhw-better safe than sorry

    MM-yikes, altho my horse doesnt bite I know a few others that do!


  22. Kat

    Thanks for stopping by..I came over to give you a read…only got the latest post…but it was delightful ! The little one is so very cute..and the pictures of him feeding the horse were just beautiful and innocent..I wish we could all live in those moments forever…

  23. Amazing how some horses, large and strong
    can still be so gentle and fine
    when taking food and around little ones

  24. Yeah,horsey bites hurt like an SOB.
    Your little guy is a smart cookie:)
    I love those pictures of him!

  25. kat-thnx, Ive been a longtime lurker!

    Q9-your right, Scooter must seem like a giant to Wee One

    lael-ouch, I know!

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