Welcome To My Chambers……

grail has tagged me with the ‘Admire and Judgmental Tag’

I write on what I admire and I write on ways I am judgmental.

Gasp, BG judgmental? no way……..heheh

Lets just say, I’d make one helluva Judge and Jury if my judging services were ever needed.

Is this why I’ve only been called to jury duty twice in the last 4 years?

What I admire:

1. People who are good with money. I am not good at money managing. In fact, I suck at it.

2. Animal Rescue Groups. Animal rescue is expensive, hard work, and heart breaking. The people who do this are amazing and giving individuals.

3. Our troops and their families. Need I say more?

4. Child rights advocates. Children are people too. They need to be heard since no one seems to be listening to their tiny voices.

5. When people tell it like it is, no BS involved. I hate being given ‘the run around’ in any shape, form or situation.

I am judgmental of:

1. Parents who choose boyfriends, girlfriends, drugs, booze, or whatever over their children. Parents are suppose to love and protect their kids.

2. People who mistreat animals or children or anyone weaker than themselves. I believe there is a special HELL for those kinds of creeps.

3. Politicians. Because, I think they ALL lie to a certain extent.

4. USA citizens who do not support our Nation’s Troops. Need I say more?

5. Religious fanatics. Something not right about some of the cults running around spewing their ‘word’.  Glad you’ve found God or whoever/whatever it is you worship, I don’t want to hear about it, stay away from me, my family and certainly stay the hell off my property! I will shoot and ask questions later. This is Oklahoma ya know……..


I am not tagging anyone but if you want to give this one a whirl, I am interested in what ya got to say.



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15 responses to “Welcome To My Chambers……

  1. All rise, the Honorable Barngoddess presiding.

    This is very strange, but I agree with all of your admiring list.

    I try not to be too judgmental because I am a long way from being perfect. I know, that’s a shock to you. 😛

  2. I’d probably put everything on both your lists on mine as well.

  3. I have no concept of dealing with money, but I am going to have to get some real quick like.

    And I agree with you about religious fanatics. I respect people that have a community they can worship with. I used to be one of those people. But, don’t try to force it down my throat.

    happy monday :hug:

  4. I agree with your list— Hope you have a good week . Beautiful picture !

  5. I like the fact that you could clarify and share your knowledge of self through your thoughts and feelings in this post.

    People like to embrace the notion of being non-judgmental when in reality we are judging every time we describe or label anything.Not that this is necessarily a bad thing.. because without voices speaking out, change and reforms would be slower in coming.

    Sitting on the fence is a passive path that often does more harm than good.

    People might not always agree with me ( and that’s truly ok! ) , but I’ll know that I have been true to my beliefs.

    Very interesting tangents from this post BG! 🙂 Thanks again!

  6. I agree with all of your thoughts here, both groups. “All hail” indeed.

  7. Rebecca

    I liked your admire comments….I agree with you whole heartedly!!!

  8. I’m not one for politicians either. I’m glad they’re in Washington, though. At least they’re not at my ranch, pestering me.


  9. brian-you know, black is my color…

    jenny-this was a short list too

    melanie-I think some people need religion and all that it entails. I, on the other hand do not. Like you, I dont want it forced on anyone.


    katie-I only like to sit on the fence until I get all the facts. One thing about blogland, it can bring on a GOOD debate on occasion.

    michelle-thnx! howz the cab confessions these days?


    COC-I hear ya on that one 🙂

  10. I love it when people give it to me straight too. I hate it when they pussyfoot around issues or walk on egg shells…just say it,and be done with it!

  11. I think I would appreciate knowing you personally, BG. I appreciate a “straight shooter” like you.

  12. This is just too funny for words! Definitely got the picture!

    Glad you’ve found God or whoever/whatever it is you worship, I don’t want to hear about it, stay away from me, my family and certainly stay the hell off my property! I will shoot and ask questions later. This is Oklahoma ya know……..

  13. Ditto and ditto….very well said.
    Only thing I would add for myself is my extreme disgust for gossip/busy bodies with more time than brains. I’m always leary of folks that start out “did you know…blah blah and I have prooooof…well sort of proof, etc.

  14. Well, as far as politicians go, they are a necessary evil. I think they are here so I can feel superior when I am down. I mean, times may be tough, but thank GAWD I am not a politician!

  15. I often think that politicians have those jobs because nobody else would hire them.

    I DON’T like to be called on the telephone. Not even by the charities I support.

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